Friday, July 28, 2017

Weak as Water, Weak as Trump

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A strong President, at least one of character, would protect America and Europe from a nuclear war with Russia, promoted by Ashekanz interests to secure a Greater Israel by removing Russia from Syria by force, and start another John McCain war in Ukraine to incinerate the White race.

 White House says Trump intends to sign bill that imposes new sanctions on Russia and bars him from easing the penalties.
(Associated Press)

Instead at 1600 Kushner Avenue, Mr. President is going to punish the Russian Federation, in placing a nuclear armed democratically elected nation, on the same terms with the Iranian and North Korean theocracy.

Donald Trump promised peace with Russia. His word means absolutely nothing as when push comes to shove, Mr. Trump will remove Christians in favor of Jewish family taking Chicom and Muslim bribes, and will save himself by starting a global nuclear war with Russia.

In reverse speech, David John Oates noted Mr. Trump went from I LOVE YOU AMERICA to FORGIVE ME AMERICA.  In the balance of things, Donald Trump's Reputation against Nuclear Scorched Earth of America.

That is one heap big pile of forgiveness.

Mr. President, your weakness is amplified in being forced to sign this weapon to begin a nuclear war for the Israeli state. The correct political tact is to veto this bill, and inform Americans that you are not going to start a nuclear war with Russia over a political witch hunt, and if the same simps in Congress who can not repeal rationed death and give Americans  tax cuts and jobs as you promised, but can pass nuclear war starting sanctions on Russia, they can answer to the American People as President Trump is trying to protect America and the world with peace.

Weak as water, weak as Trump. Stop expecting any promises to be fulfilled by this President as it is the Obama 3rd term and Hillary Clinton is the President.

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