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Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag

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We are a band of brothers and native to the soil,
Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil;
And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far,
Hurrah! for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

The Confederacy did not end with the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia under the command for Supreme General Robert E. Lee. No one comprehends that after General Lee was dislodged from Petersburg and Richmond was evacuated, that General Lee was not done fighting. He had purpose to his moves, and the move was to break through the surrounding Union lines and join General Joseph Johnston to continue on the struggle.

To his credit, General Hiram Grant conducted a perfect encirclement of the Army of Northern Virginia, and his officer corps from Meade, Ord to Sheridan, were adept at hounding the Confederate army in degrading it. The Band of Brothers were being shattered, and all that remained in who General Lee was with, was General Longstreet's division.

General Lee had been asked to surrender days earlier by some of his officers, but when asking General Longstreet, Longstreet stated it was not the time, as the war was not lost, and a breakout might yet occur. The Confederates were still there of same heart in dwindling numbers, and it was in this that people need to reflect upon this last day of the Army of Northern Virginia as it began at 3 AM, where General Gordon asked for report, stated he had fought his troops to a frazzle and there was nothing left, unless General Longstreet could be put to the field to assist.

General Lee's staff were then told by General Lee that nothing was left, to talk to General Grant. The staff pleaded in what history would think of the events of surrendering an army in the field. General Lee stated that he would rather die a 1000 deaths, but the responsibility for the failure would be all his.

General Longstreet was ordered up for a consultation, as General Lee had already dressed for the coming meeting with General Grant. It is pure Wisdom to listen to General Longstreet's counsel though, as this Soldier who advocated no surrender days before in there being a chance yet, now asked General Lee the poignant question. "General, will the bloodying and destruction of your army here assist any other divisions still fighting in the Confederacy?" General Lee replied that it would not. General Longstreet then stated that General Lee had his answer and that his only choice was to speak with General Grant.

Presently General Lee called to have me ride forward 
to him. He was dressed in a suit of new uniform, sword 
and sash, a handsomely embroidered belt, boots, and a 
pair of gold spurs. At first approach his compact figure 
appeared as a man in the flush vigor of forty summers, 
but as I drew near, the handsome apparel and brave 
bearing failed to conceal his profound depression. He 
stood near the embers of some burned rails, received me 
with graceful salutation, and spoke at once of affairs in 
front and the loss of his subsistence stores. He remarked 
that the advanced columns stood against a very formidable 
force, which he could not break through, while General 
Meade was at my rear ready to call for all the work that 
the rear-guard could do, and, closing with the expression 
that it was not possible for him to get along, requested my 
view. I asked if the bloody sacrifice of his army could 
in any way help the cause in other quarters. He thought 
not. Then, I said, your situation speaks for itself. 

It is interesting in these days of the last days of the Army of Northern Virginia, that in like situations, most were emotional, numbers lost their heads, numbers fled, and General Lee became resigned, but the best performed their duty as in General Gordon and General Longstreet framed the war in the terms it required framing at that point, as slaughtering the remnants of the Southern Cavaliers without purpose was no purpose at all.

These were men and gentlemen who had given their all. They did not desert. They stayed to the fight and they were there for their homes, in the same mindset which moved them to volunteer for the army, and that was because the Northerners were "down there" in the South and that invading army had no standing on any sovereign state's soil. For the Southerner that was the definition and reason of the war, not the cover story of slavery as waged by Northern financiers and their lame candidate Abraham Lincoln to start his war.

We've borne the Yankee trickery,
The Yankee gibe and sneer, Till Northern insolence and pride
Know neither shame nor fear; But ready now with shot and steel
Their brazen front to mar, We holst aloft the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star.

"Come, brothers, rally for the right!
The bravest of the brave Sends forth his ringing battle-cray
Beside the Atlantic wave. She leads the way in honor's path:
Come, brothers, near and far, Come, rally round the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star! Hurrah! hurrah! for Southern rights
Hurrah!Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star!"

It was always about Southern Rights, States Rights before the Union States forfeited forever those rights to the federal police and military state in Washington City.

In the song the Bonnie Blue Flag, there was the second most popular song in the Confederate side. It moved the Southerner to Patriotism and more to give all they had, and others to allow all they had to be confiscated by Richmond for American Rights.

The Southerner witnessed Yankee freedom. Tennessee was an armed occupied State by the military. Maryland had President Lincoln march in federal troops, throw out the elected legitimate Government and replace that Government with puppets, as the Citizens of Maryland were ruled by rules equal to King George as the Citizen of Maryland had no rights.

The Northern faction released their own version of the Bonnie Blue Flag, and it's brainwashed message was every American in the South was a traitor to be hung, because they were thieves, cowards and criminals.
Lincoln's War appealed to the most murderous aspects in the North beginning with General Pope's order of scorched earth in the South and the imbibed hatred conditioning every federal Soldier to murder a Southern American.

They forced the war upon us, for peaceful men are we,
They steal our money, seize our forts, and then as cowards flee,
False to their vows, and to the Flag, that once protected them,
They sought the Union to dissolve, earth's noblest, brightest, gem.
We're in the right, and will prevail, the Stars and Stripes must fly!
The "Bonnie Blue Flag" will be hauled down and every traitor die,
Freedom and Peace enjoyed by all, as ne'er was known before,
Our spangled Banner wave on high, with stars just Thirty Four

Now you are more aware of the real American history and it is important, because on Amazon I was reading commentary on God's and Generals a Ted Turner film of the Civil War, and one comment in hatred stated the film was too sympathetic to Southerners. Yes, Southerners had fangs, whipped Niggers for breakfast and at them for supper. There was never a traitor in the Confederacy. They were guilty of being Americans who believed in the 10th Amendment. To portray them otherwise has been a grande scheme by the warmongers for profit to have the excuse that their tyranny and genocide against the South was a righteous cause.

Hurrah forever for the Bonnie Blue Flag with the one united and bright star of the People, by the People and for the People.

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