Monday, February 18, 2019

Taking it out in Trump Trade

Just remember I know where Obama's  skeleton is buried...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems such a pity that after all the work that John the hero McCain invested in creating ISIS, or as it is Uncle Gordy known, the Kurds who stole Syrian and Iraqi oil posing as a terror network assembled, trained and run by Barack Hussein Obama, yes these were not Muslim terrorists but another Greater Judea scheme which stole one Muslim's oil and sent it to another Muslim for sale in Erdogan of Turkey, where the oil was laundered as was the money in funding Turkey and deposited in European banks.

Some might have noted that Reince Priebus in a speech reversal caught by David John Oates when Donald Trump was still an outsider, that Priebus mentioned something about Muslim money flowing into the RNC (DNC too) and this money was to stop the Trump in effect the solvent part of the American elections for Republican and Democrats appear to have been John the hero McCain oil terrorists called ISIS, exactly as Obama laundered in through Chase credit cards 300 million dollars in Lebanese counterfeit deposits in 2008 which Americans ended up paying for in know the 2008 Stock Market Crash that installed foreign birthed Obama into 1600 Penn Avenue for more global looting from dope to oil.

I digress as this is about the child of John the hero McCain and it is not the lovely Megs McCain.

It seems once upon a time the Lame Cherry advocated for the United States to overthrow the communist regime of Venezuela. Instead that skinhead, Herbert McMaster worked a deal that took the heat off. Venezuela has oil so you figure out who got what.
Soon though Venezuela under Mike Pence CIA DIA leadership was overthrowing the universally disliked Maduro who has a nation of no money, but credit cards he hands out and people go to the store and buy things. This dictatorship of real socialism is funded by oil, but as oil prices have drooped, Maduro has found a new asset and this is probably why Mike Pence is for his handlers is overthrowing Maduro. It has to do with a different pipeline than Obama Cocaine coming out of Venezuela into Europe. The Maduro Pipeline is all about gold.


Venezuela's gold trade with Turkey is soaring. Last year, the country exported almost $900m (£688m) worth of gold to Turkey, ostensibly to be refined there and returned to Venezuela, although there is no record of re-exportation.
American government officials have previously warned that some of the gold may be heading via Turkey to Iran, which would violate US sanctions.

Yes Venezuela produces tons of gold. They apparently though are not able to refine it, so they ship the rock to Switzerland to be refined and shipped back. Fearing it's cold being seized, Maduro seeking to keep the bribery chain going in Venezuela, has switched partners to Muslim Turkey. This is what I meant in John the hero McCain, as what is Turkey to do without those billions in free oil rolling in to bribe western crooked politicians, but in order to keep the couscous fires burning is now refining out of gold rock the Venezuelan ore, and without any accounting, a great portion of this gold......most of it is flowing into the United Arab Emerites (You  will remember them with Jared Kushner.) and from there it is flowing to Iran, as the UAE gold movements to Iran spiked when Turkey started processing the American ore.

The statement of U.S. official Marshall Billingslea, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, also seems to confirm this possibility. “We have seen 21 metric tons or more that have gone to Turkey in recent months, and we have seen Turkish companies replace many of the food companies that were involved in corruption related to the CLAP food boxes program.”

This gold then is moving with the other gold that Iran is receiving from China, is not all going into European banks for deposit. So one sees why Sebastian Kurz is with European states involved in Venezuela, because this Venezuelan, Turkish, UAE, Iranian "tacos for gold"as that is what Turkey is sending back to Venezuela is food, as Venezuela imports most of her food now, is cutting out Vienna.
See it is alright for Turkey to manufacture firearms for the Belgiums who control the expensive American arms industry robbing Americans and robbing them of jobs, but it is not alright for Venezuela  and Turkey to be robbing the feudal few.

It is the way it always is in Clinton's FOOD FOR OIL to Saddam Hussein. Somehow 50 million in Marc Rich money laundering ended up in the Clinton's bank account as Saddam built palaces and Iraqi's starved. CLAP is like all these United Nations fraudulent programs where free food  is stolen and then sold for profit after bribes are given. CLAP being cut out of this scheme is costing one of the crooked branches of the cartel a fortune, so everyone is squawking about that who are representatives of this group which Mike Pence is.

Yes this will be one of the subjects which Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is involved in with President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, because Vice President Mike Pence's great plan to make Venezuela an Obama Libyan nightmare is not cutting off the flow of gold and trade to Europeans.
There has been a great deal of this from the Trump Trans as there  was that Afghanistan Poppy which is being cut off with the installation of the terror Taliban again, that Trump Big Energy dump into Europe of unwanted Liquid Natural Gas and  as of late the incessant bully and impoverishing Europe over Iranian Islamocommunist trade.
Gold, Poppy and Oil are the words of European solvency and Trump Trans has been busy bankrupting Europe as the German banking structure is under collapse stress.

During his recent visit to Venezuela, Erdogan said that “Turkey is on Venezuela’s side. We do not approve of these measures that ignore the rules of global trade. … Commercial restrictions and sanctions are mistaken.”

And the reason Donald Trump and his Trans are not able to go public with this issue of Venezuelan gold, is because Turkey knows where the American ISIS skeletons are buried, from Birther Hussein's creation of ISIS, armed with Libyan weapons, supplied by Turkey and trained in Jordan, and funded by Americans for the war for oil and Greater Judea in Syria which John the hero McCain overtook from Obama for the money interests that McCain was representing, and we can not have those kinds of crimes made public

And who is representing the dead John the hero McCain in overseeing his global legacy as Secretary of the Black  Market? None other than sweaty hands himself, that olde linked up primate in Marco Rubio, most concerned about that Venezuelan gold.

On Friday, US Senator Marco Rubio, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, warned the UAE and Turkey not be "accomplices" in the "outrageous crime" of shipping gold out of Venezuela.
Russian and Turkish private jets appear to have travelled to Caracas in recent days. Ankara insists its trade is in accordance with international regulations.
One of the private jets spotted travelling to Caracas in recent days belonged to Ciner group, a major Turkish mining company with close ties to President Erdogan.

The reason Turkey is so belligerent in all of this is because they own all the blackmail cards. They can get away with this, because while America wants all that gold sitting in Iran, which Iran is using to purchase goods from Russia  and China, but for the time being that gold is not flowing to Sebastian Kurz's European banks, and that is what DC is focused on in Balkanizing Europe to a big Yugoslavia that America can dominate through Poland.
The Austrians of Sebastian Kurz are Habsburg 1000 years of intrigue and intelligence and are well aware of Trans intentions in a last gasp effort to secure American dominance before Kurz's European Super State emerges or Pentajew is accepting of the scorched earth war on Slavic lands by a Russian invasion which Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barack  Hussein Obama were referring to in David John Oates speech reversals.

You watch the children of John the hero McCain from the Nazis of Ukraine, to the terrorists of the Mideast, to Lindsey in the gay ear Graham to Marco sweaty palms Rubio as you will discover the missing parts which are the news behind all the news.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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