Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Missing Stink

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When one talks about the deep state, there is the deep state and then there is the abyss. The abyss is a place which is a bottomless pit, which is the enigma of the deep state, as the deep state is but an illusion to what is really taking place behind the veil.

For all of the questioning of the associates of Paul Manafort, Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone, what has always been baffling is why some people have never been questioned by the Robert Mueller investigators. At the genesis of all of this has been John the hero McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. because if was John McCain who sent in Lindsey Graham to help Jeb Bush take the GOP presidential nomination. it was McCain who handed to the FBI the Paul Singer funded Pissgate Dossier embellished by Hillary Clinton operatives and it was John the hero McCain who placed Lindsey Graham into the 2016 race to help Jeb Bush, to be appointed Secretary of Defense in a Bush administration.

Scratch everything from Ukraine, to Syria, to Venezuela and McCain, Graham and Rubio have some connection to it all.
Marco Rubio in this 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, like all his political career has been the overlooked in the sweating boy. What Rubio began life as in the Cubano boy of Las Vegas in his working family, would transform in his teenage years of the 1980's, when a world of George HW Bush's Iran Contra would unleash the CIA to accepting the funding of Columbia drug lords for the Contra War against communists in Latin America, which became loads of cocaine flowing into Florida and Arkansas, a Bill and Hillary Clinton Arkansas where kilos were on couches like pillows.

As this Marco Rubio history enters the present, it drags along with it, the past of the real ascension of Marco Rubio into the corridors of the deep state, as his sister was married to one of the associates of the most flamboyant drug kingpins to ever appear in the United States. If you have ever watch Al Pacino in Scarface, this is the world which the Rubio family was not separated by degrees.

It has been in this that rumors have arisen and been confirmed, in the dope world which the benefactors of Barack Hussein Obama wrested from the Mexican mafia and the London merchants to put their own brand on the deals. In Chicago, Obama imported the Salvadoran MS 13 to replace the Mexicans, but with Donald Trump taking office the MS 13 gangs were removed and the Mexican mafia has returned in this bloody world of no Al Capones, but Balkanized dope peddlers so that all the profits are in the centralized Wall Street coffers which Obama set up for dope control in this world.

The central figure in this story is the flamboyant Mario Tabraue, the Scarface of fiction come to life. Florida of the HW Bush era and operating in the Clinton era was one of immense quantities of coke pouring into the United States and the reality that no American paper currency could not be found without traces of cocaine on it.
There were seizures of American currency which filled warehouses as immense quantities of cash were moving through the Americas, with a great portion of it flowing to off book funding of Iran Contra type projects as much as Wall Street portfolios.

Upon President George W. Bush taking office in 2001, this report continues, both Mario Tabraue and Orlando Cicilia were released from prison (Tabraue in 2003 and Cicilia in 2001), decades before their sentences were completed and put under the “care and control” of Jeb Bush in Florida—and whose major role in this “cocaine empire” was laundering its funds through his Texas Commerce Bank holdings located in the US and Venezuela.

Mario Tabraue who looks more like one of the Apostles from a DaVinci painting like Marco Rubio's brother in law Orlando Cicilia having served half their sentences, suddenly were released from prison when George W. Bush became President of the United States.

Mario Tabraue

The connection to Tambraue was Rubio's brother in law, Orlando Cicilia, who is pictured on stage at a Rubio political event. These people are the things of television fiction and the movies come to life. The most telling fears of what once sent chills through the American underworld in the "Columbians were in town" due to their butchering people and having firefights in clubs as a nightly diversion, is what America was in mixing business, the mafia, politics and dope on a 24 hour a day basis.
It did not matter if it was Bill Clinton snorting coke with his brother in hotel rooms with prostitutes, or Jan Michael Vincent in Hollywood snorting up buckets of coke at parties or the infamous Miami Vice of hot women, fast cars, and dead bodies, it was all the same mixing of all things American in no degrees of separation.

Orlando Cicilia

It was this background where out of gay nowhere, Jeb Bush arrived in Florida for his father's presidential campaign and the future plans of making Florida a Bush political stage for Jeb to become President.  Florida was a place of Bush sojourn as during Iran Contra it was rumored that under Barry Seals, a now dead assassinated operative who had a DEA tape of George W and Jeb unloading cocaine off a courier flight into Florida, should not have threatened HW with the tape to save himself.
All things though work together and Jeb was working Florida as dope money flowed into the Bush campaign and Jeb Bush was flowing to the Govenorship, complete with a heralded plan that cracked down on the dope traffic into Florida, but as there was never a shortage of coke in the citrus state, it would mean that a Bush monopoly had been created by the elimination of the competition.

No sucking on strange things 
as Jeb was a bad influence on you.

None of this money laundering occurs without the expressed protection, consent and often armed insurrection in foreign lands, by the deep state invoking the police state. The king pin of Columbian drug manufacture in Pablo Escobar was according to his son, working for the American CIA. That is nothing outlandish in that statement, as elements involved in the abyss of the American intelligence has been involved in all sorts of self funding operations, beyond the reach of Congress.  What Congress denies Ronald Reagan to stop communist in Central America, appears as HW Bush funding Contras with cocaine shipments into the United States as Pablo Escobar's wealth with other drug lords funded the Contras in their war.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt enjoyed the assistance of the American mafia in keeping the docks operating and loyal during World War II. The fortunes of war change though as the Kennedy's went on to make war on the mafia for their own monopoly.

As Marco Rubio rose to power in Florida in his family connections to the cocaine express into Florida, the Bush family led by Jeb Bush saw in Rubio the perfect political prostitute in the colorization of the ticket by the homosexual Rubio for a wonderful political future.

It was in this era of Contras that John McCain would be linked to the Banana Republics of his birth and the rising of Marco Rubio, the perfect Latin conduit to that sphere. The Cuban Marco Rubio, his immigrant family working in mafia Las Vegas, returning to the Cuban community in exile in Florida which was soon to be led by Jeb and his little Latin wife for the US Presidency as Marco Rubio would become Senator Rubio.

Obviously, McCain has no regrets about supporting the Contras. McCain named Otto Reich as his adviser on Latin American issues, even though Reich was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal. In the mid-1980s, Reich ran the U.S. Office of Public Diplomacy and illegally coordinated with the CIA to run a “White Propaganda” campaign planting bogus op-eds written by his speechwriters in newspapers. In 1987, the Republican Comptroller-General formally found that Reich had broken the law. As ambassador to Venezuela, Reich arranged the release and asylum of Cuban-American terrorist Orlando Bosch, who had planted a bomb on a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing all 73 people on board.

In the turmoil of the Bush dynasty there arose though one man in a Texan, aware of what HW Bush really was in Ross Perot, whose patriotic fixation was the return of American POW's in Vietnam who had been abandoned by Henry Kissinger in that smarmy world which devolved in the CIA, HW Bush and the opium trade in Indo China.
It was for this that Perot would bring down HW Bush, and literally install his clone in Bill Clinton. None of this though would affect the chameleon like Rubio who would continue his rise by the abyss.

 H. Ross Perot

What would take shape in the second coming of Marco Rubio, would arise in the form of the admirer of George W. Bush, who being the elder brother of Jeb Bush, overthrew the best laid plans of Jeb and men, as Jeb was to be president in 2000, but George the elder would enter the White House for eight years as Jeb languished as the lady in waiting. bit Marco Rubio would begin his rise to real power under the tutelage of John the hero McCain.

Rove's genius was creating a funding mechanism for the Bush family, which Jeb was to inherit, namely the concentrating of moneys into hedgefunds by various slights of hands that the police state would be ordered to not notice.

10 million GOP votes disappearing for John McCain for Birther Hussein and 100 billion dollars appearing in hedgefunds and none in the police state protested nor noticed.

Exclusive: Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser - Bloomberg

Aug 31, 2012 · During the more than hour-long session, Rove explained to an audience dotted with hedge fund billionaires and investors—including John Paulson and Wilbur Ross—how his super PAC, American ..

It was in this that the chosen Jew in this in Paul Singer would arise in great volumes of wealth to begin funding all the wet dreams of Karl Rove, as the chosen platform to rise Marco Rubio from the cabana pool, elevate Chris Christie to serve in the Bush administration as Attorney General to disregard all the activities of Paul Singer's profits and with such a slight of hand, produce the regime of the United States presidency as it all had been designed 16 years before.

From Jewish and Latino dreams of the 1980's in Wall Street and Taco Street, the Bush family would produce a certain dynasty in the perfect self funding storm, based on the CIA model of the Golden Triangle in the Coke Triangle. When their dreams were designed to create a nightmare for Donald Trump, which now has Mr. Trump converted to acting a great deal like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, as he has seen the Robert Mueller light. Paul Singer would fund the original Trump dossier which would be expanded upon by the Clinton campaign in smoke and mirrors.
If Jeb Bush could not be president and Marco Rubio vice president, the original intent of Paul Singer would prevail as Donald Trump would become HW Bush's 5th son and Marco Rubio would become the foreign policy president in Latin America. Much as Barack Obama became the presidency of Hillary Clinton on domestic policy and John the hero McCain became the foreign policy president.

One wonders why the Bong Boy has never been questioned by Robert Mueller's investigators, but then Marco Rubio has always followed instructions from his cartel benefactors from the start of this, and his gun control and invasion USA policies are what the abyss has always advocated behind the veil of the deep state.
The connections of Marco Rubio have given him immunity from ever being interviewed by the Mueller team, but in the recesses of the Bong Boy is the story of those who first glommed onto this boy were part of something which the questions from Robert Mueller have not yet been answered by others, but there are hints that the Bong Boy Backers know the links and the answers.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.