Tuesday, July 23, 2019


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

I was on the Russian site Yandex, and  I always test search engines by entering Lame Cherry. Considering the censorship which Google and Yahoo administer in suppressing this blog, I was pleasantly surprised in the Russian search bots were free and open.

What impressed me was the Russian bot's ability with photos to link "like photos". What impressed me in these recognition software is  they are better than Google. With all that NSA funding and all that Jew genius in codex, the Russians have developed a superior software.

What interested me was in the photos of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz,  in the article Lord of the Jews, is the Russian bots featured Adolf Hitler and Nazism. For all of the close relationship of Vladimir Putin and Sebastian Kurz, the bots in Russia trend in recognizing that the most powerful man in Europe is Sebastian Kurz, and he is equal to the most accomplished world leader in Adolf Hitler.
The reality is that Hitler was a National Socialist and his socialism has become the regime which rules everything from London, Paris, Moscow to DC........and the Russian bots see Sebastian Kurz as that monumental.

I like the Russian engine, it is actually better than what the NSA has developed. It is more streamlined than Bing, is more focused than Yahoo and it is better targeted that Google.

I have bookmarked Xanadu and if I remember will test it out for stories, as while I always use Duck Duck Go which is affiliated with Xanadu,  I am always looking for a quicker loading platform with my lack of bandwidth.

Like I put in SEXY RUSSIAN, and these gals came up. I think they are all women that Vladimir Putin dated. Can't go wrong with results like that.

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