Friday, November 27, 2020

The Consequences of Pedo Biden's Election Fraud



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Democrats have been rigging elections in the modern era, so old, that it is almost ancient history in Landslide Lyndon Johnson stuffing ballot boxes in Texas and the Kennedy's running a dozen people on the ticket so John could rise to steal the 1960 Presidential election.

As liberal press swooned over their fellow crooks, with CIA Mockingbird help, it became a sham in democrats always cheated. Not with President Donald Trump, as alone, he is dealing consequences with democrats who steal elections.


VIDEO: PA Sen. Mastriano Unveils Joint Resolution To Assign Electoral Votes In Legislature, Pave Way For Trump Victory - National File   nationalfile 

Pennsylvania Republican Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Disputing 2020 Election Results – CBS Pittsburgh   cbslocal

 The BIDENCON crooks know this was coming, and that is why they took Pedo Joe from his 270 fraud electoral college votes to just over 300, because without Pennsylvania's vote, Biden would still be certified with all the other crook states like Minnesota and Virginia which President Donald Trump won.

One state though, starts the landslide for Donald Trump. Pennsylvania certifies for President Donald Trump, and it becomes the domnoes who falls next. Will it be Georgia? Will Michigan certify? Will it be Wisconsin? Will it be Arizona?

Sidney Powell and Rudi Giuliani in their court cases are laying out EVIDENCE, sworn EVIDENCE which can not be denied in hundreds of thousands to millions of votes were stolen by Joe Biden. The report of WATERMARKED ballots was true, and fake ballots are being discovered, in the majority for Joe Biden, the election thief.

You will notice Pedo Joe is gone back to his basement and is not appearing before his willing Molotov Mob of reporters. The press smells this, knows the evidence is real and now is on the edge of cliff about to go over.

What Pennsylvania is starting is a refute to Chief Justice John Roberts who allowed this criminal enterprise to be foisted upon the American People. It will gain momentum and cases in the courts will begin finding for President Donald Trump.

Democrats are going to learn that stealing elections has consequences. I thank President Donald Trump for that reality.

......and if you have not heard, an undercover DIA officer, was in a phone meeting with such notables as Bernie Sanders and AOC who were plotting how to sabotage the government. That is more than a felony, that is a high crime. The President is exposing these crooks and traitors. The small cracks have appeared and they are becoming fissures of truth gushing forth the tide of this election is turning to the legitimate victor in President Donald Trump.

We are so pleased that Mike Cernovich has awoken from his fungal haze and has published a few exclusives of others published awhile ago. As Mark Twain said in Joan of Arc, every victorious movement needs a Paladin to kill a few dead soldiers after he comes down from hiding in the trees.

The President is going to have a number of brave supporters who will appear now, as they declare that they knew he won all along.

One court finding for the President and one Legislature returning stolen votes, and this is MAGA again.

I sincerely hope the family of innocent General Michael Flynn, gives him two early Christmas presents in a nice knee high pair of black boots, that will click as he walks the corridors of where his enemies are imprisoned, and a nice riding crop that he can snap on the bars to their cells as he passes by.


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