Saturday, February 27, 2021

Many Thanks


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I might be poorer than you, but you do good work and deserve this.

I wanted to thank the brave people who have donated with this putsch, purge and hunt going on against Americans. I posted Ruth's comment above because it rips my Spirit that poor people donate while rich people sit on their asses as keyboard commandos and always have money to show off in doing the easy things like raising hell.

I have not inquired, but I believe I have the Inspiration as to what this vax is really about. I will probably have it posted sometime next week, when I juggle things around and see what slots I can open. Bob wondered about how I knew who read what, and the answer is Google tallies all posts, even if you can click on link and the days posts all come up. Yes it is Google Ads related which I do not take a penny from, so it is that shell game, but I do know what gets posted where and what people read.

Like most of you, I have the tale of two sets of two cousins. One set is sisters and they are taking the vax. The others are out west, and neither one are lining up in the chute. Both replied this morning with information, one was laughing that Frau Merkel was not taking the vax.

I'm by prayer trying to heal up as short version is I have allergic reactions which weaken my connective tissues, and in breaking firewood I hurt something and it is not easy to heal up as animals have to be fed and taken care of daily and the beast in the cellar has to be fed wood which is heavy.

Good news for me, the seed grain which is supposed to come, I have a neighbor who said he can unload it when he gets back his pallet forks from his nephew. I really need God to get me out of the hand labor stuff as my body needs to recover.

Our day is to do some errands and then hopefully work on the coming post on the vax as there as there are several. Then to build a fire to make the house balmy and another tomorrow so it will hold heat, and that should get us through the week as it is warming up.

For Ruth, when I was growing up we had people with your last name. They lived across from the school I think. Lovely handsome children and nice. The girl I remember was simply beautiful.  The boy looked like Billy Zane, he was the thespian in Tombstone. Anyway I was moved to write because of some of Ruth's distant or not so distant kindred.

I have to finish this up as I hear TL packing things up and we have a passenger in our other cat rides along on trips and complains a great deal. Sort of likes the other place we take care of, as she sleeps on the table while I compose blog posts. I'm so looking forward to seeing dirt again and not snow as the ground has not been open here since January, when I was planning a big welding push to get projects ready for spring.

Ok time to go pop some more generic advil and get home again.

And God does good work, I'm just the conduit and He deserves things, I'm just grateful that He and most people put up with me.

God blessings upon the Good.

Nuff Said