Saturday, May 15, 2021

One Note At A Time


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I suspect that all of you have access to guitar hero, piano hero, ukulele hero, banjo hero, bass hero, or whatever other torture instrument you have laying around or can get access to one on a garage sale or ebay cheap.

Now that the world is ending, what are you going to do? You can't count your money as it is going south, you can't drive your car as the gas is gone, you can't peer out your mansion window as the BLM and ANTIFA will hate on your White Priv and burn you out, so all that is left is a guitar as the internet is off and you can't surf porn.

My guitar came off of ebay a decade ago. It hurts my fingers to play in makes the end go numb, so I have to limit things. I have a uke too, another cheap ass ebay find and I have a banjo I need to restore with strings and the things that make the strings tight and probably something to anchor them. Great project in having some money in donations in making the olde banjo play when my idiot uncle or aunt thought that the were going to be impresarios.

Me, I can't tune an instrument worth a blessing. That is what this is about, in I found one free online, which I used and I was busy making my fingers numb last night. Actually wrote two songs in the making. Still learning to navigate the guitar, but I play different than the experts.

A tuned guitar is soothing, even strumming and slight picking. You can find your way to food, so you can find your way to the next note on the bridge. The secret is it is always your finger on a string or not, it is either one or two spaces above or below, or it is the next string up or down, and the same space or one or two spaces. Just like playing checkers. Once you know simple song work, you can plink away. Some songs play the same note two to five times in rhythm. You can eat more than one chip, so you can eat more than one note.

So now You are on the way. I downloaded from Google Play Guitar Tuna or whatever. I do not pay for things, so if it runs out I will delete. What I look for in a tuner is this gauge so when you play it goes left or right and you tune it that way in the center.

I can not tune on a note being played, and this takes the skill out of it. The only problem I had with the one online is the 1 string, was really spaz in this tuner for me in being all over the place. I got close in this precise setting and left it. Hey I settle for something that sounds good, as I'm not cutting a demo, so this is how I do things.

Now you are all set to strum your time away and soothe your savaged breast and just do something nice, as you can piss around on an instrument for hours and not be too annoying to others, and it really does not tire you out like playing a game. If you can play some things half assed, others will enjoy that too. 

You will be a great deal better off, just unplugging with God in prayer, Bible and being like David strumming on the harp. This all keeps you out of trouble and safe. Just remember what we are going back to, is the Lawrence Welk times of Papa playing the accordion as the family gathered around. It is healthy, like a fire's flame, in these are the generators which soothe the heart and help you to play at a peaceful frequency instead of the hyped up shit which is being driven into you like a pointy whore's nipple or a john's cock. What is taking place in wokesters if rape and molestation of the heart.

David played the harp to soothe the demon troubling Saul. Pay attention to what I'm informing you as a bridge to somewhere. Some of you are going to turn into people who actually sound like they can play a song. That is a great talent to have to get more than your daily bread.

Play with a guitar, not a gun, not your slave phone and not the regime.

This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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