Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Vax Clots


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I'm not quite in agreement with the German study which discovered how Astra Zeneca's serum caused blood clots in people, not that the information is not correct, but from the original biological weapon of Obama Fauci's 1% Wuhan Coronavirus, blood clots have been present, and that means the spike protein and this damn synthetic prion in the vax, as that is what this weapon and vax are all about, is this spike and this cloned prion.

So when you have the plague causing blood clots. You have vaxes which are not adenovirus causing deep muscle clots, and neither have the secondary part of Astra Zeneca in the calcium binding agent of this vax strain, then it is not the bonding agent which is the lone problem. My assessment is that the bonding agent simply enhances the blood clot death which is already in process. If you study the explanation in the first step, what you will find is blood clots are formed, and all the calcium does is cause a secondary response for an amplification and easier transport of the clots.


First Step

In the first step, the adenovirus shell in the vaccine, along with proteins from the cells where the vaccine is grown, come into contact with platelets from the blood.

Platelets are best known as colorless cell fragments that rush to the site of an infection or injury, helping the blood congeal to stop bleeding; they also play a key role in the body’s immune response.

When activated, they surround invaders like bacteria and change shape to release chemical signals they store in granules.

When platelets are activated en masse, as can happen rarely after a person takes the blood thinner heparin or gets the AstraZeneca vaccine, they release a flood of these signals, Greinacher explained.

These blaring signals recruit an ancient and hard-to-control branch of the immune response.

“Imagine this is like a dragon in the cave who was sleeping for a long time [but] which now got alerted by someone’s throwing a stone on it,” he said.

The chemical signals awaken B-cells that then produce massive amounts of antibodies against the platelet factor 4 protein, which helps coordinate blood clotting.

The body erroneously thinks it is reacting to massive amounts of pathogens in the body, so the immune system overshoots.

The antibodies bind the platelets, the platelets recruit white blood cells, and “then the whole thing is exploding,” he said.

Second Step

The second key step in these reactions is caused by EDTA, a calcium-binding agent and stabilizer that is added to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

EDTA opens junctions between cells that form the walls of blood vessels, causing them to become leaky. This allows the giant complexes formed by proteins and platelets to enter the blood circulation, where they — on very rare occasions — trigger that body-wide alarm.

The only thing I will to add to the above is the body is responding to a massive pathogen, the massive pathogen are these super geared prions for rapid reproduction in the body. The body is injured and the entire immune system and clotting system is activated as this is a massive infection. The problem is that it is T cells, not white blood cell antigens which fight this biological weapon. The antigens start killing the infected cells, the dead cells are not cleaned up as that response is repressed, and the T cells actions are like trying to row a boat to shore as the hole in the bottom which are the destroyed platelets are flooding the boat.

This is the first clue of what is murdering people in this Obama Fauci Wuhan potion. It is culling a specific group of people by design.

As Astra Zeneca is manifesting this death, the Jews have discovered that the Pfizer vax is killing more Jews than all the deaths in Europe from their vax.

Just another brick in the wall.

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