Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Coming Vax Madness


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the revelations out of Slovakia, that the vax and max, have embeded in them United States military high tech weapon delivery systems in hydrogel spheres which contain lithium, are part of this fiberforming evolution of humans by the vax, 5G and the SkySat, the Lame Cherry has wondered what and why additives were chosen. Why lithium? Lithium is like lead, it is used in batteries and in grease making. If you look for lithium, you soon find out it is a medication, and just like lead, it changes brain behaviors. For DARPA in the Pentagon to choose lithium, is for a purpose.

Lithium (medication)
Type of psychiatric medication

Lithium compounds, also known as lithium salts, are primarily used as a psychiatric medication. They are primarily used to treat ... read more

What lithium is involved in, in this, is the part of this blood brain barrier which the synthetic prions which will affect the brain, in a mad cow type disease. The purpose of this mad cow is to enhance or trance the minds of the immortal slave class. Yes this is going to crop numbers of people, but it is also going to create a zombie slave class of servants to the immortal leaders who will be kept in line by anti viral medications to keep them from rotting.

It is most fascinating to understand this niche in this evolution of humans as lithium reveals so very much.


The Cure for the Vax


There are links in all of this. Lithium affects the pineal gland in the production of melatonin. Melatonin was one of the first treatments for Coronavirus in this spike protein. Lithium is used in the treatment of bi polar disorders. The alternative for anti virals for the elite is ADRENOCHROME, an oxidized adrenaline caused by stress, which is a protocol in the gene therapy for the immortals as they transform.

Adrenochrome prevails in Schizophrenics. It is a two edged sword, in too much makes a person insane with hallucinations, but too much also protects against cancer. Andrenchrome regulates massive cell growth out of control, just what the synthetic prion in the vax does. We have before us a chosen drug and a chosen element which affects the brain or regulates the brain, in making it an insanity which apparently can be controlled.

Lithium is what the masses will receive as the slave class. The gene therapy transformation which the 1% receive will exclude the zombie protocols.


Dec 21, 2007 ... Melatonin is synthesized primarily in the pineal gland. Lithium affects the circadian rhythms that may explain its therapeutic effectiveness in the ...

Sensitivity of the pineal hormone melatonin to bright light at night has been posited ... however the role that lithium carbonate plays in this response is unclear.

Lithium reduces the melatonin, so the synthetic prion will not be hindered. This affects the brain, and the prion is a "food source" for the other materials in the hydrogels or the Chinese Morgellons to build or fiberform the evolution of humans to an immortal status. All of this as the Lame Cherry explained exclusively is to make this atomic bomb detonation going off in people who are vaxed or feces or blood exposed to the Vax Lepers, a controlled explosion. Put it in layman's terms, if lithium is not part of this or adrenocrhome, you get Hiroshima, if lithium and adrenchrome is introduced, they out have a nuclear power plant providing a regulated atomic reaction which produces electricity.

I have observed the psychological changes in people who have been vaxed. From what Erica Khan has stated, about 25% of the vaxes were placebos, in order to not panic the herd. The shedders will infect in time the placebo group, for the simple reason, if a household is going to get vaxed, then their relatives, friends and co workers will be vaxed, and the cycle will become complete as the human becomes the syringe inoculating others.

People are going to exhibit vax intoxication in being more of what they are. Most are more open and friendly, but I have noted a couple who are revealing they do not like each other very much and are getting on each other's nerves. Keep triggering that and it would be reasonable that violence would be a projection, because the inhibitions are being removed. If one is telling tales out of school, then what part of the brain may not stop people from going postal?

Once we have discovered the workings of this vax, the fibers, 5G and SkySat, then this phased array begins explaining itself in we have the forensic autopsy before us. We may not know what this alien creature is, but when we begin understanding why additives are included, we can then project what these synthetic prions, nano particles and fibers are manifesting in this forced evolution of mankind.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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