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The 4th Man Assassination

 Mr. James R. Hoffa

If it takes a million, if it takes two million, whatever it takes, I'll buy every political son of a bitch that had anything to do with that deal. I'll get the truth out no matter what I got to pay for it. I'm getting John Dean to tell the truth. I'm getting John Mitchell to tell the truth.and I'm getting that drunken bitch of a wife of his. But that Colson and that man who used to sit in the big chair in the Oval Office before they got him, they're the ones that fucked me, an I'll fuck them before I'm done. Sit still, Franco. It's only going to be another 60 days, maybe a lot less, and that son of a bitch is gonna hit and she'll blow right up. Then I'm going back. And when I go back, don't worry. Whatever you need, you got. I know what you need, I give you my word right now, when I go back, as general president.  You may not be able to come back into the labor movement right away. But don't worry about it. You'll have a payroll coming for you and the kids. You've showed your loyalty. You've sat on the sidelines and waited. Now, just a few more months, maybe less, an the thing will hit the fam and the all the shit will blow.

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Like all reading this post, I never paid that much attention to Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters and was content with the propaganda of the Mockingbird, that Hoff was a tough guy, shady dealer of the unions, who ended up getting killed in one of the biggest high profile disappearance cases in the world.

Just like the Kennedy Assassination or Custer's Last Stand, allot of people have made a great deal of money off of Hoffa's Death. The latest was Frank Sheeran who took credit for murdering Hoffa on the orders of the mob. The problem is Sheehan's story is full of things which are not true. This was just another story of a dying man, trying to make a buck, in taking credit for an infamous murder.
It helped a great deal that the Hoffa family stated the mob killed their father and husband.

In the quote though above, is the recollection of another James R. Hoffa associate, a most colorful and ruthless Teamster organizer named Joseph Valenti, who changed his name to Joseph Franco, as there was a Joe Valenti who was a mobster and Franco did not want heat for deeds he did not engage in, as he had began killing people with his first bully when Franco was just a boy. He broke the bully's skull with a bat in an alley.

The Irishman refers to the late Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro in the film), a tough, ex-truck driver with an admitted drinking problem who was, for a time, a local president in the Teamsters Union, a close friend of Hoffa’s and an associate of convicted Mafia figures. Author Charles Brandt did a series of interviews with Sheeran beginning in 1991 through 2003. As he was dying of cancer, Sheeran confided to Brandt that he, Sheeran, killed Jimmy Hoffa (played by Al Pacino) with two bullets in the back of his head in a house in northwest Detroit. Sheeran claimed he killed Hoffa on orders from an East Coast Mafia boss. Brandt wrote a book, I Heard You Paint Houses, about Sheeran and the Hoffa case. Paint houses refers to blood splattering on walls when someone is shot at close range indoors. The Michigan State Police investigated. Hoffa’s blood was not found in the house Sheeran talked about.

Scorsese’s film is based on the book. Those who know the details of the Hoffa case can only wonder why Scorsese would invest so much in this questionable story.

One expert on the case warned star Robert De Niro, in a face-to-face meeting, not to make the movie because Sheeran’s claim that he killed Hoffa was untrue. Dan Moldea is an investigative reporter who has pursued the Hoffa mystery for years. He is the author of The Hoffa Wars.

Joe Franco was a disenchanted United Auto Workers member when he gained his first face to face with Jimmy Hoffa, who made him an organizer of anything with wheels, that included wristwatches on prostitutes to which Hoffa blew his stack.

Franco worked with Tommy Burke, who strong armed companies with dynamite and broke things truckers were delivering to make the Teamsters into a feared and powerful union. In all of this, Jimmy Hoffa never told anyone all of his business or illegal activities. People knew their parts in it, but no one ever knew what Jimmy Hoffa was completely connected to or involved in.

His basement had over 30 sewer traps, where he stored millions in cash, and smelled like shit when the payoffs were made.

In all of this Kennedy's could never convict James Hoffa. No one would turn on him inside the union or the outside element in the mob. It came down to Hoffa was framed by the DOJ to which Chief Justice Earl Warren dissented, as what was used against Hoffa is the mainstay of the FBI against January 6th rally attendees, in paid government operatives.

For that Hoffa spent 7 1/2 years in prison, which brings us to the first quote in what Hoffa was telling Joe Franco. Hoffa left the Teamsters under the control of the malleable Fitzsimmons who found protection in President Richard Nixon, and with that the Teamsters were not investigated and Fitzsimmons opened the money gates to organized crime interests from the union fund.

Fitzsimmons did get Hoffa pardoned, but the pardon Hoffa signed was not the one which appeared, because on the back, was written that Hoffa could no longer be President of the Union for a number of years.

Hoffa was furious at the betrayal, and knew it came from Richard Nixon and Charles Colson. Colson would become infamous for the CIA's Watergate set up of Nixon, but Colson obtained a cushy job with the Teamsters at a high wage before Watergate.

Jimmy Hoffa was made even harder in federal prison as the system tried to break him. When he got out, he was ready to make a meat wagon for the Teamsters who had betrayed him, starting with Fitzsimmons. In the interim Richard Nixon had faced his own coup by the 1% and in this struggle, Hoffa's attorneys were spending one to two million dollars to get sworn affidavits from the former Attorney General, his wife, and the infamous John Dean to testify that the document that Hoffa had signed was altered as an afterthought by Richard Nixon and Charles Colson to keep the Teamsters under their control.

The reason Joe Franco knew what was going on, was that Hoffa had asked him to hit Fitzsimmons, but Franco declined, which enraged Hoffa, as Hoffa had other traitors he was going to take out himself. As the conversation continued, Hoffa pointed out an FBI camera on the hill which was filming them. Hoffa stated that he could not travel anywhere without the FBI tagging along, and all of his phones were tapped. The only place he could do anything was at the lake or at Jim jr's office as they swept the place.

So remember that in the FBI was glued to Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa informed Franco that he was 60 days or less to gaining the evidence which was going to install him as Teamster President again, and dump all of this on Richard Nixon and Chuck Colson.

It was after this that James Hoffa disappeared, but a 1980's wrinkle appeared in this, which has been covered up and not received Mockingbird funding for Hollywood DeNiro movies. Joe Franco tells a story where he happened to see Hoffa at the location from which he disappeared. What Franco relates is plausible because Hoffa's car was left unlocked. The writer of the Sheeran quote stated that he was given a tip by local law enforcement who never gave tips, but this time they told the press that Hoffa had been kidnapped. That looks very much like a law enforcement cover up, and the reality is the FBI was all over Hoffa and happened to not be there that day, and stayed off the case which was national for 4 days, looks a great deal like the national assassination cases of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin King.

Joe Franco stated 3 men drove up to James Hoffa, flashed badges and Hoffa got into the car willingly which drove to the Pontiac airport direction.

I had a meeting that afternoon up in Flint, and the Red Fox shopping center was on the way and I stopped off there to  take care of some personal business having to do with my wife, Leslie, who I was busting up with at the time. It was starting to get late and I was getting worried that I was going to be an hour late for lunch and the meeting and everything when I spotted Hoffa. He was standing and walking around near his car like a bantam rooster. I sure as hell didn't want him to see me. Because if he'd have seen me there, he'd have said, "Franco, what the hell are you doing here?" and he'd have been thinking I was following him. or spying on him or something. And I knew if he started to question me and I told him I was there because of personal business having to do with Leslie, he would have been real pissed because he took a liking to her and Jimmy was very moral, he was a family man and he just couldn't stomach divorced and bad scenes between husbands and wives. It wasn't his thing.

So I just stayed where I was, wondering how long I could hang around before I had to head out for Flint. And I could see that Jim was waiting for someone, and I figured, from what he told me out at the lake when we met, that he was waiting for the guy to deliver the documentation he was expecting that he could take to court and have all restrictions against him lifted.

I knew I couldn't hang around much longer or he sure as hell would spot me. So I was getting ready to head out when a car drove up to him. It was a black Ford LTD, four door. There was a black driver and two white guys, and these guys got out. There were typical Ivy Leaguers, with sport jackets, and shirts and ties, and you could see they were either federal marshals or federal agents, one of the two. Being in the business as long as I been in the business, it doesn't take too much for to smell it or see it. I can tell right away unless the guy is really underground and really disguising himself. But you knew right away these two guys were either marshals or agents.

Now Jimmy was standing there, ready to get into his car like he was going to take off when this black Ford pulled up in front of him. Those two white guys got out and they went into their pockets and they came flashing their wallets, and you could see the identification tags were coming out form both of them. IT was all done very quietly and smoothly an very professionally. They flashed their identification an they said something to Jim, which, knowing how they work, was probably, "We're with the government and here is our ID's  and we've got some questions, we'd like to ask you, so would you pleased come with us, "And Jim would have gone, because was used to that kind of thing. It happened all the time.

He got back into the back of the car, with these two guys, and they took off. There wasn't no trouble or anything. They headed up toward Pontiac and I tagged after them a little way and then I turned off to Flint.

That was the last I saw of him.

What Joe Franco witnessed, he never divulged in the massive grand jury sweep which followed, as if the government was looking for witnesses. Because Franco wanted immunity, and had been framed before and put into prison for something he did not do.

For the FBI version of events, after the fact, the FBI blamed the mob. Joe Franco though explains that Hoffa was not going to get into a car with people who could murder him. He was not going to be around people who betrayed him, without raising a public brawl of slapping them around. Jimmy Hoffa was a tough man, and he was not going to meet with traitors who were driving mob cars.

What Joe Franco saw was close to the facts. He does not believe Hoffa's wife was told of a mob meeting as Hoffa told no one anything.   What it appears to be is a reality that the 1% who brought down Richard Nixon, had learned that James Hoffa was about to reveal some of Tricky Dick Nixon's crimes, which Nixon had saved himself from in resigning to save his life.

You must remember this period. the left was a January 6th mob which wanted Richard Nixon dead. There was an entire hate Nixon industry. If information came out that Richard Nixon had owned the Teamsters which were mob connected and had cheated James Hoffa out of a pardon, the left would have burned down America.
Nixon knew too much of what had taken place against him in Watergate. That Watergate CIA crew were part of that operation to bring down a President. That information being divulged would have started something in America which would not have stopped. There were armed Americans in the millions still sore over Vietnam. There were millions of armed Teamsters and both had been cheated. There was the riotous left and media, and then there was the notorious black door "CIA" Operations against Americans, which just brought down Nixon. Jimmy Hoffa was on a crusade to have his rights restored and the ruling elite were not about to allow that.

Were the men who took James Hoffa away, US Marshals or FBI?  No more than the FBI and US Marshals or Homeland was involved in Russiagate or Election Theft. This is the behind the doors group and they sent out two people to pick Hoffa up. They were VIP's as they had a Black driver as marshals or agents are not driven around. They needed to sandwich Hoffa in the back seat so they could cold cock him with a black jack to the skull which was done.

Jimmy Hoffa had enough enemies and run ins with mobsters that it was easy to have recordings of "their plotting to get Hoffa" just as mob teams appeared in Dallas 1963, as once the hands are dirtied, people keep their mouths shut.

Was evidence planted? Yes it was. Was evidence fabricated? Yes it was. The above Sheeran article is Mockingbird propaganda in stating the FBI is the only trusted source in this, which is a false lead, as the FBI had the film. had agents following Hoffa, had the recordings, so they were not going to not be around if Hoffa was supposed to be meeting a mobster which they could indict Hoffa on again.

Hoffa did not wait around for anyone. He waited that day, because of the documents which would clear his name. He went with federal police, because those documents were his priority. He would have locked his car otherwise. Instead, without thinking he went for the bait. That is where Joe Franco had it incorrect in the FBI hit Hoffa. No the FBI stood down on orders, but the FBI was not who picked up Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa had gone to that meeting for those documents, and were promised to be delivered to him, not by his attorneys, but by federal agents who were most interested in Hoffa's cooperation on the evidence in this very high up meeting he was about to attend. Perhaps Hoffa was told he was going to meet J. Edgar Hoover personally over this matter.

The end result he was knocked unconscious and murdered. Of all the stories of his demise, you can bet none of them are true, but are false leads.

Mr. Hoffa was most likely dissolved as that is what inquiry into the matrix pointed to.

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