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February 4th, 1938


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As each of you have become aware now even in your dulled senses that you have been lied to about this Coronavirus and the Vax by the worst manipulative propaganda, you should now begin to understand how you have been lied to and manipulated for all of your lives in this conditioning.

This is why the Lame Cherry desires to revisit again one of the whopper lies that Adolf Hitler was a right wing Nazi.
As this blog first educated the world, National Socialism is SOCIALISM, it is therefore left wing and not right wing, so Nazi's never were of the Republican form of Government. In fact the Nazi's brought down the Weimar REPUBLIC to gain power, which confiscated wealth, nationalized industry and was ordering people around like Communist Stalin's Soviet Union, in sticking their nose into ever person's life, and asking the public to rat out their neighbors.

The United States is now a National Socialist regime. I state this as most of the world is National Socialism from Peking to London to DC. So Hitler's chosen platform to absolute power was correct. He melded it to his own use for dictatorial powers like Patriot Act and Domestic Terrorism to criminalize the innocent public and hunt it down in January 6th FBI police state intimidation.
As Hitler is a pariah and Germans are still castigated for Nazism, why is it not the same evil for America, Europe, Russia, India or China with the same repressive characters?

You do not need to ponder that as it does not matter, for what you need to ponder are the 1% in their Jewish propaganda press who have been telling you, that being Reagan Blue you are Red State America and that Nazis were right wing.
I have informed you of the maxim, that when 6 billion people do die of the vax, that you will still hear the refrain, "Yes but 6 million Jews died in the holocaust", because there is leverage in that for the 1%'s interest.

So where did this right wing Nazism lie come from? I will educate you.

In the 1930's, the brilliant political genius, Adolf Hitler to fulfill his destiny, began his climb to power. He hated the Republican form of government, as did the German military, the German Aristocracy and the German Communists in organized labor. Germany under war debts was being destroyed as the socialists and communists had brought and end to the Militant Monarchy which ruled Germans. What the Republic was viewed at was in losing the war, accepting defeat and allowing the looting of Germans so their lives were horrid from 1917 AD in the year of our Lord onward.
Adolf Hitler rode a seesaw battle for power, but never could get above the necessary votes for a ruling majority as Germans did not want socialism of the left. As the military plotted to bring down the Republic for a return to the Monarchy, fortune smiled on leftist Adolf Hitler, and with an aging President in von Hindenburg in his 80's, the tide arrived with Nazi Hermann Goering as President of the German Congress for Adolf Hitler to become Chancellor or Prime Minister.

The military was not pleased, nor were the ruling families, both who formed the right and center right with the Catholics of Bavaria in Germany. What was plotted out though, was to allow Adolf Hitler the leftist to become Chancellor, with only 3 cabinet posts, whereby the Conservatives would hold 8 seats and keep Adolf Hitler and this Nazism in check.
That was the first and last elected government and cabinet in Germany until long after the war when puppets were once again chosen for the German People by the allies.

That is how the "right wing Nazi" lie appeared. It was clever propaganda from Jewish media to forward their sentimental socialism and communism of the left which allowed them to steal elections and then rig the system to stay in power forever.

With even President Hindenberg holding the Nazi's in check, they were not checked as Hitler started eliminating all other political parties. Hermann Goering staged the Reichstag fire and the communists were slaughtered. When the Nazi SA or Brown Shirts almost moved the Army to stage a coup, Hitler cracked down on his loyalists and homosexual friend Rhoemer and slaughtered the Brown Shirt leadership to curry favor with the military.
Soon only being a Nazi was allowed in politics, and the German Congress though elected did nothing, as Adolf Hitler had the power to rule by decree which he did.

The last vestige of Conservatives was wiped out on February 4th, 1938 AD in the year of our Lord, when through a series of problems with women in the two leading military generals brought down the old Prussian order which Hitler detested. The one general married a former prostitute which removed him and the SS accused the other of being a homosexual which removed him. With that in place, Adolf Hitler removed  all the old Conservative generals and replaced them all with Nazi generals.

One can hear the echoes of this in Stalin's purge of his military and Joe Biden's purge of the Pentagon of Conservatives. This is what leftists do as they cement absolute power. The military used the DIA in Qanon to set up MAGA to be purged from the American politic, and there will be more staged events to carry this Amerikan Diktatorship forward.

Now you understand the source of the lie of the right wing Nazi. It was Conservatives who were trying to save their Germany which was in jeopardy by Jewish Communists and the socialists of America, England and France led by Woodrow Wilson's regime which brought this disaster about.

Those are the facts and now you have proof that you have been lied to again.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

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