Monday, July 26, 2021

In the Stew


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to an archive broadcast of Jeff Rense with Erica Kahn, in he was playing a clip by Stew Peters. I have not paid attention to the crop of personalities in this COVID as it does not interest me, bu the information does.

It was when Jeff Rense though said something as only Rense can, that I started becoming interested.

One has to understand something which Jeff Rense  mentioned and I examined here. All of this started with Art Bell on Coast to Coast, which was taken over by the 1% when they installed that feckless group. Before that took place, as Art Bell said, this nice young guy came along and that was Jeff Rense who was a west coast media type. I think somewhere in this was the blow up between Bell and David John Oates, but I do recall Rense was on Bell's program talking about things, and he was a cordial person.

There are only so many guests that are available. Guests which are good are hard to come by, so programs have their revolving door. Rense had a good stable, but they got old and died. He has a stable platform again of some interesting people who present well on the radio. Guests are what drive programs and make hosts, you just do not get guests and some platforms really pressure so the guests do not appear elsewhere.

There was a gal in the southwest, GeorgeAnn Geyer who ran the Byte Show. I think she is dead now, but she had on some really remarkable guests and archives. This was when Alex Jones was being funded to make his move, and was in the fringe roughing it up. One pair of guests on the Byte explained how the economics worked on net casts, in you got yourself a sponsor for your program and you could make like 160,000 a year. Just like radio preachers and buy your emergency food, that is where the fortunes are made and how hosts pay the bills to keep programs on air. It all comes down to though needing guests and that comfort zone with the public so they come back. One just does not get a net cam a mic and call up, some vax expert and they appear on your program as most people will not answer the phone and you probably could not get most peoples email or number.

Ok you have that reality, now enter the Minnesotan, Stew Peters, and Jeff Rense made the remark, "He gets all the guests".

Dr. Robert Martin Says Vax Is An Agent Of Death
It Is Mass Murder, Planned Genocide

It is not easy to find infor on Stew Peters. No Wiki in self promotion, only a bonafides about his being a mouthpiece on the extreme right on Right Wing Watch.

I did come across a self promotion piece in the comrade Minneapolis Star Tribune about a couple of bounty hunters one of whom was Stew Peters and I discounted it, until on the link, I saw a rapper music video and it was this penis headed Stew Peters.........same fricking guy.

The name Penis Head is the term I use for these government employees who pass all the psychological profile tests, look like they get a hair trim daily, never are in the sun, and like their skin is pulled tight on their face like a penis, and they enjoy robbing people in speed traps or hunting people down after January 6th. It is just that look. Stew Peters has that look.

Peters admits that his wife was a bit overwhelmed by his multi-hyphenate career.

“When I told her, ‘I’m a radio personality, I’m a rapper, I’m a bounty hunter and a bail bondsman,’ she looked at me like: ‘What?’ ” he said. “In my lifetime, I feel like I’ve lived what most people would live in three or four lifetimes.”

So it appears that Stew Peters who gets all the guests, the big guests, is the same bounty hunter, actor, rapper, radio personality, and now the Blowhorn of the Masses or whatever Jeff Rense said Peters was promoting himself as.

I do know that media hosts just do not happen. I do know that guests just do not happen. I have never figured out who Jeff Rense really ever was, as I think the Mosaad tried knocking him off with a brain weapon a few years ago, and yet he was featuring that unique Pete Santilli who blew up Malheur's standoff and got LaVoy Finnicum executed, who appeared then with Gayway Pundit, selling meat jerky, as Uncle Gordy on Rense chided Rense that Santilli was an FBI operative.

Jeff Rense has the old guard connections. You remember that Bill Casey built ABC CAP Cities for Ronald Reagan's message, got croaked and then Newt Gingrich built FOX with Rupert Murdoch and how all hate Americans in these media now again. There was that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Mark Levin group who were Mockingbird funded and promoted. Rense was on the fringe of that and the worm has turned on the above, as Jeff Rense has noted a new crop which has appeared.

Alex Jones had threatened to take Jeff Rense down. As you have noticed all of these platforms are being marginalized and as Joel Skoursen has stated correctly as much as Clif High, there are numbers of disinformation agents out there and they are being paid by the regime.

That is why when Stew Peters gets taken off Gaytube, and is bitched about in media watch groups, that could be just as much bonafides as Pete Santilli going to prison for creds. We just do not know and more to the point, how does this showman from communist Minnesota suddenly get the guests that Jeff Rense is not getting?  As the katska of Mosaad would say, "Who does he have as a horse", as someone coming out of nowhere in these January 6th, FBI hunt down times, who keeps saying that Anthony Fauci needs to be executed is someone who is not having Homeland or the FBI knocking on his door, nor have we heard Bidencon trying to shut down this disinformation.

I honestly have not taken the time to figure out what Jeff Rense was saying. If he was just peeved and upset in someone shoving in and getting success or if his experience in dealing with operatives, recognizes something, but he just can not put his finger on who the hell is running this operation which has the regime keeping their hands off Stew Peters.

That is why this interests me, as it looks like something, and I wonder so much of this comes out of Minnesota which is hostile to everything right wing, and yet here is this self promoter like McToker who is a real talent.

There is a great deal of tracks being made in this, and no tracking by the left. That is interesting as it looks like a new guard is replacing the old guard with a 1% media platform like Rush Limbaugh coming out of nowhere. Lots of information leaks to the few and the same group that Qanon leaked to Mike Flynn and he is protecting them.

As I stated this is interesting. It really looks like something, but it is one of those things that I just can't tell you what it is.

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