Tuesday, August 24, 2021

A Man has as man Masters as his Vices


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This probably needs stating as you Darwins are so primate in thinking the bananas in the cage are free and you are not going to have to pay in a New York lab having Dr. Fauci shove Qtips up your arse until you get a callous so thick that you can't shit anymore.

In the headline below, surrounded by headlines of Ashli Babbit's murderer was cleared again, that Homeland was warning of Vax Terrorists, Congress just put into motion the bill to criminalize everyone in domestic terrorism, do you really think the FBI has suddenly discovered Truth and has concluded there was not an insurrection, after they have over 500 Americans tortured in prison to break them?

2 days ago ... The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential ...

All of this has one purpose as is the purpose for the 1% allowing Donald Trump to go free and that is to bait you out, so that you can be scooped up in the second phase of this American Gulag.

The Lame Cherry warned you to not latch onto your newly manufactured leaders, because Mo Brooks is a fraud in covering up election fraud as we head into 2022 AD in the year of our Lord in more election fraud as the races have already been decided. Logic points to just enough Republican bait to get you looking for Trump in 2024 AD in the year of our Lord.

TL and I were recently in a group of people, and we remained silent, but 3 were rabid Trump supporters yet. I'm done with politics and people are desperately clinging to Donald John. He did nothing on MAGA. Left Obama's high taxes in place. I found out the stimulus Uncle Joe "gave" was for self employed only a way to steal that money back, which the IRS dutifully did and I dutifully paid. That stimulus in all forms was already allocated from Trump Biden inflation for the conglomerates. The 1% is not going to let you keep a penny of that. You are spending 10 dollars more on a tank of gas, so you figure how long it will take with grocery prices doubling and gas prices spiking for that money to be confiscated by designed inflation.

So enter Donald John and our new friends at the FBI, who are holding 500 American hostages by the DOJ, but they want you to believe that like Mike Flynn at a Qanon rally, that you are now free again to attend gatherings and the FBI is not monitoring every platform the GOVERNMENT OWNS BY OBAMA TREASURY MONEY DUMPS in social media in your Twitter, your Facebook, your emails and your personal conversations on the phone as the are all Google generated for the federal police to monitor their systems in ATT, Verizon and Tracfone or whatever else you are hooked up to.

The short of this is, is you are being suckered to come out and post things, and to attend gatherings so that you will be elevated. Hell Tucker Carlson is baiting people to come out and protest Why do you think that troll in Montana was confronting Tucker? It is to show all of you how it is done in public.

What you do not understand in this, is everyone is profiled. The lemmings of the Jan6ers are already tabulated.  The problem is the 1% knows you are not intimidated or mind warped as Jeff Rense has stated. Is there mind control and aggression suppression taking place. Yes there is. But you are working with a fractionated group in this.

If you have not noticed, news headlines have appeared again in.................you are supposed to be pacified by professional sports. Did not the Jewish owners of the NBA just castrate LeBron James in saying no one likes the uppity Nigger? Sure they did, so you know that plantation loves you, as the Raiders in the NFL told fans to get vaxed or get to the camps.

This is picking off groups, psychological groupings. Some whose vices are sports will comply, others will not, and what Tucker, Trump and the FBI are engaged in is creating a super group of three factions.

Faction 1 are those who will bray loudly again, showing no scare from the FBI.

Faction 2 will remain silent and remain disciplined in not responding to the bait.

Faction 3 are popular girls of the alt who are herding the lessening numbers to not gulp the green drinks again.

I personally am fascinated by the `1% generated platforms, like that Minnesotan Stu Peters. I was not even aware of him until Jeff Rense started mentioning that Stuf was getting all the primo guests. Peters is the new Glenn Beck, as no one is buying Cheetos anymore. The point is there are groupings in this, and the 1% planned for you not buying the hay of Sean Hannity and whatever replaced dead Limbaugh and a new lure for tracking the deer that do not come to the bait stand.

I can tell how scared you keyboard commandos are, as you do not donate. You hide and think that will save you, but mama tiger is going to round you up too then all that cash will be reckoned back to the 1% who generated it.

Just remember that you are still an enemy of the state. Time has not changed anything nor has your believing in rainbows which are the yellow drizzle in the clouds of telling you it is rain. The 1% is still coming for everyone. This is as certain as a combine going row by row threshing grain. They will get to everyone eventually.

What you do not conceive in this game that it is Great Game India and always has been. The game is that while the 1% has all the pieces, you have pieces they have which are moving. Any piece which causes a covering or delay in your being threshed out at the camps is of benefit for you. The mission of this is to survive. A cockroach on board the USS Hornet on December 7th, 1941 AD in the year of our Lord was not going to fight Germans or Japanese being set up by Frank Roosevelt. Frank though sending the Hornet out of port knowing an attack at Pearl Harbor was coming, allowed that cockroach to live and not be expendable. The decisions in the chess match benefit you. Major players are China, Russia and Islamic terrorism. You keep from being lured out as a Patriot as a domestic terrorist and in time the FBI and Homeland will be diverting resources to play their part of protecting "democracy" which means you are not going to be a priority.
You are not more important than major policy. The pedo Americans in Afnamistan proved that in Pedo Joe left them to get the broomstick up the ass or whatever Chris Stevens got as I doubt dirt floor Islam has many 15 dollar brooms in the closet.

Those who show no sense in being lured out to the great expanse again are an elevated priority.  That means they are the priority unlike those who are not joining the patriot parade and obeying the laws, paying their taxes and not thumbing their noses at the police state.

This is about buying time until Jesus returns.

That is it as I sit here wrapped in a sleeping bag as August rains are cold in the Brier Patch and I would rather have the heat.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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