Monday, August 9, 2021

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I have to caveat this as I do not have the kind of money to purchase a new or used tractor, but I ask and listen to what people who use equipment are saying.

My newest tractor was born around 1963 AD in the year of our Lord.  The oldest is probably from the 1920's. I paid 100 dollars for the oldest one and it had a loader.

Not so with modern computer tractors as they run 50,000 to over 200,000 which is money I probably would not spend as that is allot of money. Rich people on this blog have lots of money.........spend 10 grande on a fucking John Deere lawnmower, so this is for people with that kind of money.

I asked our neighbor a few years ago about tractors and he said they were all about the same. He recently after the vax was more forthcoming.

The tractor he detests most is the John Deere.  That is not to say that Case tractors do not have warning lights and cost him 1500 dollars to not get it fixed, but the Case was just a bad battery being warned of, after a dipshit kid mechanic tore it all apart and did not fix it.

The thing is John Deere tractors do not run or they do not start when it is cold. My distant relative had to leave his run 3 days when it was cold or the damn thing would not start. A heated garage costs money and what good is a vehicle which will not start.

He said the best starting tractor was the McCormick, which is something to keep in mind. He loves his Kubota and uses that a great deal. That tractor is very heavy on the bucket end though, so it is extra weight. When he first got this tractor I noticed the cylinder on the loader was leaking.

He also liked his New Holland which is out of Canada. He said they were a bit light, but that tractor was better than the John Deere or Case.

Another thing, he said those old John Deeres in the 4020 type are going for 25,000 on sales, because people can tear them apart and fix them. It is not 150 dollar an hour mechanics nor those damned computers. He mentioned he had warnings going off and just turns the lights off as he has no idea what the hell was wrong and the mechanics did not either.

So that is your knowledge.  I never liked John Deere tractors to being with, so I would not go that route, unless it was an old one, but that is what I would buy is old tractors that you can fix.

Just remember in a meltdown that computers fry and you can't get parts or a mechanic. So maybe get something that can be depended upon.

Million dollar knowledge again from the Lame Cherry.

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