Sunday, August 8, 2021

Hot in the City


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I happened to bump into a local Brier Patch Citizen who said his son had just made a trip into Minot North Dakota and he reported that  the corn there is 3 feet high. Everything there is dead or dying from this drought.

A hay wrangler there mentioned he had orders for 4800 large round bales of hay. He had 39 bales on hand.

This is the Great American Desert. It is the area which from almost 500 years experienced a drought which wiped the Viking immigrants out, and did not begin to be relieved until the Americans began settling the area. This was a manifest of destiny around 1600 AD in the year of our Lord, as the Apache due to a dispute in the Canadian Northwestern Territories crossed into West Texas. In this same period two other tribes changed. The first was a Colorado tribe which was club footed. By this time the Spanish mustangs appeared, and these awkward Indians were horse whisperers, and the Comanche terrorist was born. On their heals from the Ontario region of Canada appeared another tribe called the Sioux who journeyed into Minnesota and Iowa, and with horses exploded onto the Plains as a genocidal  tribe against all the tribes east and west.

This is what the Americans found, a world which was sorting Indian terrorists out. The area had begun to rain again in violent storms. As Christians appeared and built Churches, God tamed the weather. Up until the 1930's which manifested the slavery of German and Scandinavian migrants, America had a God blessed rain and growth seasons. This all changed in the 1970's, when a coordination of drought, cheap money and Wall Street destroyed people from the land. The epic destruction of the family farm for Monsanto began, and HAARP began a raining deluge on the American Desert. For 20 years, ranchers and farmers, expanded, went into debt, drove up land prices and taxes, and beginning in 2020 AD in the year of our Lord, an epic drought began again. If you draw a line from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River south, and move west, you are looking at the Great American Desert appearing. The fertile areas east of there are "dry", but their kind of dry would be welcome in the West. Their crops will be reduced and there will be a flux zone of two hundred miles which will either be desert, marginal or have crops over the next 10 years. Honestly this is what America was. The West was never meant for farming.

I remember a story my brother told me when he was hunting years ago in western South Dakota. One of the party asked a rancher there, "What the hell are you doing with all that old damn hay sitting around". The rancher looked at him and said, "Don't worry about it, it will get dry and it will be fed up/."

Traditionally the Great Plains is one rain away from a drought. The land there is unique in a heavy clay called gumbo that sticks like dog shit to your feet or wheels when it is wet. When it is dry, it will blow like sand as the buffalo gas will not hold the soil. God help any dumb ass who gets caught driving across those dry fields now, as that shit erodes and ranchers are not in any mood for the new arrivals out there.

What is taking place in the American West is enhanced by HAARP. It is no secret here that I enjoy watching weather patterns on the Northern Great Plains as this atomic fall out zone has so many manifestations of HAARP that it boggles  the mind. I was watching an area of southern North Dakota by their capital last night, as it had rained there, not much in just a few tenths, but that makes a huge difference in these areas to getting some kind of crop to sell to communist China, as that is what this rain is all about now. The wheat was destroyed, the corn is rolled back and finished and soybeans for China is what will be produced now, unless they unleash some hard freeze in September.

As I get to the point, I was watching south of Bismark North Dakota and around 10 pm this goofy damned anomaly appeared in it was a rotation , very small, with arms rotating counter clockwise. It was not 50 miles wide. It moved along the border to about midnight south of Jamestown and became this blob of rain. From about 2 am to 8 am, wave after wave of thunderstorms pelted this microcosm into Minnesota. There is not any way this rain could have formed like this, unless it was HAARP, but the rain is meant to keep farmers from filing drought relief which the government would have to pay billions for and this grain is going to China, because all of that grain is contracted for the west coast and it will make it's way to Asia.

Here is a radar photo I grabbed of the region on Sunday at 3 PM. There is nothing of this in Minnesota in this monsoon, and Wisconsin is again getting an ample shot of rain. This rain has been dumping 2 to 7 inches of rain in the past days, and you hear nothing of this, but those are the realities. Your US military might be arming to fight China, but China is farming the United States for soybeans in an epic drought.

I will wager that this region will get HAARP rain again in the next days, and that should secure the soybeans for Peking.

I have not inquired about this drought in what it will be like for next year. Projections are that this drought is going to continue in where it is dry now, it will be dry next season. The situation should improve somewhat for the mega millionaire farmers of the Mississippi west. I do not deal a great deal with the South as they are hot and dry and that clay is not exactly a food region of feeding world, although they do produce lovely crops of fruits and vegetables if they spray for bugs.

What projections will mandate as Pedo Joe Biden is importing millions of border busters into drought zones and Republican states which do not have the resources to deal with the Vax Refugees and all those Goddamn foreigners colouring up the gene pool, is there is not going to be water or electricity. As the regime in DC does not give a damn about Americans or the slaves in America, the Lame Cherry would offer that the American West Coast should begin building desalinization plants to make drinking water out of the toxic Pacific Ocean and some genius should break off a state size iceberg from the North or South Pole and float it to the West Coast. This idea was floated by Saudi Arabia long ago for their water shortage, and an iceberg would be the answer to hydrate a water rationed world.

Things are not going to get better as this is just the start of the sorrows.

It is not this fake vax drama which matters. It is what is happening in the Great American Desert and the borderlands. No one wants these refugees, no more than anyone wants New Yorkers and other shit moving in. Yet this political rubbish which has created the regime in DC which makes big budgets off of disasters  they create in the FBI hunting down Americans or Homeland importing Biden illegals, is what is driving all of this, and now this human refuse is going to make water the war resource of the world.

There is not water in the west. There will not be water in the west until at least May of 2022 AD in the year of our Lord, and that is if it snows, and if it snows it will break the bank in flooding in the Mississippi Valley as Obama did before in the Birther's war on GOP states.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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