Tuesday, August 31, 2021

September Matrix - Do not be John Darwin


Do not audition for John Darwin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry does not agree with the Clif High time line. Yes there is going to be a designed fall down of the media in the problems of the deliberate Biden Fracture over Afghanistan. But inquiry points to not as Mr. High states as fight or flight, as this blog tells you not to get into any fights, violence etc.... in this next period.

Something is in there in a narrative change. Something in the matrix is whispering a new current for September, not financial, not vax, not war. The 1% is overloading the projections. Too many balls in the air, and a necessary human comprehension stagnation is occurring. Tard minds though do not move situations ahead.

Warning! Mass mind control!

Video Source: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/HBBwqdoMy7Gz/

Shocker - La Quinta Finds Graphene Oxide And
Billions Or Trillions Of Moving Nano Bots Totally
Permeating The Liquid In FLU VAX - Look At This!

Graphene Induces PRION Formation

Software That Manages The Times At Which 5G
Antennas Are Scheduled To Emit Radiation
Triggering Frequencies Which Affect Graphene

I'm picking up some event to kick start this, like a heart jolt to get the flat line society up and moving in the global focus direction. I have no idea what it is because I have not asked. I might suspect, so the suspicion is something of violence to unify for a moment. The matrix is not indicating another FBI 100 million American man hunt. It is a step to something not a means to stop the step.

Clif High keeps talking about having to fight. Do not get into that mindset. Just stay home, behave, obey the laws, pay your taxes, and do not cause yourself vax problems. I'm not stating that the trends are not about conflict. Think of it though as a hijacked patriotic movement, such as Woody Wilson, Frank Roosevelt and G.W. Bush benefited from.

That is the time line projection at end of August. August was supposed to be Russia and China on the move in conflict. September is the equinox reset. Resets set from a former series of events. September is resetting from the May time line.

The 1% as Clif High mentioned, can not allow a strike or a shutdown. There must be generated as this crumbling political structure is initiated a unifying blindness. The left can no longer be allowed to hunt down those on the right, at least to repress them as has been since Jan6.

The cover of September has one of the purposes to cull a few more toward the vax. (The matrix says 45% vaxed in America. Do not be gullible in thinking this is Americans in majority. There are over 100 million vermin in America. That is what has been vaxed.

Not going into this, but yes American Darwins have been vaxed, but if the vax is terminal, it is terminating the vermin, like rodentcide by Fauci design.

Do not respond to verbiage of fight, that is violence. You do not need the trouble. Just behave, get prepared and let the time line project and you have no involvement in this. Your foundation should be Christ whose Kingdom is now not of this world. Spiritual, Spiritual, Spiritual, prepare your needs and prepare your will to not be deceived by the Great Deception.

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