Monday, September 6, 2021

Did Nostradamus have a cure for Spike Proteins?


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I'm just starting to read a compilation of Michel Nostradamus' writings, and it is interesting in the author makes the point that, "People never question how many times in history and future the same events happen and repeat". Meaning Nostradamus can hit on a number of events just because human nature produces the same events and tragedies over and over. Once Shakespeare completed his works, nothing new has ever been written. It is all the same human drama.

In reading the forward notes of the book, the author mentions Nostradamus' treaties on subjects and one was the elixir of life which was a treatment for the Black Plague.

I post the entire information below, but if you notice with pine needle tea for the Coronavirus, the same evergreen appears in Cypress.

Calamus or Sweet Flag curbs infections and deal with snot.

Orris Root purifies the blood, stimulates glands, increases kidney function.

Cloves are anti inflammatory and help treat colds.

Pretty roses, medicinally, they treatantidepressant; antispasmodic; aphrodisiac; astringent; antibacterial; antiviral; antiseptic; anti-inflammatory

Most have no idea that Nostradamus was a pharmacist, a doctor, a culinary master, a professor. If you read the above drugs and yes roses are a drug in nature, everyone of these ingredients would help a person suffering from the Black Death. 

All of the evergreen family has in their timbers the stuff that kills almost anything in nature which is harmful. Pine tar is sulfa powder, the earliest anti bacterial and is still prescribed today. Tonic water has been used against Coronavirus plague, and while the original recipe called for vodka, I switched up to Gin and Tonic, and this seems to have a greater effect in the intestines due to the Juniper berries in the gin.

I place this here as these ingredients which are fragrant are available. Aloe is antibacterial too. Not recommending this lozenge, but when doctors prescribe this stuff it is big money and used to treat people with illnesses.

Chloroquine is tree bark and grapefruit pealings and with the lowly mineral zinc zaps this biological weapon platform.

Maybe the physician, Nostradamus in his Hippocratic Oath was on to something 600 years ago.

To make the basis for a perfectly good and excellent aromatic powder whose perfume is not strange, but confers an agreeable and long-lasting sweetness, though it can only be prepared once a year: Take one ounce of the sawdust or shavings of cypress-wood, as green as you can find, six ounces of Florentine violet-root, three ounces of cloves, three drams of sweet calamus, and six drams of aloes-wood.

Reduce the whole to powder before it spoils.

Next, take three or four hundred in-folded red roses, fresh and perfectly clean, and gathered before dewfall.

Pound them vigorously in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle.

When you are half through pounding them, add to them the above mentioned powder and immediately pound it all vigorously, while sprinkling on it a little rose-juice.
When everything is well mixed together, form it into little flat lozenges, as you would pills, and let them dry in the shade, for they will smell good.
And note that from this mixture may also be made aromatic soaps, cypress powder, violet root powder, aromatic balls, perfumes, ‘Cyprus birds’ and perfumed waters.
And in order to make the mixture even more excellent, add as much musk and ambergris as you either can or wish.

If these two are added I do not doubt that you will produce a superbly pleasant perfume. Pulverize the said musk and ambergris, dissolving it with rose-juice, then mix it in and dry in the shade.

Quite apart from the goodness and scent that this mixture lends to the items and mixtures mentioned above, you only have to keep it in the mouth a little to make your breath smell wonderful all day…

And in time of Plague, keep it often in the mouth, for there is no smell better for keeping away the bad and pestiferous air.”

My Interpretation:

1 part green cedar sawdust (cypress was not available to me except in dried form)

6 parts Orris root (Florentine violet root)

3 parts cloves

¼ parts calamus

½ part aloes

6 roses

Rose water as needed

All of the first five ingredients were crushed together to form a powder. As I did not have a wooden pestle, I used a marble pestle and ground the ingredients finely. The roses were crushed to a powder and the aromatic mixture was added. Next rose water was added to form a paste. The paste was formed into lozenges and dried.

The lozenges should be held in the mouth and NOT chewed or sucked.

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