Wednesday, September 1, 2021

When the truth is found to be Lies


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dick Allgire in this link provides 10 minutes and 18 seconds of Ecclesiastical ideas. It is the remote viewers vein of the matrix. He makes the incorrect projections though in there being two gods, and just a God of everything and that this is about the gods making money. That is pure ignorance and is part of the Star Children great deception which you have been warned of here.

I have never met Dick Allgire. His stuff that I did view though and as proven changed the time lines so the harmful events did not take place, is what Homeland appeared on my doorstep for as the FBI wanted to know what this popular girl in the Brier Patch was knowing things that no one knew about.

I will simply state that Homeland knew about the main event which was bad. They never said anything to me about it. They instead focused on a secondary smaller event only as there apparently was not intelligence of the Obama regime was holding back information. 
Again Dick Allgire gets phone calls telling him to shut up and I get interviews about the things Dick Allgire talks about, and I change the time line so bad things do not happen. Does not make sense, but then I never was part of Ingo Swan's crew.

So while I think well of Mr. Allgire's ability, he keeps producing a narrative which is fundamentally not Biblical, but brings in the Great Deception, rolling what the demon machine keeps feeding into humanity.

Humans before the flood were provided God defying knowledge, the hidden knowledge. They were engaged in the same things human elite are now and that is why God wiped them out, save Noah and his family. What followed was Babel in the Tower which was on the route again, and what followed on that after the dispersing and clouding of language was the Canaanite corrupting DNA again due to the unique geology of that Pan region changing reproduction in mutants and hybrids.

They too were wiped out for God's chosen breeding platform from Abraham. People designed to be infused with God's Holy Spirit. That is why the "White Race" is being targeted now. They are the sons of God in DNA and are the competitors to the false tree of the 1%.

What changed all was not some demon taking people to a star ship. It was Solomon. He had a genius like none other, and he provided understanding in all fields and provided the leap to mankind and in the dispersing of the exiled Lost 10. those Peoples sowed that genius into the world That melded into the Mystery Religion of Nimrod and those same Assyrian Germans opened the portals to the knowledge again and brought about advanced designs which have now cluttered the world in "alien technology" which is just demons providing Enoch type knowledge and shifting the breeding programs in the Greys. There are not different aliens, just different classes of demons, and that includes the Nordics in the Pliedians. 

What is taking place now is the hijacking of humanity to destroy God's Promise of eternal Life through Him. The false tree of life is generated as only this blog warned of years ago. This vax is part of the synthetic evolution of humans. Remember God said in the Garden "Lest they take of the knowledge of the Tree of Life and be like Us...........

That ............... is the tragedy of being non redeemable to God in fused to a creature which is without God perpetually. That is what this is all about. Humans have been provided the forbidden knowledge and it has become to the point that they can accomplish anything. Destruction will now follow in this as there can not be two Life forms. God is pure, so the alternate must be impure, as satan is and that is adversarial and destruction or eternal death. Eternal death is being bred.

This is the end of the clock before the 1000 years tick off for an end of time. I warn everyone one of you, the same illuminated Darwins who say they would not be vaxed and then line up and take it. You have claims to be a Christian, but it is a given you are going to be believing the Great Deception which is coming. You will either believe what you see and hear, or you will have Faith in God that He is the only Truth.

Dick Allgire is plugged into a time line in the matrix which is corrupted. He believes it and the reason he believes is he has great ability. There are few who are time lords who have ability. Dick Allgire has not been one who has proven that he can change time lines, but he creates a heavy tow. Meaning when Dick Allgire enters any time line past, present or future, he is like a dredge in he cuts such a deep channel that everyone, almost everyone else is sucked into that like a bobsled on a run, and they too wear in that scenario and it becomes a reality, but it is false. I have run into his trails and others in inquiry. There is not any way to explain it unless you are experienced, but you can tell when a narrative is false, it has a feel of warm human flesh, is soft and one has to work it like play dough to get it fashioned so it is not an obstacle to the correct  time line.

This narrative of the demons is going to keep building in construct. The more who believe the greater the flow. It will deceive those who choose to be deceived and God designed this period as the final winnowing of His children, who will make the choice and say, "No I reject that narrative as I choose to believe what the Holy Ghost revealed in the Bible to guide me, even if it means death. Death in this life is nothing compared to eternal death".

The above was featured by Mr. Allgire. It is pretty in God's orderly projections in 5 sided dimensions progressing to multiple points, all in sacred geometry. I have shared of this before in how the many is the one, how God as One has many points to be individual to each person.

In Zechariah the Prophet, the Holy Ghost predicted that 1/3rd of the chosen would be the remnant. That vax is being rejected by 1/3rd and a lessening remnant. People can not say no to a vax, but they tell God no often in denying Him.

Keep the Faith, because the Great Deception is coming. It is without God and when you are without God, you are eternally dead.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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