Wednesday, December 29, 2021

This Advice Might Save Your Life Next Year

No, the flower are for not listening to my wife,
I hear her just fine.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After Rainne Wilson got it left wonk wrong in the ReVaxNiks are angry at the Dictatorship for not stopping Covid, the Lame Cherry decided to post a list of people you should never listen to for your health and sanity.

I do not know how long this list is:

  1. Anthony Fauci
  2. Dictator Joe Biden
  3. Jill Biden
  4. John Roberts on the Supreme Court.
  5. The Trump appointments to the Supreme Court.
  6. Anyone named Trump.
  7. Anyone in Congress.
  8. Anyone in the media.
  9. Anyone who says Elvis is dead.
  10. Anyone who does not say that Jan Michael Vincent was the greatest television star ever.

People you should listen to.

  1.  The IRS
  2. The FBI with guns
  3. Homeland with guns
  4. Federal Marshals with guns
  5. Alec Baldwin with a gun but do it while running away.

For everyone else like spouses, mother in laws, parents, just pretend you hear them and smile and nod allot.

That advice should save a few lives next year.

With love in the Nuff Said