Friday, June 24, 2022

Why is Dead Mars Acting Alive


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If Mars is a dead planet, then why is it having earthquakes, rather larger earthquakes.

NASA's Rover Records Magnitude 5 Quake on Mars, Strongest Ever in History of Planet's Study

I'm certain some pointy head will say, "Mars is shrinking, in losing water in all that freeze drying cold, and that is why it is quaking. Lot's of reasons I suppose, but something that is dead is alive and moving when it should not.

May 13, 2019 ... The moon is still tectonically active, like Earth, generating moonquakes as our planet creates earthquakes, a new study based on Apollo ...

See Mars is shrinking like a raisin just like the moon. Ok if something is shrinking it does not quake but know like crazing on pottery. Odd who pottery does not explode in pottery quakes. Maybe that is not the reason at all in Mars is not shrinking.

I'm not here to answer the questions this time. Mars is a rather disturbing new world really. The one thing I love about Mars is, they have whirlwinds, and the spinning sands, cause friction like static electricity and they spark electrical charges. Think about all the fires that would start on earth is earth has electronic whirlwinds, and not just clouds with lightning.

I do not believe science knows a damn thing. They always have explanations they swear to, until something else comes along, and then their previous bullshit is wiped and the new answer is what is worshiped and glorified.

I have not seen any raisin wrinkles on the moon either. My frozen foods in my freezer, freezer burn or dry often enough. I never get any chickens tossing around in my freezer.

I should look for a pretty Martian girl picture, but lost our wifi high speed and it all is in slow motion, so no Valiant Thor or hot associates. I was thinking about going to Mars, but with Elon Musk going there, I just do not want to be around a guy who has sex with Amber Heard. Is bad enough to have him here, am not going to travel to Mars and find the same thing there.

Nuff Said.