Tuesday, September 27, 2022

motive, opportunity and means


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Interesting in just like the Kennedy assassination, it is Americans and Russians who are the suspects in the headlines just like the Nordstream pipelines both blowing up and leaving environmental disasters on the water.

Cui Bono. Who benefits from Europe not having energy? 

Certainly will push for a strongman in Europe to solve the problems. The Germans are all stoked up for hydrogen cell cars. The Russians can't make money without energy flowing through their pipes.

It appears as if some kind of explosion blew three huge holes in the NordStream I and II pipelines near Danish waters. Massive leaks are showing up on the surface of the Baltic Sea. Whodunnit? Would Washington blow up Russia's pipeline? Germany? Russia? Also today, the Democrats have become the party of war. Finally: Another $12 billion for Ukraine snuck into "must-pass" spending bill.

Interesting in who would have the technology to put underwater demolition packs on two pipelines, and for some reason the United States, NATO and Russia did not catch them.




Britain's super-sub: Navy unveils James Bond-style mini submarine carried on board HMS Astute which can launch from under water

Motive, opportunity and means.

Just remember this poor orphan girl told you Mitt Romney was a strawman, told you Obama was running terrorists out of 1600 Penn and that Russiagate was an MI6 operation.\

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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