Sunday, January 29, 2023

It Has Begun By The Proxy Jew


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no one is taking credit for the illegal bombing of Iran, the reality is that Tel Aviv, was "loaned" next generation drones to bomb several cities in Iran as of January 29.

More than half a dozen explosions have rocked different cities inside Iran as of 7:17 PM eastern US time on Saturday, 28 January 2023.  The explosions have all been hitting military industrial facilities.  Micro Aerial Vehicles (drones) and hitting numerous targets throughout Iran.

In addition, reports are now coming in claiming the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is engaging in air attacks inside Syria, against allegedly Iranian targets.   

You can watch Tehran air defense in response here.

This is a NATO act of war against Iran, in order to end the supply of Iranian munition for the Ukrainian War via Russia.

Here is what you can take away from this. The drones can penetrate, but also can be destroyed by man made obstacles. The reason the drones were utilized is a new reality, in the missile defense which  Russia has produced, was indeed shooting down Tel Aviv fighters a few years ago. The American F 16's and F 35's appear vulnerable. In other words fighter bombers can be shot down by the defense that Iran possesses.

This then moves to another American platform in the long range bombers in which the United States will be goaded into attacking Iran, because the Proxy Jew has completed their payment in hitting Iranian production assisting Russia.

I inquired previously and March was the period which the matrix trended toward. We shall see.

The Co Opters of DC have opened a second front against Russia. The Bohemian seers predict that America will be humiliated in what follows.

Remember history, when Iran is hit, Iran retaliates with murderous force, after it bides it's time. A crippling attack on the United States would suit the cartel and the world.

Iran is nuclear capable, has been for years. Grubber Zellinskyy lit the fuse in Ukraine, and now Tel Aviv has thrown the bomb.

I will try to inquire on this, but that takes donation and time. Neither of which I have.

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