Saturday, January 28, 2023

Are the Globalists Really in Charge?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the Lame Cherry alerted the cartel here, concerning their mismanagement in the form or Weather Moderator, Crazy Eddie Haskell. and provided a grading system to assist the cartel in what needed to be done to increase their financial structure and control of the world, I awaited to view what the committee would undertake as they were being made absolute fools of.

What followed was Crazy Eddie must have shown them his reforms, but in fact, his .........well it is like a weird kid beating a cat, gets caught, scolded, promises to reform and the reform is he beats the cat in the same place, but this time uses a rubber hose instead of a stick as he thinks that will con the adults.


Weather Mods "Still Needing Improvement"

I know it is a vendetta, but for a Weather Mod to risk their life
betraying the cartel is really stupid.

Look below the latest Weather Mod manifestation. Remember in this, the Lame Cherry explained all of this that there are more people in Chicago than in the northern great plains, so when you want money for fuel don't freeze out 3 people when 5 million are available.

To explain the map below, the yellow numerals are temperatures. It was like in the 30's in the interior of America before this latest HAARP set up which cost a fortune again, and while temperatures will be in the teens below zero for the worst of this, this is the daytime highs.

Billings if 4 one lives in Montana.

Fargo is Seven one lives there.

Minneapolis is 6 degrees......ok marginal in some Somalian murderers live there.

If you look at this, you can see Denver is 28, Kansas City is 52 degrees, again those are Minneapolis like enclaves in no one lives around them.

As we head to Chicago it is 25 degrees. Cleveland is 34, Pittsburgh is 49 and New York City is 51 degrees. The heat won't even turn on where millions of people are which the cartel is looking to defraud of money and portfolios to make them dependent on the cartel and accept being erased and replaced.

This is the same ineptness which handed Vladimir Putin all of Ukraine by keeping it warm there, keeping Europe warm so it will not accept the anti Christ and .......this is just ineptitude, to be shown the problem and offer Lame Cherry solutions and nothing changes.

There comes a time that the geniuses of the cartel have to give up the title of genius if they are allowing themselves to be mocked by Eddie this way. The time has arrived that this kind of mismanagement questions the status of the globalists overthrowing the world and taking it over.

When they can not even exhibit they have an operation which can police itself from the inside, and rectify glaring mistakes of attributing unbridled authority to Crazy Eddie Haskell, it exposes the complete lack of command and control this group has. Yes the committee is disciplined in the lords and the priests. Yes they put up with weird little children of the Rothschilds in Klaus Schwab. Yes they can hammer those who get out of line like ......say Paul Manafort, but that appears to be their limitations in they are being divested of the command and control, when their commands do not bring about the control of an Eddie Haskell in weather modification.

Here, this is a glaring reality. Churchill, Ontario Canada is supposed to be like......500 degrees below zero. That is where polar bears eat people and dogs all winter. Look at what Eddie did.

Hudson Bay by the North Pole is the same temperature as Chicago IL. I mean, what the hell, Maxwell is this in those poor polar bears are getting heat exhaustion!

Churchill, Ontario, CA
Saturday 4 PM
68% Humidity

Eddie has been so fixated on German Hutterites that he has put polar bears in danger of dying from heat.

Look at the rest of Canada where we were told that Crazy Eddie had brought this cold to the United Statues from.........

Calgary, Alberta, CA

Saturday 2 PM
66% Humidity

Winnipeg City, Manitoba, CA

Partly Cloudy
63% Humidity

I can tell you that the Arctic let me show you from Fargo in the forecast.

That IS NOT ARCTIC AIR when it is hotter in Canada which is where that Arctic Air has to move through to get to America. This is that Goddamn Stratophere or Ionosphere flip of pulling cold air from the sky. You have been lied to and if not for this blog showing the evidence all meteorological propaganda would stand as fact.

That is the only way you get Fargo colder than Canada.

Now I took the time to show the cartel committee how to fix all of this in placing a Big HIGH over Hudson Bay and then creating a Low Pressure in Oklahoma and scooting it east into Ohio, so it would do what Crazy does every time with his Minneapolis "Lo's" in sucking cold air out of Canada. The cartel does that, and they get lots of people turning on their thermostats for heat, and they make billions of dollars.

Here have a look, as it is obvious the cartel does not have anyone of worth looking out after their interests, who would care to move up the food chain in exposing all of this.

Everything that they are showing on projections is bullshit. In lacking unlimited data I took the Windy site for gospel in this was coming out of the Arctic by their wind models. Not any way is this coming out of the Arctic when it is warmer in Canada than the United States.

I had wondered about the reports from people saying, "It seems nice outside, but the wind feels like an air conditioner is running". Now the Lame Cherry is certain as to why, yes that wind is being pumped from the upper atmosphere. The mods pulled this same ruse in October in making the sky Arctic black for the cold air, and is how they set this all up for the attacks on these peoples from Montana east into Minnesota and about as far south as Nebraska. Makes no sense as nothing is out there, no people and no one wants that shit hole country.

The Lame Cherry has to re evaluate it's projection on the lords and the priests as they appear to reside in a glass bubble and those serving them have overthrown them too for their own agenda. This is mind boggling to me as I typed this discovery when it was made in looking at the temperatures. The models a week ago had Canada in the 20's below zero. That did not happen. It appears to me the Weather Mods dumped a cold sink in Teddy Roosevelt ranch country and that is what is causing this.

Now you know the facts, but  I doubt the cartel is going to donate any more than the non donors do on this page to keep their heads out of their asses.

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