Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Kosher Konflict

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After reading that Snyder guy on ZeroHedge in his flashpoint wars for 2023 AD in the year of our Lord and not going on the record for any of the locations he featured, the popular girl decided to inquire into the matrix on a flash read. I am doing this on January 4th, so you know how far out this is, and I will post what was trending on this date for future events.

When I read that Prime Minister Netanyahu had sent his people to Moscow, I knew that an ultimatum over Iran was being presented, that the military solution for ending Iran's expansion of production of nuclear weapons given to them by Barack H. Obama, was now on the table.

Bidencon helped to install Netanyahu as they need a militant Jew in place who will drop the bombs.

I'm going to give a rough water scenario flow of what the matrix was trending on January 4th.

Sometime in March, the United States in response to Russian successes will open the Iranian front. America will join with Tel Aviv to bomb the nuclear structures of Iran. The matrix does not show that Russia or China will become involved besides material support. Iran though will strike Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia and the American bases in the Gulf.
Syria will become involved as will Gaza in uprisings. I forgot to inquire about Lebanon in Hezbollah. Whatever the course, Tel Aviv will turn Gaza and Damascus into rubble.

With enough damage done to all, peace talks will begin.

At the beginning of this, I inquired if this would go nuclear. The response was yes, but nothing appeared in the Mideast. The affirmative appeared in America. The scenario seems to fit the Bohemian seers vision of something in June. As I have published on this previously, you can read those details of the time and place, as that is not my pony to get another interview over.

Dec 17, 2022 ... TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Turkey's Bayraktar Akinci unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has successfully test-fired the country's first air-to-surface ...

Nov 11, 2022 ... TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force said Iran's IRGC has successfully tested its ...

As the guidance structure of the Russian and Chinese hypersonics is known. and both nations would benefit from a transfer of that system, it is not anything that complicated in a combined visual guidance system in self directing and correcting flight.

We have witnessed the horrific "small nuclear" detonations of Russian hypersonics, the point being if Iran could obtain 100 of these missiles from Russia and China, attach them to their new Russian fighters, and build 50 more, the factor if the Co Opters attack Iran with Tel Aviv, that is about as many targets in the Jewish state and American bases with ships, which are available. These missiles work in base size dimensions and do a trillion dollars in damage in a few minutes, which would take years to restore.

Tel Aviv would have a Pyrrhic victory and the Co Opters would have a massive dislocation of forces. Couple that with a June retaliation by whoever, and the map would change to a strategic loss to the Co Opters as the cartel would design.

None of this not unknown in all of these circles of power. This popular girl simply examines headlines and makes the same projections based on outcomes.

Snyder was featuring Ukraine, South Korea and Taiwan also, but I inquired the next location for a major war event and that was this region.

This would be a major step toward Christ's return in setting up the next necessities. That is this Lame Cherry's interest in this.

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