Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Weather Mods "Still Needing Improvement"

I know it is a vendetta, but for a Weather Mod to risk their life
betraying the cartel is really stupid.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly believe that positive efforts should be praised, but at the same time, I also believe that if you see Eddie Haskell looking up teachers skirt that you should report that to the teacher.

See the Lame Cherry did a great deal of posting on HAARP in explaining the failings of the set up of storms in the United States by the Weather Mods. As the lords and the priests do not live in nothing country, they are not aware of events, as they are too busy with things like in Ukraine.

When the Lame Cherry noted that the Weather Mods had screwed up big time in keeping Europe warm by making America stormy, the cartel paid attention, studied the situation and issued orders to fix the problem.
The problem is Eddie Haskell. See Europe is going to be 'token' cold for a few days as Mr. Putin continues his glorious success with the help of HAARP. The rest of Europe is not even going to be cold long enough to be cold.

That makes me wonder if there is some sleeper sympathizer in the Weather Mods who does not want Klaus Schwab in charge and leans toward a Kremlin rule. That is what the weather projections indicate.

There is more proof in this in the below evidence.

Here we have  the one of many once in 1000 year storms setting up where the Lame Cherry stated it would do the most good for the cartel. This should go into Chicago and help the Mississippi basin etc.. etc...

As you can see the intelligence design in this in Nebraska, that this is setting up on the Interstate 90 east west corridor, to not waste chem snow.

Here is the Eddie Haskell thing though. I have noticed time and again, even when storms are finished, that for HAARP reasons, there is a little area which I have circled below that keeps getting snow, actually even when the sun was shining. HAARP miracle but this is a great deal of effort to be assaulting this location.

The geographic center of this is some 1880 railroad town named Brookings South Dakota, like the Brookings Institute. I have no idea who Eddie Haskell has a problem with here, as I have looked..........don't know if it is Hutterites who are kind of pacifists from Europe that you get to have sex with their wives to get new blood flowing, if it is some bad candy experience at college, or if some cowboy kicked some nerd in the gonads at the beach for smiling at his man friend sexually. There just is too much shit weather centering on this location.

I have been covering this for a number of years, and noted that I had concluded this had to do with holding nuclear fallout in the region, but at that time, it was centered more in Jamestown ND and then moved to Alexandria MN, all about 150 miles from each other, but what has been taking place with deliberate Weather Mod effect is this Brookings thing which makes zero sense unless you have an Eddie Haskell pulling one over on the cartel, which is kind of dangerous.

Into this, as we have the faux chill in Putin's panties this week, we once again have wasted cold coming into the northern interior of Montana to the Dakotas, which is an absolute waste of energy. Cold air out there, by the time it moves east, is like 30 to 50 degrees. It does nothing. So we are looking at the Weather Mods a person or gender peoples, who appear to want Vladimir Putin to beat the cartel in Europe, had a bad candy experience in not having Hutterite sex, and appear to be some kind of football fans in Chicago or Cleveland, maybe have jersey or tickets as they appear to like having nice weather for whatever they are doing......maybe it is like Birther Obama in likes riding bikes in the park.

One does not make Chicago cold by making Fargo cold.

To me, it seems Eddie Haskell and this group if there is more than one, is putting all the Weather Mods in danger of being cartel thumped, as once the cartel is aware, that after instructions, someone was being a smart ass and did not take the orders serious, there is going to be a reshuffling of personnel in erase and replace.

I take the cartel most seriously as they should be. There appear to be most of the people they are issuing orders to think they are smarter than teacher and smart ass Eddie Haskell.

As an addition to this, the Lame Cherry caught Eddie flipping the cartel the bird in a giant FU. Remember the cartel ordered the Weather Mods to stop wasting snow and cold. Eddie smiled and said the change would be made. Looky what Eddie did though with this Interstate 90 storm.

The Lame Cherry calls this the BROOKINGS BIRD, as this is a middle finger salute to the cartel and in pure disobedient arrogance, making absolutely certain that Eddie was going to keep hammering that Brookings area by making an absolutely unheard of spike in a rotational mass.

When I caught projections of this on Monday, I was stunned in, I could not understand how a storm so far south would be dumping snow that far north. In monitoring the GIF radars I finally found it just after 6 PM on Tuesday.

There was allot of bizarre weather taking place in this Brookings arena, in Monday the sun was shining and there was this snow falling out of a ground fog. Not to be outdone, today there was a fog and freezing rain was coming out of it at 20 degrees. Yes it was raining at below freezing temperatures.

The Lame Cherry has told you the atmosphere is so warm due to this drought cycle that HAARP has had to plug in cold upper air to make it chem snow produce, but that is nothing compared to what Eddie has been up to in this obsession in making the atmosphere weep in it is being tortured so much, as Eddie due to bad Hutterite sex is torturing whatever is there for Eddie's reason.

You can see the middle finger in the red circle.

It was not enough for Eddie to  just do this, to disobey the cartel no Eddie had to make sure there was a record of this 24 hours earlier that he was going to make the same snow spike on the precipitation projections for this area.

Eddie damn certain wanted credit and a record of this.

What the Lame Cherry has observed is the Weather Mods can not make  regular weather, meaning a nice spring shower or summer rain or Christmas snow. No all they can do is modify the pattern that is there, and in all instances we are seeing these once in a 1000 year storms every week. They can only overload the atmosphere and so rape it by these bombs and rapier river tears, where they flood California reservoirs in a few hours in moisture that would take a season to fill. That is not a precision weather instrument. That is a bludgeon.

Yet Eddie has shown in the above, that the Mods can shift a pattern in about a week. They can also manipulate mini jets or F U projections in a major storm which do not make any sense. I do not know what is in Brookings, but whatever it or they are, is of such obsessive importance that Eddie gets told to go wash the car and stop running over the neighbor's dogs, and then goes and runs over the neighbor's dog again after washing the car.

This is fascinating to watch as the first GIF shows normal weather bubble under HAARP, and yet the one a few hours later has this finger manifesting. I do not know if Eddie is an AI, a two legger human, or group, in the Weather Mods, but if the cartel figures out they have someone flipping them the bird in creative design for millions of people to witness on radar, Eddie's delusions will be visited as once the theory on projections is proven, Eddie is not a special child any more and anyone can do this.

It is really interesting to see what is the equivilent of a demon tell satan to F Off. You just do not tell the cartel things like this and yet, there before all of us in the message Eddie sent.

Given the above, I would not be surprised if Eddie tiring of following orders, might bury Klaus Schwab under a mountain of snow or drown the lords and priests in their rites chamber.

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