Sunday, January 29, 2023

There is not going to be a nuclear war


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL and I were discussing on the way home in zero degree weather how most people who took the vax, had never had a moment of being life and death and having to trust God to save them or trust that God would take them to Heaven. The reason for bringing this up is I have had a forensic education in observing all of you. Over 99% of my children are scared and clinging to this world, the way the vaxed are. Take a look at this flame thrower headline.

The Nuclear War That We Have Been Relentlessly Warned About Is Now Right On Our Doorstep

That is Mike Snyder, ZeroHedge boy toy, who has an economic collapse blog that this stuff appears on. Snyder throws Christian stuff around allot. In mentioning that Christ factor, as a Christian, I really do not get the fear from you children and brats.

I will repeat as a Christian, I do not get what you are afraid of.

Have any of you ever read the Bible? Perhaps you should or start paying attention to what you have read.

You heard of the anti Christ right? Well he leads a revised Roman Empire in Europe. Did you get the Europe part where he makes that BUY AND SELL MANDATE? God just told you that Europe does not get blown off the map as an anti Christ is coming. anti Christ is involved in commerce so people still have lots of money and things to buy and sell.

So get your head out of your ass. That is not a nuclear war or exchange at this time.

anti Christ also invades the Holy Land and once there is troubled by news of the King of the North. Who is north of Jerusalem? That would be Vladimir Putin. Hmmmm, so whatever is unfolding, the United States does not nuke Russia or Russia would not be troubling the anti Christ. That means that Russia has not nuked America, because America would have nuked Russia back.

You know if you scared shitless kids would stop and think things through in Inspiration, you will find that the Bible tells you lots of things, besides to stop being afraid.

If you  desire to find out about America and the Western Peoples they are listed under House of Israel, Jacob's Trouble and sometimes Ephraim. Yes America is not going to get off for her sins, no more than Samaria did, but frankly, the shit that is most people now, I will be glad God thins the herd. Unfortunately that is not tomorrow.

Now the Lame Cherry is informing all of you of this, not so you go back to your porn and self serving ways, but so that you stop being scared and start living that life God put you into for His purposes.

I will apologize in this not understanding you, because I have never feared death. Actually have had a fascination with death since a child. I have always stated that dying is easy, it is the living that is the hard part. People do not die that easy in most instances, because they will not let go. This though is not about death, this is about toils and troubles of what is ahead, that you are going to live through.

I will inform you that money is not going to save you. In fact, most of the things you have are going to make you a target, and most of the things you have are not Toyota Terrorist sound. By that I mean, terrorists always drive Toyotas if you have noticed. These are stupid people of the Hamite group and they never fix anything So for Toyotas to be running around Africa and Asia, that is a pretty good rig. Most of you are like these shit for brains I see around here, wearing shorts and sandals in winter, like your car never breaks down. You trust in the wrong things and very few of you have any real world experience in building a wood fire or how to butcher anything to make it a meal. That you should be afraid of, because it is real. Nuclear bombs going off in your neighborhood have a probability of less than zero percent, according to the Bible.

So you can either trust God's Word or get your ovaries tied in knots. As a Christian you were born of a people that was God's Remnant in Samaria. You were not the maggot shit group that God got rid of. Granted you have auditioned for being fly dung, but you can fix that by obeying God's Law and Caring for others.

I cover sensational news to not scare you, but to get your heads out of your asses, so you get ready. Frankly, I remember Jesus said about the virgin and the He came back when He was not supposed to. Oh I believe there will be an Armageddon. There is not a rapture as I have told you that. But Jesus can show up and move things along, anytime the Father says, "Go". I do not want you surprised in your porn and self indulgence, even if I'm not responsible for your sins anymore, as I told you to behave.

There is not any nuclear war on any of our doorsteps. There is by Tel Aviv jacking around Iran, nuclear terrorism that the United States may pay for in that on America's doorstep as the seers were shown. Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars..........but that was the start of things, not the end.

So calm down and Cherry on as the Lame Cherry is writing.

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