Thursday, April 18, 2024

Molly Sheenwald in Peace on Earth


Holocaust Warning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mollie Ringwald has surfaced again in race hatred claiming that her films (I have never seen this woman in any film) are too white.  No one really cares what this 80's has been thinks or says, not in a world or real contentions which are reflected in this woman's loins, as who would have ever thought that the problems of this world could be recreated in the Ashkenaz look of Ringwalds daughter as a Jewess by crossing a Greek le femme with a Ringwald.

This has manifested in a duel of hate in Michael Rapaport championing the genocide of Philistines by Jews and John Cusack championing the final solution by Philistines in the genocide of the occupier Jews.

Here we can see the lengths this has gone to.

For obvious psychological reasons of self hate the public has been overtaken with peoples with psychosis where it is all or nothing. There is no adult reasoning. Normal minds can just accept the gifts of success from God, and not go into self hate guilt mode in their films are wrong and attack those who made them.

Others in the inability to process that there is good and evil in all people, choose sides when it has nothing to do with them as an American. John Cusack trolls Jews for their mass murder, but what about the reality of the Philistine. Michael Rapport suffers from the same princess and whore syndrome in Jews are his princess and the Philistines are his whores.

The Lame Cherry contends in this that America being pulled into this is nothing America should be exposed to as America is now preparing nuclear bombers to bomb Russia and Russia sent out an alert to it's nuclear submarines to bomb America, over what all of these people are killing each over ........and yes the District of Criminals started all of this for the cartel that funds all these horrid actors movies to brainwash society.

That is beside the point though.

As the Ashkenaz is a descendant of Japheth a son of Noah, who knew that if you crossed a Greek and a Ringwald you would get a grandchild of Japheth.

As nuclear bombs are going to settle this Cusack and Rapaport feud like all of these feuds, for those of us who survive,  we need to put into place breeding safeguards, so that we don't repeat history again. For example, if Japheth had not crossed and created the Ashkenaz, then Adolf Hitler would not have had his quest. He might have just been a talented artist like John Cusack, Michael Rapaport and Molly Ringwald painting pictures.                               

Surely there is some Hitler to be born, and if we do not put up breeding ordinances, who knows what future Greco Ringwald cross will unintentionally unleash upon the world, repeating this holocaust stuff all over again, with actors with psychosis of self hatred taking up arms of self destruction over some future Ashkenaz holocaust counter holocaust.

None of this is these people's fault, even if they are going to get us all mass slaughtered, because they just have mental issues.

Molly Ringwald should have procreated with Charlie Sheen as he certainly had allot of semen to spare. Kind of attractive and no Adolf Hitler would ever be upset with a Molly Sheenwald for a holocaust.