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So a Jew, a Nuke and a Wokester try a 3 way


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The fucktard ruse by the District of Criminals in having Jewry in Ukraine slaughter Russians with Americans manning batteries, supplying billions in weapons and NATO sending troops to man the lines against Russia is over and the line has been drawn against that Rainbow Warrior, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pretending that Tel Aviv is not going to tell America when Tel Aviv escalates to Armageddon in striking the Iranians.
The Russians know that every Jewish F  35 like all war jets have a transponder so American radar systems will not shoot them down in the numerous bases in the region which monitor everything. DC will know within moments that Tel Aviv launches a missile or an F 35, so there is not any innocent American hands in this and Russia knows this.

That is why the development of information released that the Kremlin transmitted the MONOLITH code to their nuclear ballistic submarine worldwide is of importance in this. These submarines are the trump card, for when Russia responds to the United States "defending Tel Aviv" as the Pentagon stupidly stated is US policy or if Russia shoots down Tel Aviv F 35's moving to bomb Iran, when America attempts to retaliate, this will go in this confrontation to those nuclear Russian submarines off the American coasts.

The Lame Cherry is going to make something perfectly clear in this. The Russians are no going to back down one inch in this. Those pansy faggots of DC are about to meet an iron fist from Russia which will smash their faces in.

What DC, London and Tel Aviv are playing at is a match which Tehran and Moscow have coordinated with.The Iranians in striking the state of Tel Aviv, have stated that they understood this operation would bring a Tel Aviv counter strike and that Iran would strike back again. Understand this point, Iran is not thinking in terms of these dink and dunk missile salvos of response. Iran has stated that it is prepared to fight a 30 to 90 day war against Tel Aviv and DC if they get involved. Iran has one goal, NO MATTER THE OUTCOME, and that is to establish deterrence again. As the Iranians have stated. "The era of hit and run is over". Iran is not going to allow it's people to be assassinated or it's sovereignty to be struck without fighting back.

Russia has coordinated with this. Russia is backing Iran and Ziongelical Speaker Mike Johnson is going to find out that worshiping Jews as your idol god is going to get Americans dead and the United States crippled. There is an 70% chance that Centcom will be obliterated in this fight. The US will be humiliated and driven from the Mideast. This goes to the conventional extreme and carrier Eisenhower is going to be sunk and it comes to that any American carrier sailing in any direction toward this theater will be sunk.

There are going to be absolute consequences in this for the woke pedos in the Pentagon panties.

It is already leaking the "wise" attack plan by Tel Aviv. In reviewing these targets, the Lame Cherry can tell you that crude oil will go 300 dollars a barrel and gas will be 25 dollars a gallon IF you can even get gasoline.

This is the list and the Lame Cherry will critique it.

Fuel depots

Weapon depots

Nuclear facilities

Revolutionary Guard Command

Iranian bases in the region

As the woke faggot Lt. Gen Pat Ryder exclaimed that America would always support Jewish defense, the reality is if Tel Aviv hits Iranian oil facilities, everything Jewish, American and European related Saudi, UAE and whatever will be hit by Iran and Russia.

The American stockpiles in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia will be obliterated by Iran and Russia. Russia will provide the weapons to defang the United States in the region.

Tel Aviv strikes the Iranian nuclear facilities. Iran will hit the Jewish reactor and pollute the entire sand spit of what is called the state of Tel Aviv. It will be UNINHABITABLE. That is what Russia is prepared for in this going full nuclear in striking America and Europe with nuclear submarines.

Revolutionary Guard Command will result in the obliteration of Mosaad, Shin Bet and IDF command.

Iranian bases struck means the end of Americans bases and American warships.

This all disgusts me in the entire United States is being erased and replaced in invasion, and it is funded by Bush Obama Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish fronts with tax dollars and it is these same treacherous assassins who are stoking this in making every American a target of being vaporized or shitting blood out of their asses over these Tel Aviv terrorists bent on a messianic venture that since they murdered Jesus the last time the Messiah appeared, they are going to blow up America for Greater Tel Aviv in this unGodly disaster.

The United States was founded upon the doctrine of not getting into treaties of mutual defense for this very macabre reason. Americans are in jeopardy over these Goddamn Jesus hating converts in Kiev and Tel Aviv.

This is not just these messiahists of Tel Aviv alone, as the Muslim Turks are furious in the British are flying war planes against Iran off of Cyprus, which there is a treaty banning such things, and more to the point, Cyprus is under the Turkish Muslim sphere of influence. This is spreading this Dying for the Dog of  Tel Aviv from regional obliteration to Continental obliteration as this stack of dominoes is falling from one theater to the next.

The Lame Cherry though is pleased with the escalation as each step is closer to the return of Jesus the Christ. We are not there yet, but it appears we can count on the Tel Aviv Ashkenaz to offer up Americans with the Normans of London to die in the path to Armageddon.
It would probably be a good idea for the thieving non donors to get those Lame Cherry donations accomplished, and that includes the lurking readers worldwide.

Tel Aviv will strike. Netanyahu lusts to hit the Iranian reactor as Begin did the Iraqi reactor of Saddam Hussein. Might be the best thing as this would then go nuclear in taking out the police state and returning some liberty to the sons of the brave and daughters of the free. When I see the Iranian window of war, I note this is the June window of transference to the American theater where the chickens come home to roost.

That Red Heifer needs to fulfill it's purpose and I dislike this piddling around  instead of just getting this done as much as I reject Americans being made targets for this end of the world shit in people who hate Jesus.

5 by 5.

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