Monday, May 20, 2024

Cui Bono

A Bell 212 helicopter crashed carrying Iran's President Raisi

6 hours ago ... Iran's president was flying in U.S.-designed helicopter when it crashed ... The Bell 212 aircraft is a widely used civilian version of the Vietnam ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Not getting involved in this situation as the non donors have not tithed their 10.

The teacher will ask you though, who benefits?

Who benefits in the Mideast having Persia and Greater Tel Aviv smoking the high explosive.

Who benefits in drawing in the District of Criminals to conflict with the Persians.

Who left untouched  would inherit the caliph which Iran is now holding in Shia.

That is who sent Hughey down. That is who had the intelligence network to pull this off and no one is even looking at them.

The District of Crooks has whored America into thee most nefarious group of Cassius backstabbers. Everyone of them is plotting, in every theater of the world, against each other and sometimes they pull off a gambit which is brilliant and changes everything.

إذا كان أمامك خياران سيئان، فاختر الخيار الثالث

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