Thursday, June 20, 2024

Radiation Burn


I thought I had just a nice mushroom cloud tan.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us face it in a coming nuclear war, which none of you will comprehend the reality of until you experience it, that those having the fortune of the Three Zeroes, being Ground Zero, Heat Zero and Outlier Zero will all experience radiation burns and heat burns

There really is not any difference between being burned by the sun, fire, radiation or welders, because it is all heat on tissue, but radiation burns from inside.

Fortunately for you and not for me, this is a reality of dealing with being burned. JYG was constructing a loading ramp for a skid steer, it was the Sabbath and doing good deeds, he asked me to cut the aluminum ramps as he had 2/3rds yet to go.

I did not expect work, so had on shorts and a tank top. In order to cut metal with a rod arc welder, you need to up the amps to 225 and literally melt the metal with the arc. It is like standing in front of a furnace.

Now I knew from experience how hot this got. I also was holding the rod holder with two fingers as it was that hot on my hands, but when I got done, I was not red at all in my legs, and I thought I was ok. When we got home that night my legs started to tingle and by the next day I was cherry glowing red.

It felt like little pin pricks and in another day when I tried to stand up, my legs ached like someone had hit my shins with a hammer, as I was swelled enough that the pressure of standing up, filled my legs with blood and it hurt to walk. It was very painful in having boots or jeans rub on my skin as people with severe burns know.

I was very concerned in how deep this burn  went and thought I had done ok, but day 3 the skin started sloughing of and weeping spots. No blisters at all in this.

Hard to do chores and things with moving around in this kind of pain, but I did it. I took allot of ibuprofen for the pain and swelling and with Richard and Stephanie's direction we went to the pharm and I picked up 3 items as you need to moisturize the leather skin.

I did the second day use Vitamin E oil to start.

In town we picked up:

I got aloe, pure aloe.

I got aloe with lidocaine in it for pain.

I got Aspercreme.

The reason I'm telling you Pilgrims this is with nuclear bombs, YOU ARE GOING TO NEED TO HAVE THIS STUFF ON HAND, as we were picking up the last of these items, because people were dealing with their first major sunburns here and were robbing the shelves.

So I'm in the skin sloughing off stage, not pealing as I was cooked. I do not think it was a deep to the meat cook which really had me concerned. The swelling, which means water serum is going down now on Day 3 so I'm healing. I just need to protect my skin and help it regenerate as I do heal fast.

Radiation is a bit different in  it comes from inside. The reason your hair falls out is it gets into the follicles and burns them off. A cold cap will help remedy that as with chemo, but the point is to not get exposed to radiation that lodges in fat like chicken eggs and milk, and you will get rads from that too if you are chowing down on that stuff.

I would not have gotten into this trouble if my asshole parents had not terrorized training me as a child to tough it out and finish a job no matter what. If I had pants on, none of this would have happened. I just never expected it at JYG's and I was not going to lose face in quitting to be mocked. Is near impossible in my background to not dig down and keep on, as that is how America became a nation of farms in German Israelites never quit no more than the children of Joseph having 90% of their people butchered by Assyrian Germans, kept on going in exile and ended up by God's Promise in America.
I will complete a task to my hurt and I have done this far too often in going on with will. It is grit and I doubt most people have that and most of you will quit and die. This article is about those who do not lay down and want to be prepared if they are unfortunate to get radiation burns.

So now I have suffered for you again in gaining existential experience for your coming hurts. You left me for dead without donations, so I had to survive now with severe burns without a doctor, so your time is coming to have to survive radiation burns as all the doctors will be dead.

That is about it on something no one in the preppers is writing about.

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