Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Nepotism in Axelrod's Pants

This certainly is a bizarre bunch surrounding Birdie Obama. I mean all of his mentors couldn't keep their thangs in their pants or thangs out of their panties from Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bearick Obama sr. and Stanley, Ann, Anna, Anna S, Dunham to the soiled areas where Barack Obama has been sticking his dingus.

Then there was the sordid episode of Aaron Burr Biden, sending his sonny boy, Beau, namesake some might say of Bobama the dog and not the stinky BO plumed Prime Minister Bearick jr., to make a political prisoner of Lawrence Sinclair, as of late, published successful author status.

Now we have the ultimate of things in their pants, in David Axelrod has been funnelling money in the Obamacrypt care debate to a propaganda firm he used to own and run........but he sold it for $2 million dollars.
Pretty good deal of an investment when you think about it when it is Sonny Axelrod who is mixed into the ownership for the firm. That is called NEPOTISM which is quite illegal since it was outlawed after John Kennedy appointed his brother Bobby to the Attorney General post.

See the investment part is what is the criminal part in this as Axelrod dumps a company onto people for 2 million dollars he pockets.
Axelrod knows very well that Obama is going to push health communism for America and that is going to take a propaganda firm. He naturally taps the tapped out firm of 2 million dollars he pocketed.

The net result is in a 12 million dollar Obamacrypt ad campaign, the Axelrod firm can skim and pocket their original investment back. In short, the Democratic party via Bearick Obama just paid David Axelrod 2 million dollars and helped his Sonny Axelrod buy an entire money funnel campaign for this money was coming from those poor little Union thugs donating money to Obama for .........oh yeah they got Government Motors out of their donations.

These really are quite magikal monkeys in the pants of these people. Sometimes magik little tan babies come out with fake Hawaiian birth certificates, sometimes they are pedophiles raping 13 year old little girls, sometimes the get you Ford Foundation jobs, sometimes they get you Treasury Secretary jobs, sometimes they get you million dollar date nights in New York, sometimes they get you an entire auto company and sometimes they are kickbacks like Warren Buffett set up for Sonny Buffett in his nation rape scheme in giving the dolt kid an entire company to run on money daddy is funnelling into it.

Just imagine for one minute if Dick Cheney had sold a company to his daughter and then dumped million dollar Iraq construction contracts through it. The howls for Justice Department indictments would have filled the New York Times and Keith Olbermann's brain would have went caldera explosive.

This is quite illegal what David Axelrod did. It is taking money from people who know they are going to get government contracts later from David Axelrod when he is in government.

The world is embezzlement and as this is a criminal conspiracy, here comes that little RICO statute again with Obama's name attached to it.

The IRS needs to stop looking at the Swiss banks and start looking at David Axelrod and Obama incorporated as the thangs in their pants are jumping out and making criminal activity across the board.

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RICO Axelrod Rides Again