Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Limbaugh Tin Foil Hat

It is fascinating to watch the insiders of Obamaland use the same Mockingbird codes in one moment it is The Bush Cheney tin foil hat crowd to Rush Limbaugh blurting out, "I was just seeing what the tin foil hat crowd would do to stir them up".

What was Limbaugh's stirring about? It was about Zbigniew Brzezinski's rant to promote the Wall Street unrest...........and Limbaugh jumped in to make it like rich people were "Jews to be having to be tattooed and wear yellow stars".

Now where was the Russian Ashkenaz Jew in Mark Levin, who rides around in Limbaugh's plane not incensed over this in Limbaugh degrading Jews with this rich man's Limbaugh comparing a statement by Brzezinski about greedy rich people to Himmler and his degrading stunts with Jews?
Absolute silence in all this, but Limbaugh went on with the above gem in speaking about Brezinski in working for Jimmy Carter BUT MEETING WITH DAVID ROCKEFELLER FIRST EVERY DAY.........that was the statement sure to get the tin foil hat crowd stirred up according to Limbaugh in his made up version.

Oddly Jews do not seem to mind being degraded by Limbaugh, and odd that in this Limbaugh seemed to forget in not making a point that Brzezinski created the monster of Barack Hussein Obama, from Columbia teaching to being his national security adviser during the 2008 campaign.

This blog has exposed a great deal of Zbigniew Brzezinski and Obama, in how they are both shills of the central European Cartel Berliner boys, and all of which is taking place in the Obama Neo Roman Empire is based upon Brzezinski's Rothschild manifesto of global chess.

Brzezinski was the one who brought in all those radical Islamists to America to educate them and make them high class terrorists, he created the Muhajadeen and militant Islam and the reason 9 11 took place was due to Brzezinski policy for the cartels.
Yet Americans are the tin foil hat wearers for pointing this out............much like Mark Levin can not see the Federal Reserve is controlled by European interests for some odd reason, but then he does not get offended when Limbaugh compares what was done to marking Jews by Hitler to Rush Limbaugh being outed as greedy.

For the facts: Limbaugh spent most of his time trying to hijack the Tea Party, degrading it cleverly with his own tea which Obama is paying for in tax cuts in a sham business.

Limbaugh cleverly linked "kook" to the Tea Party before he came out and started referring to the Tea Party as " you people".

Limbaugh's infamous 2010 statement that GRIDLOCK IS WHAT WE WANT FOLKS, is a complete opposite of Americans who want prosperity and Obama's crimes outed.

This blog has exclusively linked Limbaugh and his talking head crowd to Mockingbird funding in the intelligence community. Limbaugh is no different than Jesse Jackson once was placed at the head of a movement.
That is why Limbaugh gets the millions, because if you are not bright enough to figure this out, Rush Limbaugh did not come to father talk radio, but to destroy talk radio. Some might say, that there was nothing before Limbaugh, but you must understand demographic trends in there was an uprising known to the power elite. For those who were not there, there was massive rumblings in the NRA in the 1980 period of actually buying CBS in stock option share control of that CIA propaganda Mockingbird machine. It was a concise plan, but if you notice something in this that Harlon Carter was soon gone, and this Mockingbird fraud Wayne LaPierre who backs Harry Reid was in control, and CBS went to Viacom instead as part of Mockingbird.

In one operation, the Directorate dodged a bullet, but noted the mass trend of the unrest in Americans not being conditioned. The net result was hijacking Bill Casey's pro American venue and tapping into Texas Oil for Clear Channel. From this Rush Limbaugh was born, and to keep control, Rupert Murdoch was created in FOX, for the purpose of leading the Conservatives out to the field, whereby they were slaughtered in 2008 as FOX went whole Obama.

Now we have Rush Limbaugh equating hisself to Jews in holocaust camps for being rich, with not one Levin being furious over those worked to death Jews, and we have Limbaugh now calling people who can see obvious things like who Zbigniew Brzezinski works for as "tin foil hat wearers".

The above is exclusive in the CBS and NRA explanation as much as the outing of Rush Limbaugh further.....even if his little stooges are around stalking and trying to intimidate people.

A word to Management, if you can not keep your juvenile fat boy locked in a pasty white body in buster brown shirts under control, then more of the same will come out in all you have been up to, and people will comprehend the entire web. Elton Blonde owes this blog 11 million plus and his tracks are noted in intimidation. He triggers things, and the facts start pouring out which reveal your past.

nuff said.

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