Saturday, November 12, 2011

Star Princess Divine

I never knew how love could be
Created before time that my eyes could not see
Blinded by this world in this mystery
But now this feeling I know is true
Inspired by God in all that we do

It is love born of you..........

I did not know how love could be mine
Something of stars in the hand of the Divine
Cradled in care from the unbeforetime
A cascade star shower to life impart
Never without end and always with start
Beating with everything of my fervent heart

I never knew how love could be
A living being from all eternity
This through your life now I do see
It is about feelings of woman so true
Inspired in real time in stellar hue
In love born of you.........

From the Inspiration of my favorite poet and that Inspirational Muse du Coer (muse of the heart)