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Once Upon Voter Fraud

She who controls the voting software rules the nations.

Lame Cherry

This blog has been the exclusive source in exposing how Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran in 2009 flipped 10 million votes which were Republican for John McCain and Sarah Palin to steal the 1600 Penn Avenue address.
It was first to explain how this was accomplished in Radar Love.

Karl Rove and the Bush family signed off on this, as much as Mano Romney in his voting machine ties which exhibit 3 modes of voter theft. Rove and Romney, assisted Obama Axelrod for the purpose of installing Jeb Bush in 2012.
I will repeat this in all the Obama  crimes have been known and sanctioned by the Rovians, but as Obama has been eliminating Muslim conspirators who knew his 2008 election crimes in that 300 million in illegal donations through is Osseiran family ties, Obama in the Gabby Giffords saga tried to finger the Rovians in that, and sent the message that Sarah Palin would be dead if she ran for office.
America is a 3rd world homicidal rigged voting oligarchy. There are no doubts about this.

This blog will  exclusively though now go into exclusive detail as it is has exposed events from the Rovian Romney's flipping Ohio in "rural votes" for Romney, which is ridiculous in Christians Conservatives were not going to turn that election from Conservative Catholic Santorum to that radical liberal Romney.

South Carolina in 2012 was the tipping point in this, as dirty tricks Romney had initiated Gov. Nicki Haley by party apparatus to steal that state for Romney. Her efforts were negated in the Tea Party queen who later came under Obama regime investigations to keep her off the Romney ticket.
Newt Gingrich was the surge benefactor of this and knew the vote rigging or the Rovians and Obama in 2008. He was soon though destroyed and Romney had to return to the Rovian fold for ballot stuffing in other states and electronic voting enhancement to degrade his opponents.

All of these people know the dirt, and what they kept quiet on, and all keep quiet when the fraud sweeps them away, as conspirators must always keep mum.

Rove in "election charge" of Romney sets the stage of Romney's defeat from the inside just as Rove engineered McCain's defeat by "margin" for Jeb Bush's later victory march in 2016.

What is taking place now is wholesale, in the ability if the election is not a margin of more than 25% those who run the software, will steal an election for the highest bidder or install who the cartel deems is the chosen one.

Nevada as was exposed here in 2010 was the perfect example in electronic voting machines were churning out democratic Harry Reid votes when people were voting for Sharron Angle.
The public was assured that all was right and there was not any widespread machine problems or election theft.
This mirrors  Karl Rove "explaining" in 2008 that 10 million missing Republican voters had "just moved" and not voted in 2008 for John McCain. This blog proved in voter number dynamics that this was an impossibility in only one GOP voting group out of all the voters had moved.
Consider in 300 million people, the odds of 10 million GOP, 10 million latins, 10 million blacks, 10 million Asians, 10 million democrats, 10 million abortionists, 10 million gun owners all followed the missing GOP margin.

Considering that not all  would not register to vote, but would vote, one is tracking at least twice that amount. Adding up those numbers one soon finds from the 120 million known voters, that one would have 120 million more voters who moved in 1/3rd of the US population moved from 2004 to 2008.

That is more voters than these United States has, and there is not in any way, chance or form that even in a family of four which would be 40 million in the US GOP missing voters as the GOP produces families, that every person who moved was Republican, that 10% of the US population to 30% moved in 2 years or that the US economy could withstand that kind of refugee status in states taking on millions of more residents.
No census data was ever published or ever will be published which would show that kind of population shift.

So that all concludes voter machine fraud.

The simplicity of this in rural areas is to LBJ stuff the ballot boxes with corrupt officials gaining favors from the elite.

The even more simple method is in a state as South Carolina or Florida, in AESA or Radar Love in mini radars in concert sweeping voting machines to rig the vote, and at poll closing, the same algorithm sweeps return the computer programming to their original protocols.

This is not some crank theory, as Newsmax which is reputable, and Charles R. Smith their cyberwarfare expert has been noting the abilities of AESA for some time. Granted his evidence is car alarms turning on in mass when  a AESA system is tested, but the reality is in these quotes from him, in how electronic voting machines which are certified are rigged and then fixed without one bit of proof to leave evidence.

The U.S. Air Force has already demonstrated the capability of powerful scanned array radar systems. The AESA (Advanced Electronically Scanned Array) radar fitted on the F-22 Raptor demonstrated that it can penetrate the sophisticated electronic guidance systems of a missile in flight and disable it.

 The AESA radar has proven to be so adept and powerful that it can overwhelm, jam and even intercept enemy communications. The computer-controlled radar can use the latest information warfare spy algorithms to insert false data or plant a computer virus intended to bug and monitor the enemy communications.

To translate the above from military jargon, if a missile radar system can be penetrated to neutralize it, then so can a voting machine as all is "electromagnetic".

Likewise when AESA using spyware can reprogram any computer system, insert new data, and monitor that system remotely and grab the data being reported, it can do the same thing in voting machines recording and reporting to county, state or national levels.

Without paper trails, the election theft is untraceable, especially when it is in plain sight in Obama stealing or neutralizing 10 million votes in 2008.

THIS IS WHY this blog stated that Obama has to have under 30 million votes in the margin of loss, as he can not neutralize or steal that many votes. It would show up on that scale and the public would not sit still having that reality before them.
That is why the fraud data on jobs, the economy, Trayvon Martin and "recovered America" is championed by the Obama puppy press, as it lowers that voter turn out to the margins he can steal the election as much as Romney plays that card.

It is in this in Romney's connections control this 88% margin of the electronic software and is equal in certain states in ballot box stuffing to Obama's ACORN hoodie panthers in beating up old black women and dead Afroids voting.
The battle in this is Obama IS the government in his regime by his faction of the cartel controls AESA proper in Homeland vote rigging. Romney controls AESA fringe in the activating it to win the margin in the GOP contests and they are implementing "clickers" to override the Obama radar sweeps and grabs on the voting machines.

This is where the US elections are being fought in the electronic trenches. Both Obama Osseiran and Romney Bandito are both employing their main efforts to counter each, and each can not call the other a crook as each has known about the negating of the US elections, since 2000 when the hanging chad by Al Gore almost overthrew the process.
Rove at that point embarked on a precinct by precinct voter tally to ascertain the win in 2004. John Kerry in his vote fraud attempted to suppress the GOP vote in western states by planting media stories that Bush was finished in the east.

This has now degraded to the AESA technology on localizes sweeps in metro areas and the stuffing of ballots in rural areas to contend elections which have nothing to do with voters, but suppressing the vote margin so the more elective crook can swindle the votes.

There is a 60 million voting block of Christians, and neither Democrats nor Republicans do anything to activate those stay at home voters.

Why is that? 

The answer is simple in if those 60 million voted, it would  blow the hell out of that "independent" voting few of a few percent these groups salivate over in flipping elections.

The vote must be suppressed for this fraud to initiate, and is why Obama is looking at a few Afroid hoodies in North Carolina to steal the election in a close tie which both sides are moving for.

There is absolutely no way, that the Rovians want a super majority in the GOP in Congress as under Newt Gingrich, as that would mean repeal of all Obama and criminal investigations of his regime with executions.
What is being designed is malaise of Obama policy tweaked by whoever is going to be sworn in in January 2013.

You children had better think on that one as this blog has been pointing to the trends of what has been agreed to and is in the works with Obama Osseiran. 

This is all though what is in your focal point and all your are doing is watching the girl.

When AESA is proven to intercept, reprogram and monitor software in protected systems, the same apparatus can be installed from banking, Wall street to your electronic voting software.

Odd isn't it that voting machines have a 2% margin of error and yet your calculator never comes up with the wrong answers 2% of the time.

Once again, the universe exclusive only heard, read and plagiarized here.

bon appetite

agtG 312 Y

PS: It is more than probable that the US crashed this Chicom craft as Iranian nuclear scientists always are turning up dead to set programs back.

Lame Cherry exclusive RADAR LOVE 

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 Global AESA

Have Radar will Transport

Chinese Crash Kills Top Engineers
Charles R. Smith
Thursday, June 15, 2006

In case this story is wiped when it is featured here:

Accident Is Major Blow to Developing New Weapon

China has suffered a major setback in developing an advanced air defense system. The recent crash of a so-called "transport" plane, killing 40, has turned out to be a blow against the Chinese air force (People's Liberation Army Air Force, or PLAAF) ambitions to provide a 21st century force.
The downed aircraft has been identified by several sources as an airborne radar plane carrying Chinese electronics experts. The aircraft slammed into a hillside in central Anhui Province, killing all 35 technicians and the five-member crew.
"It is not clear whether the aircraft involved is the KJ-2000, a derivative of the Russian/Israeli A-50/Phalcon AWACS, or a new version of the smaller Xian Y-8 'Balance Beam' AWACS. Scant photo evidence suggests it may be the latter," stated Rick Fisher, vice president of the International Assessment and Strategy Center.
"In either case, this is a setback for PLA's ambition to excel in this critical area of high-tech warfare," noted Fisher.
The aircraft may have been loaded with so many top Chinese technicians because China wanted to avoid having to transmit test performance information to the ground. The U.S. has the capability to intercept Chinese air-to-ground signals and could use the information to determine the capability and weakness of the airborne radar.

Big or Little Loss?

Yet the critical question being circulated inside defense circles is which type of Chinese radar plane was destroyed. The fuzzy photographs released by Beijing suggest it was the smaller and less sophisticated Y-8 turboprop radar aircraft code-named "Balance Beam."
The Y-8 is a Chinese version of the Russian four-engine AN-12 military transport. The aircraft was developed with the assistance of Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau. The new Y-8 Chinese airborne radar plane includes navigation avionics from U.S. maker Honeywell, four Pratt and Whitney Canada PW150B turboprop engines and British Dodi R-408 six-blade propellers.
"The Y-8 platform is especially noteworthy because it will likely be marketed as an inexpensive alternative to Western and Russian AWACS, and be seen in places like Iran," stated Fisher.
The Y-8 "Balance Beam" is fitted with a linear-shape electronically steered phased-array (ESA) radar. The radar is similar in shape and size to the Swedish Ericsson PS-890 Erieye airborne radar. The radar is to be manufactured by the PLA 38th Institute.
The Y-8 "Balance Beam" will provide the PLAAF with a platform for tactical airborne early warning and electronic intelligence missions. The "Balance Beam" is designed to coordinate Chinese fighters, bombers and strike aircraft via data links in air campaigns against Taiwan, Japan, India or the U.S.

However, the Y-8 crew count does not correspond to the five crew members that Chinese officials say died in the radar plane crash. The Y-8 is manned by only two or three crewmembers. It is also questionable whether the Y-8 could carry onboard radar, test equipment and the additional 35 engineers/passengers.
In fact, the published death count indicates that the crash may have been a larger aircraft such as the extremely expensive – and much more sophisticated – KJ-2000 radar plane. The KJ-2000 radar plane is based on a Russian jet transport, the Il-76. The KJ-2000 reportedly has a five-member crew and has the capability to carry the additional 35 technicians with test equipment.
The KJ-2000 surveillance plane is reportedly fitted with a Chinese-made airborne radar system at Xian Aircraft Industry Co. (XAC). The aircraft made its first flight in November 2003.
Two KJ-2000s, one based on a Russian radar plane purchased by China and one converted from a PLAAF IL-76MD transport have been delivered to the PLAAF for operational evaluation and tests. According to reports from Beijing, a total of four KJ-2000 aircraft will eventually be built.

New Radar or New Weapon?

Another item raising questions inside Western intelligence circles is what the Chinese radar plane was testing when it went down. According to Fisher, the electronics installed on the KJ-2000 and Y-8 "Balance Beam" aircraft can be used for far more than simple tracking.
"Both platforms are testing different types of active phased array radar, which can serve as a highly flexible and difficult-to-jam radar, or if refined via software and more capable transmit-receive modules, can also become a microwave weapon that can directly attack enemy electronics," stated Fisher.
"For example, if they can 'see' an approaching AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile, the most important U.S.-made air-to-air missile, then it can also likely 'fry' the missile's microchips, rendering it inoperable," stated Fisher.

The U.S. Air Force has already demonstrated the capability of powerful scanned array radar systems. The AESA (Advanced Electronically Scanned Array) radar fitted on the F-22 Raptor demonstrated that it can penetrate the sophisticated electronic guidance systems of a missile in flight and disable it.

Pentagon engineers are testing the radar against a variety of missile threats. The tests have already demonstrated that the AESA radar can burn out or disable missile guidance systems.

The AESA radar has proven to be so adept and powerful that it can overwhelm, jam and even intercept enemy communications. The computer-controlled radar can use the latest information warfare spy algorithms to insert false data or plant a computer virus intended to bug and monitor the enemy communications.

There is evidence that China is trying to develop similar radar-based weapons. According to the 2006 Pentagon report on Chinese military power, PRC officials have publicly indicated their intent to acquire advanced microwave weapons such as the AESA as a means of defeating technologically advanced military forces.

"Chinese writings have suggested that RF (Radio Frequency) weapons could be used against C4ISR, guided missiles, computer networks, electronically-fused mines, aircraft carrier battle groups, and satellites in orbit," states the report.
"Analysis of Chinese technical literature indicates a major effort is underway to develop the technologies required for RF weapons, including high-power radio frequency sources, prime-power generators, and antennas to radiate RF pulses. Chinese scientists are also investigating the effects of RF pulses on electronics and the propagation of these pulses through building walls and through the atmosphere. Furthermore, China appears to be assessing its own vulnerability to RF weapons and exploring ways to 'harden' electronics," notes the Pentagon report.
Most defense analysts agree that the loss of a single experimental radar plane can be seen as only a temporary setback for the Chinese air force. The People's Liberation Army can quickly recover from such a setback.
However, the loss of an advanced microwave weapon, and the expert team of scientists developing it, can be viewed as a crippling blow against the ambitions of Chinese warlords to start and win a war before the end of this decade.