Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If Romney is an American

Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Baron Rothschild made one mistake in the overthrow of these United States and in exclusive this blog will reveal it.

This is vital to comprehend as it is thee only Way, the only Truth and thee only means to preserve the Life of America, so apostate Mormon Romney had better listen up or he will no doubt if he steals back the 1600 Penn Avenue address, due to Obama dismantlement and destructive policies face either being hung by Latino Marxist invaders or suck too long a hot nuclear warhead from the Eurasians hording for Obama's World War IV.

America is dead. The Republic is a corpse as when Caesar crossed the Rubicon. In that Barry Chin AKA Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran, accomplished thee worst ass backwards coup in history in while effectively creating the Obama Super Depression by strangling the George W. Bush 2009 recovery to steal the power of money from American Citizens to turn them into feudal serfs, his glaring mistake is thee one which only this blog knows.

Barack Obama's mistake is he posed as FDR on a Time magazine cover, but this Obamachurian Marxist failed at the one thing which would have cemented his Hope and Change forever, in he did not as Franklin Delano Roosevelt did, in Obama did not stack the US Supreme Court.

Some will say that Obama did do this in the lesbian duo he appointed, but others will in the recesses of their mind recall history in FDR literally expanded the Supreme Court to 9 Justices who would over rule the American Justices on the bench and by additional appointments cement the FDR communist polices of his New Deal.

See if Obama and his benefactors had simply put out the talking points of, "12 Jurors judge Americans and 12 Justices should judge American Law", Obama in his super majorities in Congress led by Pelosi and Reid, could have rammed through 3 more Supreme Court Justices, which would have stacked the Court from the 5 to 4 seesaw with that disgusting Anthony Kennedy pissing in the American tent, to a super majority of 8 to 4 which would have upheld every Obama dictatorial mandate and turned it into absolute Constitutional Law forever.

As this blog now exclusively points out, Obama did it all ass backwards. He is a woman in that, in he plots to shave his twat and after doing it, he then gives the reasons he should shave his pubic hairs.
If Obama was an American, he would have plotted how to keep his Marxism in place even when he has implemented it all unConstitutionally.

This is where Mitt Romney had better listen to this blog, and prove he is not Obama in a thong showing off his patrician pussy all shaved. This Romneycare, left of Teddy Kennedy, apostate, has one chance to save America that belonged to Ronald Reagan, to  revive the Republic, if that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, Tea Party hating ilk in Congress are real Americans or pure traitors, in the GOP who squat assassinated Sarah Palin by defacto Obama blasting of Gabrielle Giffords, have one chance and America has one chance, and that is for Congress to in super majority elected by the people, pass immediately on January 20th, 2013 a bill to expand the Supreme Court to 12 members immediately and have a President Romney sign it into law, followed by the immediate appointment in midnight session of 3 Justices who are real Conservatives or as close as money can buy.

Simply put, I would suggest 3 hatchet men in Michael Savage, Mark Levin and Michael Reagan, to literally undo Barack Obama to Franklin Roosevelt over the next months in fast tracked hearings on Justice Department posted cases challenging all unConstitutional Laws from the Federal Reserve to the 1968 Gun Control to the 2009 Obamacare revisited to strike down all Obama laws.

This is the only way to save America from the rotting corpse she has become in Obama community organized communism. No one has suggested this and it is exclusive here.

Stack the Supreme Court to 12 members, and overturn thee entire socialist and communist unConstitutional laws inflicted upon the Republic for 80 years which has brought about the apostacy of Barack Hussein Obama.

By this mark, will you know what Mitt Romney, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are. Either they will follow this Lame Cherry Doctrine or they will dither as America rots in the Obama abyss.

Outlawing Barack Obama is the only way out of this and if Mitt Romney and the GOP keep Obama illegal, they are just as reprobate as Obama.
This is the issue which thee entire GOP should be hounded on.

Stack the Supreme Court to save these United States of America.