Monday, October 15, 2012

The Obama Gates

I wonder why all these Slavic girls have been posted here.

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I wonder how I post things on YouTube in favorites when I do not ever visit YouTube?

Popular girls apparently have a criminal following impersonating them.

Where was I?

Let's do some quotes:

Teachers in schools are psychotics as they choose the profession like pedophiles in the priesthood, but teachers have a power lust and enjoy torturing children to make up for their helplessness while growing up and never dealing with it.

Lame Cherry

On do one more as is popular to quote me:

Police are now the biggest criminal segment of retirees in fabricated conditions to pad their benefits they are extorting from the masses under the guise that law enforcement is such a sacrificing profession.

Lame Cherry

One more:

Barack Hussein Obama was behind Analgate.

Lame Cherry

Am so pleased my children you got the double entendre.

Did Susan Rice have contact with Obama campaign before defending administration on Libya?

'Cover-up of Benghazi'...

Oooppss Analgate

REPORT: Jesse Jackson Jr. Allegedly Misused Campaign Funds For Home Decor...

Oooppss Jackoffgate. B. Hussein Obama has done more damage to the powerful black man than Robert Byrd with a KKK castrating knife.

POLL: Todd Akin takes lead...

Ooopppssss Akingate by Puffy Lips Rove and Puffy Cheeks Obama. All credit to 2013 GOP pro life Patriot Todd Akin in any further assistance this blog can provide for him to win one for Conservative America out of Missouri after his publicing lynching.

When everyone else was abandoning Todd Akin, this blog went Alamo Cherry and stood the ground.

Todd Akin for Senate

Now for something completely Baby and the plasmas.

In the spider trends it is a shift in the leads to the ANALGATE, European intrigue, with keeping Obama is like a sexual disease, dead Pope anchor shift to more pressing matrix events, and once again the nuclear holocaust which  very well could erupt prematurely as this Obama regime implodes.

Do not miss the analogy in this as it is scientific in nature of physics. In order to gain a nuclear reaction, one uses high exploses with numerous fast krypton triggers to simultaneously create a mass gravity force, in which compression a nuclear atomic breakdown starts and that is what makes an atomic bomb.

Barack Hussein Obama is reaching critical mass. He only has Surprises left as the forces joining to defeat him inside the Democratic party in blacks and whites, are working with the oil barons and Wall street tycoons to steal back a Romney close shave.

I'm warning all of you, as I have for years, that the Obama chain reaction is not going to stop with his removal from office, and it will bring terror attacks in America in the deals he worked out with al Qaeda in the dope trafficking rings. It is also going to bring about Asian hegeonomy which will have Russia and China striking for domination in the near future. Coupled with European dreams of the NeoRoman empire with the caliph Obama has created, it means the Great Eurasian War.

Obama has more heinous crimes from Gulf Gusher, Midwest flooding, the cover up the murder of the Polish Government, bin Laden's corpse murder, Khadaffi's murder, the attempted muder of Assad in Syria, caging Mubarak and Mexican Gun Runner, that all ties into Obama's 300 million in bribes from terrorists to his campaign in 2008, that all  ties this together in his October Hostage taking adventure which ended in ANALGATE.

The plasmas are hinting at the trends in what they are hearing from the spider in the elite. The doctrines in economics found in this blog can resurrect America, but that proves America is dead, and the warning signs are all around that tragic events are about to uncoil as Barack Obama is self imploding and out of control.

I predicted that Obama would become Joe Stalin, and he did just that in his global murder spree in Syria is his Ukraine in 30,000 Syrians are said to be dead there now.

There all kinds of revolutions and what one is seeing the beginning of is meltdown revolution which is not hot, but is arcing in spots and no one quite understands the explosive danger in all of this as in World War I when little terror plots became the Great European War.

The world structure has been so weakened and shattered by Mr. Obama, that it literally can become the Twin Towers now in a few charges bringing it all down as is intended.

For those who do not realize degrees of seperation. Each of you reading this has a literal touch to the year 1800. Either your parents or grandparents were from a 1900 period. They touched people who were born in the 1850's and they touched people in parents and grandparents who were alive when Napoleon, the War of 1812, the Hong Kong Opium rings, Oz was a Botany Bay penal colony and people in Africa, Asia and the Americas were eating each other.

Human history is very close. You touch to 1800. They touch to 1600 and they touch to Joan of Arc, King Henry etc... It all repeats in sequence. It is all the connected matrix of thought and vibration. It continues on and it sets off and there are things being set off, and if care is not taken there will be chain reactions which will not stop until this all implodes to Biblical proportions.

All of these Mark Levin and Darrell Issa types have kept Obama around and not indicted which would have diffused this. America has lost it's free elections as has the world. Brenanke dumping money which does not exist is an Emperor with not clothes. Midas Obama is close to not turning all you children to gold, but to radioactive ash heaps.

Utter Ruin as this blog warned of in 2009 is here in this feudal Obama global regime. Too many necessary pins have been removed by Karl puffy lips Rove in destroying Conservatives, Romney wiping out Christian Patriots and Obama annihilating the black leadership structure and latino mob structure.

Pull this out and it all comes down like the Twin Towers.

You better hope Todd Akin gets elected. You had better hope the Slavs can form some kind of wedge in this ring of fire to protect the west. You had better hope that the patricians put parts of the Lame Cherry doctrines into their rapine polices as if Mr. Obama is not made to behave in the next few weeks for defeat and is made to behave after defeat, this surge Obama unleashed is going to come rushing back in a reverse tsunami.

The Obamagates are not just criminal gates, but they are gates to the matrix where all sorts of things come flooding back and through.

One of these times that peson who keeps flipping the switches in 3 AM calls is going to have these things go off. It is the occupant of the Oval Office where the problems start.

This is the mirey clay of Obama to the steely strength of evil in what is coming.

agtG 241