Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 Election Theft Thread

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Apparently the White House Insider and Wall Street Insider need some assistance as my blog is too difficult to decipher in things like the algorithms Obama used to steal the election for John McCain repeated in the same numbers for Mitt Romney.
I would be more plain in this in breaking this story on election eve by God's Grace but the problem would be...............I do have my limits in how stupid I can communicate.

Let's sing.......

or let's not.......

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

To understand what took place in the Obama 2012 election theft that the WHI is now attempting to hijack as a story in his and or her meanderings of sifting numbers in never once mentioning Scytl, SOE or Argentina Euro voting machines all covered here, one has to know something which is difficult if one is an idiot whose keyboard is constantly typing out things, instead of utilizing their eyes to read information.

Andrew Breitbart.

Karl Rove

Barack Hussein Obama

My children, I will exclude the brats as Lame Cherry has instituted a new policy in all the sifters here who are too anal college degree in setting up their invalidated validity, must now donate in pennance for all the smears they post, as I will inform you my children if you are seeing posts about me which are attacking what goes on here, those types have not donated anything, and they are busy stealing things found here, begging for attention and waiting for widows with mites, to once again pay for their college tuition as they act superior.

Let's sing..........

No let's not as the above is too important to do anything else.

When George H. W.  Bush faced his Lawrence Walsh October Surprise in indictments of his administration to install William Jefferson Blythe Clinton into the White House, a young George W. Bush who had numerous messiah or good son complex issues, decided to win one for pappy.

A young fag became enamored of W. and his name was Puffy Lips Karl Rove, who had an alter ego named Puffy Cheeks Barry Chin who was enamored with W. too. Yes if George W. Bush had just invited B. Hussein over to the White House and let the terrier hump on Obama's leg, none of this would have taken place.

Where was I in another matter anti matter exclusive in all things in time always are proven right here..........

Say, why is it the Insiders can say all sorts of  things like there was going to be a challenger to Obama from democrats and we were all supposed to follow it all back to Chicago........and none of it came true, but all the brats keep tuning in and never asking who is feeding the insiders gossip information meant to delude the public, as this blog questioned long ago.

That's right, this blog is always wrong..........yes, that will be a donation price of 50,000 dollars for all the brats or they can register for blogs of their own, not by God, which no one will care to read.

Where was I?

Oh yes, so W. goes in with the Architect, Puffy Lips Rove, and they make all the charts the WHI is going over and they win one for Pap Bush over Al Gore, in a horrendously horrid election where a normal campaign adviser could have won over Gore by 20 points due to Clinton fatigue.

So not to trust to Karl's idiocy again, the Bush camp decided to employ that infamous black box voting which was quite black box, and if you recall in 2004, John Kerry's people had numbers which showed him trouncing Bush until the "numbers" came in...........Karl Rove's numbers.
Yes George W. Bush stole the 2004 election by Karl Rove.

That is why Norm Coleman and other GOP candidates were partly thrown under the bus when democrats cheated as the insider information was out, that Rove had rigged the electronic voting machines.

That is why there was the mad push in Europe for Scytl and SOE in America to be gained control of by the cartels who have been busy installing communists across the globe, including the lovely Puffy Cheeks Barack Hussein Obama.

Follow this now, as Karl Rove in being caught, initiated an agreement where his fraud would be hidden and Barack Obama's election theft would be hidden, all so it would come down to a 2016 election of Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush.
That is what this has been about and has only been reported here. It is the reality as each of these events begin to unfold. America has no free elections any longer, the 2016 elections prove everything posted here as correct.

So a certain Jewish Conservative guy named Andrew Breitbart just happened to have some disgruntled person whose identity will remain their identity give them some information from things about bin Laden's corpse, to that reality that Barack Obama flipped 10 million votes from John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008.
Breitbart was assassinated over this, as it would have exposed thee entire rigged system for the past 30 years and how it all started with the cartel's choice of Bill Clinton over Prescott Bush's wee lad, HW.

It was the original 10 million vote flip over McCain, because Bush Rove hate McCain for his not taking his beating like a good soldier in 2000, which started the revelations in this, in Strawman Romney, being fed his Mormon ego, dined on it to another defeat as Rove had orchestrated a decade ago.
In reality, Karl Rove should not be called an architect, but a demolition machine as he destroys more effectively everything he touches and barel ever wins anything.

Mormon Romney thought he could play this  game, but was led out as much as the Wall Street Insider in their arrogance. The 2012 election was fixed, just like the 2016 election has already been set.
Now who was it that was pointing all the candidate fingers at Lil Jeb, when it looked like he would never rise to anything, but this blog.......yes this blog.

All of this comes full circle, and 2012 was another preparatory run in the algorithms of John McCain's numbers from 2008.
This  blog exclusively laid all this out in Scytl, in it's Spanish  founders murder, and how the software which runs all of this is based on casino gambling software which spots trends in betting.
That is what the 2012 election was to the software in  the ballot boxes in it was to make the "house" which is Obama the winner, no matter what the percentage was, as the percentage was set that a certain number of winners in a casino would be fed to make the masses think they could win. With Obama running the McCain program, it required vote suppression as the fury over Obama in America, would blow the margin as this blog stated.

I warned of the California gas price spike was to reduce the Obama margin for stealing or flipping votes. Obama's contractors though were ready for this in Obama reduced election output to his fictional numbers based on the original McCain codex.

That is why Al West in Florida had 5000 votes flip in not matching the the count there. GOP Conservatives like Todd Akin who won the election were written off in the hard ballots do not matter, as the system was rigged to specific areas all to flip the elections in test areas to keep Obamacare active.

What 2016 is, is but the child of 2012 in the reality is, in 2012 was a prototype of 2004 in how not to just steal the Presidency, but how to steal every election in America so the cartel picks every UN candidate running for office.

Now all of this is too exclusive really and it is why "someone" has been most interested in the blog and apparently posting when I did not post in "re evaluating" things in cleansing what appears.

All of this ties together and is tied together. It is why when Breitbart went puffy pink no one on the right in Mockingbird said a word as it would undo the whole thing as much as anyone is not allowed to mention Scytl, save this blog.

The reality is this blog has broken all of this wide open, and yet it is the types who read magazines in the check out, but never buy them who are revealed for what they are. In their little idiot boxes they never seem to consider how many times my life has been in danger, as they are cowards who hide behind the screens.
The powers that be who murder people, who  throw people in prison who send state police to lie in wait, know completely who Lame Cherry is. That is enough as those are the ones who matter in this world and continually stalk this popular girl.
If three things happened to any of the detractors of this blog which I have had the displeasure of dealing with, they would be hiding under the seat cushions. I answer to God though and do this as long as He wills.

The always experts are the experts always. If one is too stupid to figure things out nor is wasting their time trying to be an expert on this popular girl, Star Trek awaits as perhaps you can speak Klingon.

Enough of the cryptic revelations.......she's laughing at the joke and I'm too slow.