Monday, November 5, 2012


My children, I ponder now the reality that the media is not ever going to give this blog credit for any of it's exclusives which prove correct time after time. ANALGATE was broken here with details which are now proving out as the tourists arrive, but in plagiarism never bothering to note who provided the information which brought down Barack Hussein Obama from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If it must be stated, Lame Cherry bagged the biggest political fraud in world history AKA Barry Chin. It was accomplished with God's Grace and none of the strata which Bob Woodward was carried by.

I'm moved to focus upon something as the tourists attempt to hijack this story, namely FOX News which has been busy in machinations trying to point you from the terrorists and now World Net Daily, which has been dear to me as Dangerous Weapon Ulsterman, in their providing source evidence which is proving everything stated here in Barack Obama turned Libya into an al Qaeda training camp for his next launch wars into Syria and Iran.

I will provide the quotes from the Drew Zahn article, but my focus is warning each of you to be well aware that the intelligence sources feeding FOX have a distinct agenda in covering up the terror trail in where it leads and the WND story in Walid Shoebat is a Mossad machination, due to Mr. Obama having short changed the Philistines who are furious in not getting their own lands and Benjamin Netanyahu who is moving this for a Mitt Romney Pentagon to blow Iranian Islamocommunists out of the sand for the Israeli state.

The politics and spin have become involved in this, and America is being led to conclusions for other nation's interests as is usually the case, when an occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue is being is almost easier now to list the people who are not directly blackmailing B. Hussein than not.

Suffice it to say, FOX's sources are British Intelligence fond of Rupert Murdoch and WND's sources are the center right Jews and collaborator Philistines who are hoping to survive long enough to not be buried under a nuclear glassy sea.

Define the above as Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive, because it is spot on analysis.

Walid Shoebat quotes:

 They include passports of al-Qaida operatives and identifications of terrorists from many nations – Chad, Egypt and Pakistan to name a few – which are now all camped in Libya as they enter by crossing borders guarded and managed officially by what they called ‘government appointed al-Qaida leaders.’

 “They show evidence of bribes by the government to top officials, weapons dealing and bank siphoning by al-Qaida operatives, to include copies of bank transactions that illustrate the subordination of the newly established Libyan government to al-Qaida,”

The quote prove exactly as was first reported here in Obama was importing terrorists, and that Obama being head of al Qaeda from 1600 Penn, has been dealing in money laundering which started with the 300 million to his campaign in 2008 and in dealing weapons.

Before though one jumps to conclusions in blurting out idiot statements as 'neocon' or 'zionist', this is not going to be allowed to be muddled up here. One must understand that not all Jews or Philistines were pleased to see Col. Khadaffi be murdered along with his masses. Khadaffi was a stable platform into east Europe and his "people" were part of the "two state solution.
If you did not know, Khadaffi's son was sexing up a Jewish star, and it should be obvious she was having sex with the Muslim, because she was influencing him for the Jewish State, yes as an intelligence asset.

The Shoebat documents are Khadaffi exiles who have read the writing on the wall, that Obama and al Qaeda are not going to be satisfied in exterminating their compatriots in Libya, but in Obama term two, they will exterminate them in exile. Obama will haul these loyalists into extradition and in kangaroo courts have them silenced for all they know of the original Obama Khadaffi deal in 2008 which no one has mentioned save this blog.

What is being engineered is something Mitt Romney in gaining the White House should immediately do, and that is sanction this entire Muslim Brohood Marxists and their Obama al Qaeda enforcers, in North Africa, and replace them with another round of charismatic nationalists to rule these people, before Obama started handing everything over to terrorists to keep America safe from Islam, while Obama performed jihad in making her Marxist from within.
The Shoebat documents are the reality in the Khadaffi forces with the Philistines, backed by the Netanyahu government are attempting to re install the on the leash Khadaffi leaders, who will help tame the Palestinians and be a willing supporter of the Jewish State as is Jordan, as was Egypt.

That is what is behind these confirming documents to the story of ANALGATE broken here. They are though documents with a distinct political agenda, which once again is not making mention of the Obama campaign's engineered kidnapping of Chris Stevens gone wrong, because a contractor bought the gay Ambassador's ass.

You must watch this my children, as the ghost of Khadaffi has just come up out of the grave like all these murdered Muslims and will bring down Barack Obama to more than impeachment if he steals this election, but to absolute indictment, which is going to throw America into absolute chaos.

Joe Biden does not want to be this Chinoid's Vice President any longer. The insiders have had enough of Obama and now the outsiders are staging their own intelligence coup.
If you will recall, this blog made mention four years ago of documents held by several nations concerning Obama's past and crimes. They have been blackmailing Mr. Obama, and with these Shoebat documents, the context of what numerous intelligence agencies know is being made public.

This blog has warned that if "things get too hot" for the Berlin backers of Mr. Obama, as this Libyan deal all goes back to British Petroleum getting oil for the Europeans who with Obama "hired" the Muslim Brohood and al Qaeda to run Libya for the NeoRoman Empire in the new Caliph, before this all started melting down, that there are protocols Mr. Obama signed off on to protect his legacy in his being silenced.

It would be human to have Mockingbird to at least acknowledge the exclusives you have known now going on a month in having broken this story of ANALGATE, but the agendas in intelligence control do not want more people visiting this site as it has exposed this part of the Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

I'm pondering now in God through this blog has literally brought down B. Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin.

Hmmm, I think I was more overjoyed in God giving me my 8 inch baking pan for the sliding cover He gave earlier, and I know I'm more overjoyed to be  rubbing Tiger Lily's feet.

Bagging the most powerful man in the world. One would presume that is exclusive company of one for a popular girl.

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