Monday, November 5, 2012

Analgate: A Tale of Two Tails

As FOX cable blunders about not facing the reality of their investigation into ANALGATE as broken here, there are realities in all of the first exclusives here are being told to them by members of Congress and Intelligence in "chatter" confirming this was al Qaeda and that there were indeed live feeds the regime was viewing of this murderous event.

Lame Cherry proven right again.

In the continuing exclusives on this in matter anti matter, there is a reality in this which FOX and all of these other brain sprains must comprehend, in that there were two stories in this Benghazi mass murder, and the reason there were two stories was one was reality and the other was Obama campaign 2012 fabrication, exactly as it was reported here first in the reason the Libyans could not agree to who the hell was behind this, was because there were four groups involved, in some were meant to be scapegoats by Obama in the Khadaffi people, just as the Muslim film contractor was meant to be a scapegoat to intimidate American Christians from voting.

What needs to be focused upon is the REALITY in this which has now been in public confirmed, and that is BENGHAZI EXPERIENCED TWO WAVES OF ATTACKS.

The thing you must understand my children as you will need to explain this to the idiotry which can not figure out the two stories is, story one, is the one the Obama election campaign concocted sometime after the Sheik bin Laden corpse murder, when they needed a replacement October Surprise to lift Obama to another election theft.

If you can handle this, Obama just as in John Edwards and Lawrence Sinclair, sent out a smear team as they salted Hutatree with "effect" to criminalize them. They covertly backed a Muslim video which they contracted for and planted it to be a sleeping campaign bomb to nail Romney with and make Christian voters feel guilty about voting for Romney due to it "causing" the kidnapping of Americans in Libya.
Chris Stevens was NOT to be harmed, but it was deemed acceptable collateral damage in the Obama ledger to sacrifice the two CIA connected Navy SEALS on ground to give it that "blood effect" to turn the military against Christians.

That is what is behind story one, in it was set up by Obama using Muslim teenagers chanting, CIA on the ground minders who were reporting false information back to Patraeus, which is why he was saying what he was to Congress on this being "spontaneuous" days later, in this first wave was the hostage takers, and they were overtaken by wave two who Obama imported to fight Khadaffi's people.

This is also what was behind the reprehensible ghoul graveside electioneering by Hillary Clinton in telling the father of one of the SEALS, that "they would find the film maker", in that is what CYA Hillary was up to in still spinning the details cleverly knowing she could blame Obama if the facts came out for his lies, and she could make hay in the meantime as she hates the Christians Right.

After the first wave, set up the ambuscades, and the attack, the elite Ca'an moved in, having gained all the Obama provided intelligence in the safe houses, where they did launch their homicidal attacks intending to capture Chris Stevens and anal rape him to death.
This second wave utilized all of the Obama intelligence and knew of the contacts.

It was in this "chatter'" that intelligence started picking up the first conflicting accounts in things not matching up, with mentions of these new players, who part of intel was wondering where the hell they came from and the other part was saying, "Oh sh*t, these are the people we brought in from Afghanistan to murder Khadaffi's hold outs".

It was shameful beyond all though that David Patraeus went before Congress and literally lied in saying the mortar attack which murdered two Americans at the Embassy at 4 AM ending the rampage, that this mortar could have been launched by anyone in they did not need skills. That was a precious guided or smart mortar. That little bit of deception points to Patraeus knew of the origins of that round and did not want it traced back to CIA as in the hunt to murder Khadaffi, these rounds were allowed out of the arsenal and the training was from American assets.

This is the reality of these two stories in Obama knew very well his 2012 campaign hostage event went horribly wrong. It was assessed in the situation room to stay with the script in it being blamed on Christians, use it to destroy Romney with, and keep up the lies knowing the press would not investigate Obama and give him full cover, to steal another election, whereby he could implement full Clintonian stalling and ride it out as IT IS ASSESSED CONGRESS WILL NOT IMPEACH A DESIGNER NEGRO after the election.

That is another Lame Cherry exclusive in what was discussed in this cover up of ANALGATE in the hours immediately after this mass murder in Libya. Obama was to act as if nothing happened in making campaign events, his surrogates all being partly dirty in this from looking the other way in all the other Obama events of assassinations, would spread the campaign's talking points.

Barack Obama knows that all he has to do is complete the mission he started, when he delayed the FBI which knew the truth and was telling Congress from Day One, as the connections were all being terminated, and without any living witnesses, Obama would then be able in 2013 to shift the discussion to racism and if necessary initiate several distracting events which is puppy press would run with, as they blamed Boehner and McConnell for causing this upheaval in racism which the terrorists retaliated on because of those horrid Christians.

There are two stories in this. The Obama campaign's story which was about hostages and sacrifices SEALS blaming Christians, and the other in the reality in al Qaeda Ca'an, imported by Obama to Libya from Afghanistan, took cover in this operation to murder Chris Stevens and others, as they knew Obama could not retaliate as they had the blackmail goods on him.

I doubt FOX will ever figure this out, nor any other media, as this blog explained what had taken place over a month ago, and they are still standing around with their fingers up their chimps and grinning as the gum the banana.

Mitt Romney had better bring this up a second time to set the stage for either Obama's impeachment or Obama's prosecution to give the Romney administration the cover it needs to implement their agenda.

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