Monday, November 5, 2012

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 Bill Gates switches from Suzi Q sex for Obama to Yellow Fever

My interest in this election is what they will reveal.

RASMUSSEN: R 49% O 48%

The reality is if these elections are fair, it will be Mitt Romney and select Republicans who have this won. If it is like 2008, it will be Obama despotism with his cronies like Claire McCaskill for four more years.

The reality is this, if Romney and the GOP would have nationalized the elections on OBAMACARE, they would have walked away with this by 25 points. Boehner, McConnell and Rove though want Obamacare in place as Obamacare nationalizes the money flow into select conglomerates for money, just as it flows government money to Democratic voters.

What I will to point out is, in a fair election, reports of Romney and Obama tied, means Romney has a double digit lead. One can visit all through history in the lies of Rssmussen predicting that John Kerry was beating George W. Bush in 2004.
Visit Nicaragua with Jimmy Carter when the Sandinistas were winning, but come election day they went down to defeat.

Polling literally showed the Wisconsin Cheesehead Governor in a tie, and in the recall he won by a bigger margin than he did in the original race.

This blog warned that the cartels want Americans thinking this is fractured and close. As they want to protect their economic rapine laws under Obama. If the GOP took the Congress, then they would have to repeal things, but now the reality is they have sabotaged most GOP candidates to keep this close and never once gone after Obama, nor nationalized elections, so it is "close".

It is amusing to see people finally coming to the conclusion what I stated long ago in people who answer phone polls for the most part are idiots who have nothing better to do, and desperately want to be validated in someone listening to them. That kind of voter is one which will not vote and one which is not the majority of voters.

Democrats have been rigging elections since they brought in blacks, brought in DC, brought in Mexicans, and the GOP leadership allowed it all, as they answer to the same cartel.

This election is one which is the shadow of Obama stealing 10 million GOP votes with the cover up of Karl Rove in 2008 when John McCain won that election with Sarah Palin's support.
We will know Tuesday night what the machinations of both sides will have accomplished. If Romney's oil and Wall Street types have rigged this sufficiently, then the vote rigged machines of Scytl for Obama will not be able to flip enough votes to steal him a victory.

It would be wonderful from a forensic standpoint to see a fair election as was in 1980 in ridding America of Jimmy Carter. Such things can not be accomplished though in Obama electronic vote flipping.

I can tell you something though exclusively which no one else has, even though it is reported. All of those liberal papers have now gone on record supporting Mitt Romney. The fact of that is Barack Hussein Obama has lost the support of liberals in America, the real liberals and not Chris Matthews and Bill Maher types.

Barack Hussein Obama can not rule with this having  taken place. Without this puppy press support, he will be impeached over ANALGATE.
CBS is now running footage of Obama lying to questions by Steve Kroft on September 12th on 60 Minutes in this not being a terror event and OBAMA KNEW NOTHING and he would not call it an act of terrorism.

This is what America faces in the disaster of the next 4 years. If Romney steals this back there is the economic Obama Super Depression for him to contend with and if Obama steals this, then it will be all of this, his legacy wars and it will be impeachment against Obama, as it is not going to be Conservatives marching on Washington, but liberals who will be burning down DC as Obama has lost the majority of his Letterman Cocktail Crowd support.

What America is faced with in Obama election theft is if Jimmy Carter had won an that would have been a third world war started. The polls if correct show Mitt Romney with a more than "theft proof" lead. John McCain did not have such a lead and the result of course was Obama utter ruin for four years.

Bill Gates has gotten rid of this blonde raping a black boy in his ads as a eunuch Chin watched, to now the Asian girl who will fix everything while ringing your bell. That ole black magic has worn off in the market share.

I hope for Bye Bye Birdie Bye Bye, if not America is going to meltdown as the story will be Barack Obama stole this election from Mitt Romney, a revolution will begin with that in high fuel prices in the Obama Super Depression based on ANALGATE.

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