Friday, November 2, 2012

ANALGATE: Obama's Terrorist Secuirty Force

When this blog exclusively stated that Barack Hussein Obama was the head of al Qaeda in running it from 1600 Penn Avenue, it was the breaking issue no one could fathom, but it has proven absolutely correct from his maintaining radical Islamic bases inside America to his protecting of Fort Hood mass murder, Nidal Hassan.

It is an issue literally that Barack Hussein Obama has negotiated with al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to be his global enforcers, the way he armed the Mexican mafia for their loyalty using Gun Runner and Fast and Furious.

In a continuing series of exclusives only from this Lame Cherry blog, and not for the TOURISTS of FOX News attempting to plagiarize ANALGATE without credit, this blog exposes Obama's Ca'an in what took place in Libya.

The smoking al Qaeda memo of the emergency meeting of the skeleton crew in the American Embassy, is just like the Afghanistan Fire Bases where Obama stationed US Soldiers to be murdered by al Qaeda. The reason Obama did not want American security at the Embassy was it would draw fire, before his intended hostage taking situation to help his campaign steal the 2012 elections.

Abdel Hakim Belhaj was the al Qaeda head working directly under Barack Hussein Obama. He is the one who has been enforcing Libya for Obama, as Obama has gone on his two pronged mission to try and get advanced weapons back from al Qaeda in Libya while shipping Libyan arsenals to Syria, which is part of Turkeygate in Obama funneling money from Turkish foreign aid from America, which now includes Stinger missiles placed in al Qaeda's hands.

When this blog broke the story and iw as confirmed in the Obama press that the terrorists who attacked at Benghazi had Afhani garb as their choice, it was the reality that this group was from Afghanistan.

The US Embassy "security" which in reality was two guys with two pistols. I will repeat that so that exclusively soaks in even to the tourists at FOX. Thee entire security detail at the US Embassy was two pistols between two SEALS.

The reason for this is when Obama contracted with al Qaeda via George Soros, and you must understand that for the entire time al Qaeda existed, it was based upon the Palestinian terrorist plan of being the policy implementation wing the central Europeans, whether it was against Jews, Brits or Americans, terrorists are unleashed to gain the land, political advantage or resources, or wars so these financiers will benefit, the point being al Qaeda was Barack Hussein Obama's PAID security force in Libya protecting the US Embassy and THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW AMERICA TO BE ARMED PROTECTING THEIR EMBASSY OR THEY WOULD FIRE ON THEM.

If you can get this again, Libya as much as Syria is Operation Gun Runner. THIS IS THE FACE OF BARACK OBAMA GUN CONTROL in arming the terrorists and allowing the terrorists to murder the unarmed at will.

The reality is as this blog exposed from the first. George Soros' group leveraged Col. Khadaffi to release his terrorists as part of the "humane treatment of prisoners". Obama then used them to unleash on Khadaffi to mass murder the nationalist Libyans, and turn Libya over to the Muslim Brotherhood, where BP got the Libyan oil for the central Europeans.

These terrorists in Libya if you recall were allah awful in fighting that civil war and almost lost it several times, without the US military going in and blowing the hell out of the Libyan government. It was at this juncture that Barack Obama started arming through CIA and DOD the terrorists with advanced weaponry and from the Bill Clinton Kosovo playbook started importing trained terrorists from Afghanistan.

Do you really think my children that this stuff just "happened"? These Arab Springs were paid for in billions of dollars in action funds by YOU. You bribed Muslim thugs to betray Mubarack, Khadaffi and Assad. You paid for shipping terrorists around the Middle East. The same things which happened across North Africa are now taking place in Syria and Yemen. THE VERY REALITY IS THE DESTRUCTION OF AL QAEDA IN AFGHANISTAN BY GEORGE W. BUSH WAS REVERSED FROM 2008 to 2012 IN BARACK OBAMA NOW HAS AFGHANISTAN AS HIS TERROR TRAINING CENTER RUN BY PAKISTAN INTELLIGENCE AND YOU PAID 7.5 BILLION DOLLARS FOR THAT OPERATION IN THE PAST YEAR.

There were at least a dozen al Qaeda training centers in Libya to "help wipe out Khadaffi's remaining loyalists" and for the astounding purpose of creating a new Syrian terror army to subdue that nation, and that army was fully intended to one day be unleashed inside Iran for Obama's disarming of nuclear Iran.

Until FOX News stops being a tourist and starts explaining to the world, that it was and has been the Obama regime who murdered the terrorists who would not be bribed, and bribed by dope deals and land the terrorists who are now under the operational direction of 1600 Penn Avenue in B. Hussein Obama, FOX is still complicit in the Obama crimes, because Obama had those terror camps in Libya for mass murder and for exporting his Caliph all across the Middle East to manage things for the NeoRoman Empire.

Handle that reality my children and handle the facts that you paid for this, and that what Zbigniew Brzezinski started as the Muhajadeen in his personal war against the Soviets, and was used by Ronald Reagan to drive them out of Afghanistan, was corked up by Bush43, lost control over under Bill Clinton to become al Qaeda when he exported it to Kosovo, was neutralized under George W. Bush, had as of summer 2008, a new Muslim militant put in charge of this global terror network and his name is Barry Chin AKA Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran.

Those terror training camps in Libya were under direct supervision of the CIA, in satellite, drones and inside operatives. Obama knew exactly what was going on in those camps, the munitions and who was arriving and leaving via Egypt, as his bribes using American money was hosting these terror nests.
The reason Hillary Clinton was off blaming that video and not the terrorists, is because she knew very well these terrorists were Obama's folks and she needed them to keep a lid on every country Obama has blown up. These terrorists now have WMD's by the truckload all due to Obama policy.
That is the dirty secret in this, in these terrorists have hundreds of pounds of nuclear material now for dirty bombs, from medical and military stores. This is the face of Obama policy and this blog warned from DAY ONE that America's Obama was getting America involved in intertribal Muslim wars, and now the outcome is Lara Logan raped for a message and Chris Stevens raped for an encore.
This is just the start of the festitvities for when these terrorists get tired of killing each other and start coming to the Jews, London, Paris and America again to unleash the Obama WMD's he has given these terrorists.

Ask yourself why FOX in all it's reporting, has not once explained one reality in Obama is using terrorists for his operations and illegally re gifting weapons to shoot down airplanes, all for his Caliph?
You know Rupert Murdoch was taken down by Obama to shut him up and as payback for all FOX did in making George W. Bush President. FOX is a tool of Obama and you children must NEVER FORGET that in intelligence operations you can always deceive more people with the facts than with lies.

FOX leaving out the reality in this, is covering up the real story of the terror crimes of Barack Hussein Obama. It is deliberate and helping Obama.
Make this an issue of SECURITY denied and Obama can just fire some people and ward off investigations with Holder. Make this an issue of the reality of Barack Hussein Obama running al Qaeda as it's chief terrorist, and he gets hauled out of 1600 Penn Avenue for a Joplin Military Tribunal.

Those Libyan terror bases are like Syrian terror bases are like the Egyptian terror bases are like the Lebanese terror bases are like the, the, the, the that Obama has been taking control over and running.

Richard Holbrooke before his murder in having his heart pulled wanted the Afghanistan war stopped as it was not working as he knew it was going terrorist. Obama instead expanded his wars five fold with his terrorists.

Barack Hussein Obama is the protege of Zbigniew Brzezinski's militant Muslims. This leftist group now simply has a Muslim running these Muslims out of 1600 Penn Avenue. Chris Stevens and thousands of other Americans are murdered, but that is acceptable collateral damage as was espoused in the Clinton years.

There needs to be a Mormon Inquistion over this and Barack Hussein Obama needs to be at Gitmo for his being the leader and progenitor of 21st century terrorism.

Yes the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter proven right again and again, posted here first and the tourists are catching up, only telling part of the story.

This must be understood in Marxist Muslim Barry Chin AKA Barack Hussein Obama was not installed for one reason to overthrow America, but to fund the NeoRoman Empire, create the Caliph, initiate the New Asian Order, and his real job was not president of some country, but he was installed to be the global leader of al Qaeda in order to manage it more effectively.

That is what Obama has been doing from Day One. Obama has Terror Security Forces "protecting" Americans as his negotiated policy with al Qaeda, so they do not attack American soil while Obama is in office.

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Obama's Terror Security

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