Friday, November 2, 2012

Swords of Obamaclese

Since May of 2012 this blog has warned of the competing factions in this world which hinge upon the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama's benefactors in Europe have a vested interest to keep his crimes of making a Muslim Caliph to rule Arabs for the Europeans who Mr. Obama has illegally funded trillions into the Neo European Order, along with his New Asian Order centered upon his homeland of China, in this Obama global feudal state, from becoming known as B. Hussein comes under scrutiny in Analgate, his 2012 electioneering to use a hostage situation to gain 1600 Penn Avenue again.

On the Obama's enemies list side are those oil barons who spiked California gas prices, the Wall Street  Insiders who dropped the stock markets, the Pentagon contractors who released pink slip data before the elections and CIA Director David Patraeus whose group has been providing information to Mr. Romney over Analgate and other matters in not allowing the murder of  Seal Team Six to be forgotten for another Obama electioneerings strategy in the murder of Sheik bin Laden's corpse.

In this group, they comprehend fully that an Obama re installation would mean their being dragged through the streets like Khadaffi or meeting a Jeremy Bourda end in "committing suicide" by shooting themselves in their offices numerous times with a long barrel rifle.

This is what was meant by the SADDAMIZATION of Barack Hussein Obama, because there is a Sword of Damocles hanging over the world and it all centers upon Barry Chin in his power structure and it is not about what Marxist things Obama would initiate in executive orders in 2013, but his initiation of ORDERS TO EXECUTE the people who have stood against his criminal enterprise.

There is no fear of Congress or Justice as Darrell Issa is a cowed fraud like all the GOP and Justice John Roberts is the same blackmailed cowards on a leash, that Obama and his benefactors neutralized in 2008.

What the reality is though, there are powerful people who have noted certain things which were taking place in America, in mirror imaged to Mubarack in a cage, Khadaffi mass murdered, Assad terrorized and comprehend those secreted events all can be implemented against them in 2013 and beyond to deal with them.
It is not Barack Obama's pitchfork mob which is the danger in this Stalinst orb, but his mercenary mob who have been initiating terrorists, protecting terrorists and literally assassinating Americans.

The partial list follows:

The California wildfires set by Mexican mafia under al Qaeda contracts

Hutatree which was supposed to be a mass slaughter by BATF.

Gun Runner

Fort Hood massacre

Christmas Condom bomber run out of Asian intelligence whose apprehended officers were set free.

The attempted assassination of Jewess, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as a message to Sarah Palin.'

The Wisconsin wilding

The assassination of Jewish Conservative, Andrew Breitbart.

Trayvon Martin Hoodie Terrorism

The Sikh mass murder in Wisconsin.

The Colorado Joker to silence his father from testimony on the 2008 collapse.

The mass murder of Americans in Benghazi Libya.

America has been ushered into the Clinton era of violent staged events all for political gain and protection under the Obama regime. It is something now which the American patrician can comprehend that the powers which enforce the position of Mr. Obama can indeed be deployed in a mass decapitation operation which would have them as dead as oil executives in Europe and blamed on parties unknown.

This is now the reality which the people who are on Mr. Obama's enemies list that deem themselves connected enough to engage in such overt activities in an attempt to install Mitt Romney, have a reality that if they do not get the job accomplished, they will find a Gabby Giffords solution upon them.
That is why Sarah Palin ran for Chik Fil A as she fully understood the machinations at work and they were going to be unleashed upon her, as the Romneycrats were going to offer her no protection from the Obama benefactors who have murderously been employed in these United States.

It is the scenario which has been set up in the Mexican standoff. People who have committed murder and been a part of crimes which would get them executed in bringing down not only Mr. Obama, but his entire cartel group in exposing them, are what has been assembled.

Do not think my children this is just one sword, for it has many edges and some are nuclear as was exclusively exposed in Operation Ursa in which Mr. Obama is moving to give most of Russia to the communist Chinese for their re settlement to the coming revelations that atomic Iran is not the concern, but what Iran is in the process of constructing based on atomic bombs.

The key weak point in all of this is Barry Chin. He is the one who will have information leaked about which leads back to the Berliner boys. He is the one who has contractors who will puffy pink the Andrew Breitbart types who dared to try to remove Mr. Obama. He is the one who al Qaeda is working for, backed by the Chicoms and Putin, who want a great deal of control over this planet, and will if Mr. Obama does not deliver, will deliver more than West Nile weaponized in advanced new mosquito delivery.

America has been under numerous terrorist attacks, including WMD attacks. Spain is an Islamic inferno for the "cause" and all of these elements will without Mr. Obama bribing them, be unleashed with biological, nuclear and chemical weapon attacks as the Swords of Damocles drop.

This is an issue where David Patraeus of CIA can not just have a "construct" file to protect him. Those types of files did nothing to protect J. Edgar Hoover when the move was made on him with poison sinus drops. It is a house of cards in this and the Berlin cartel as much as the Casey Associates all know the weak link and all know when "someone" strikes that contingency plans are going to be implemented as simply Wall Street Insider running from America is not going to work as all of this will follow to silence the knowledgeable.

Mr. Romney's backers will allow bygones to be bygones as they gained what they gained under Obama. That means no exposure of the Obama crimes if he is removed from office, as Bush43 covered up all the Clinton crimes, as Obama covered up the things George W. Bush was covering up for the Berlin cartel in Saddam's bribes and missing WMD's this European group created for Saddam.

The problem is the re installment of B. Hussein Obama. His Secret Service is furious with him at being cut to the wind. His SEALS are not pleased over their mass assassination in being led to murder bin Laden's corpse. CIA proper is now furious over Analgate in their people being sacrificed to cover up Obama's hostage taking of Chris Stevens.
This problem then is compounded in, this was not an Andrew Breitbart or Batman fans being exterminated which the powerful could be amused by as they were immune, but this is a case of it has become open season on the enemies of Obama, and that will have consequences in they will protect their own.

The people who matter in this world, not you my children, but the people who send Bill Gates out and inform you that they are going to crop 1 billion people with vaccines in population reduction, and say it, just to prove they can say it and no one can do anything about it, are the ones involved in this, along with those on the 3rd level who work for them.
The sword is hanging there now as this blog warned of years ago in the initiation of Barack Obama, and it will fall, as there is always someone with enough devil in them to wink at it, to make it fall in the blink of an eye.

Obama set up his nuclear legacy focused on a nuclear Iran. That reality is what the world will have to deal with as much as those groups who were picking off those lesser children like Andrew Breitbart, as it is not Breitbart any longer making waves, but people with names you do not recognize who are chatting things up behind the scenes.

This is a game of blood now, and swords are meant to be fed blood. Not your red blood, but the blue bloods have had their toys pierced in Chris Stevens and that is not allowed.

Bararck Obama has become Stalin as this blog predicted in forensic psychological profile four years ago. Barry Chin will now either become Stalinized or Saddamized by his benefactors or his antagonists, as they will either become Ukrainians or Americans.

This is the house of cards which has been set now by Analgate. It is the brier patch where I was born and thrive in. It is why this blog is in the wait a bit and finds the boomslang and buff good company with the buzz of the tseetsee.
There are too many swords hanging together that one will not fall in time no matter if Obama bribes Patraeus like he did Nancy Pelosi.

It is the Swords of Obamaclese. It is the law of gravity meeting the gravest of situations.

You can quote me on that as by God I'm the only one worth quoting now.

It is the law of  gravity meeting the gravest of situations.

Lame Cherry

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