Sunday, November 4, 2012

Many Times Over

I sometimes forget what I want. God though never does.

I compose this for reality of the good people out their in their walk as Americans and Christians in finding there is no differentiation between Jew or Greek as the Church is them because Christ is in them.

I would like few things more than to never having to write about B. Hussein Obama ever again. I would much rather deal with the important things of life which must be focused upon.
Today and in the past days, my Bible readings had to be a great part in speaking to me about Job in his justifying himself rather than God.
I believed almost certain that was not my shortcoming, but receiving this twice brought about a puzzling in what God was really speaking about. My even mentioning this will of course give the thumpers of Bibles who stand on them to be higher than others an opening to make charges against me, but the reality is this is about a private conversation with you to explain that we are all in this together, whether one is dealing with Assyrian Christians or walking in God the Way God intends.

I have mentioned my association with Joan of Arc and how she has helped me. I knew full well it was Joan who brought me to the Tiger Lily, but in time in my needing validation I started whispering to myself that I was loved by God and this is what this was all about.
No this was about a Saint I knew from before we all came here, to took it upon herself to be good to me in helping when God would not, as I had to have my arrogance tempered in when one is a jove who gives God all credit, one becomes smug too in coveting the relationship with God and that had me taking something from Joan I had no business doing, and I had no idea I had done this, as I was just feeling good about myself.

There is nothing like being humiliated before Saints, Angels and those one loves. I do not mind God as I have done enough stupid things to be comfortable in being a failure needing to be carried.
So humiliated and apologizing I confessed my selfishness and looked for more in my heart in asking God to make known what else I needed to deal with in Christ.

In this, the same week, I was given a horrid wok. This might not sound like much, but I bought this old rusty 14 inch thing for 2 bucks, with fire ring and lid. I have been lusting after them for years and the reason is they were hammered woks and I thought  they were what I wanted.
I forgot I needed one, and the point was, there was this fire burned, rusty thing which no one wanted as God meant it for me, even if I was not behaving as I should with Joan.

I washed it up as I enjoy making things feel welcome and oiled it up, and it sits in a pile of things waiting for an adventure.

We are all in this together in the Church we are living in Christ. We try, we are poor looking for riches in Glory in Christ, and we are perfected in not being perfect, as we grow and become the child God always intended.

God bless you my children and God be thanked for each of you. God is a God Who can do many things at once. God can correct me, and God can reward me, on different things, and things I forgot that I wanted so very much.

God does not forget prayers or thing you want in your heart. He always gives and is always faithful. I would not have wanted a new wok as I always worry about new things not being new. The important things in Life are You with God. That is where it all starts. I have been in corrective education for years and dealt with too many stupid people and situations that were overblown. There are hurts like all hurts which hurt when one thinks about them, but in all the mess there is God always paying attention and knowing what needs attention paid to in making things better for you.

Adventures abound whether it is thinking of bok choy and how I will like cooking for the Tiger Lily, to hoping Joan will be Joan, to God being God.
You never know what tomorrow will open up to and that is why one stays around until God opens eternity up to begin everything for each of His.

God bless each of you many times over. God bless you in Spirit and Christ manifold. God always remember your kindness to me. God actively work for you in Jesus Name Amen and Amen