Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Rip Tide

The mother of the murdered Navy SEAL is correct in her assessment, which is one this blog published exclusively as FOX News tries to play tourist in plagiarism of this blog.

All of the evidence no exposed,  proves this blog was correct in Chris Stevens was to be kidnapped and the Navy SEALS on ground were appointed to be slaughtered to create a Christian / Military schism of adversity as Obama blamed Christians for that video as was part of his campaign strategy which was ANALGATE, the hostage taking of Chris Stevens for Obama's re election theft.

The FOX headlines do not matter in machine guns were present to assist, as Drones and Predators were sent only to record or remain non offensive, as the rapid response teams were grounded from discovering more Obama machinations in arming these terrorists with SAMS which would have murdered more SEALS as was intended.

The SEALS should never have went gung ho outside the military boundaries and became a political wing of the Obama regime in the murder of bin Laden's corpse and his actor stand in.


Security officials on the ground in Libya challenge CIA account...

FOXNEWS: Benghazi annex had laser capability, machine guns...

Papers blast president's response...

This blog warned also of the last chance Barack Obama had, and made note of it that at the debates the black Secret Service agent assigned to Mr. Romney along with a white agent were 'hanging back' exposing Mitt Romney to the end game option which this blog posted of would come into play at the 25% marker in the pre election.


Mr. Obama is destined to be having a voter margin where he will not be able to steal this with flipping votes in electronic machines nor in dead people voting. Mr. Obama is no longer capable of calling out  the Andrew Breitbart assassins to "Gabby Giffords this". The missile option has been exposed here from the Libyan and Turkish stores to terrorists which threatened Sarah Palin. All Barack Obama has now is an "act of satan" akin to the grenade event which almost assassinated George W. Bush in the eastern European states at the end of his Presidency.

This blog has warned of the key factors in Jeb Bush in the Rovians seeking to not allow Mr. Romney this win as they seek to win this in 2016. The same factor cover in this is the Obama regime in having reached the point of having lost this, even with theft and machinations due to ANALGATE, that Mr. Romney has been in the gravest of danger until that point he is declared the winning of this Presidential election.

Mr. Obama has been backed into a corner in his house arrest and furlough. He has been allowed out as a puppet on a string to amuse the Clintons and the powers that be as payback for his machinations against them. Mitt Romney is one Andrew Jackson heart in sticking it to people, but Mitt Romney is in as grave of danger as those Navy SEALS as a host of criminals from Obama, the Rovians, terrorists to the European cartel have a great deal to hide and they can not hide it with Mr. Obama not in a position to cover for them or project this out to a Bush win in 2016.

This is the most dangerous of times and those who would care to keep the feudal status in place, are allowing openings to take place in order to end Mr. Romney, so thee entire ANALGATE mass crimes which the Obama regime instigated and was a part of will never be exposed.

Mr. Romney was warned and he has better be more than aware how dangerous all of this is now. When Navy SEALS can not fight their way out of Obama machinations, then one Mormon with magic glasses should have had Jesus as His Lord.

All of these headlines were laid out in this blog in matter anti matter exclusives months and weeks ago.

Heed the warnings.


You owe me Mr. Romney for getting you this far and you owe me Mr. Obama in keeping you from doing more stupid things.