Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Obama Ashtray

You can see it in Obama's eyes if you look close. That little 10 year old boy is there not so smart now as the Special Olympics kid in Romney has beat the kid who runs like a duck.
You can feel it as the knowing in Obama all his tricks have not worked and that American nation he so long to abort, has instead rejected all he is in a majority that this time he can not steal the election.

Bill Clinton is enjoying this, reveling in it. His laugh is heard as he flicks that cigar, amusing himself in how he has that smart boy doing the slow turn.
Obama put Hillary through the humiliation in 2008 in just not sealing the deal, and on and on she had to do those primaries as the cartel wanted the Clinton's to pay in utter reproach for their stealing that Asian uranium and selling it to China........but now it is the Clintons and those powers that be, the oil barons who were cheated out of John McCain, the Wall Street tycoons who got cut out of the Geithner money dumps and Mitt Romney knowing he is the superior male to this Asian twice wetback over, who are doing a Obama kari of the making Obama crawl for this now.

This is not about beating Obama. This is about as this blog exclusively reported. It is about taking it all from Obama. Then making him realize it is all gone after they made a Nig thug out of him in the debates, and finally sending him word that you were toying with this fraud, making him do the dance to your puppet wires and when you made him flee Florida, put him under house arrest in the Rose Garden, that you were the one who gave him a furlough, so he could fly to where you told him, so that every mile, every moment on Air Force One, every speech you made him give, that he knew.............

He knew...........

He knew he was no longer the despot in the White House, but that fricking chinaboy doing your laundry and he was doing the chop chop now, knowing he was beaten by you, and he had to carry on like he was still in it........just the way he made Hillary Clinton suffer.
Now that sarong is on the pansy and it is going to be every moment, every ash flick, and every smirk that Bill Clinton is campaigning for Hillary 2016 and that Mitt Romney has laughing at the joke of Obama because Barack was too slow.

You can see it in the eyes of Naps Napolitano in her contempt for this fag now that he has had his nuts cut off. Look at Panetta wanting to be anywhere but near this loser Barry Chin.
They are all there in loathing this Obama and the not so Freudian slip of Biden in never once liking being this fraud's Vice President.

Obama is that 10 year old now, at meetings not knowing what the hell he is there for. He knows the internal polls never released in he is finished. He is jogging around and grinning with his mobs not because he enjoys them, but because he is free from them like the last day of school.

It is all there in Obama's eyes. No more blow fly eyes, but that pathetic scared fag he has always been when trash talking was hiding it all.
Even if Obama is too runs like a duck  to appreciate all the humiliation he is being made to sing and dance to, all that matter is the powers know they are pissing on him, like smirking out on the balcony as he grunts and sweats taking it hard from the queer overseer.

They are going to make that bright boy, sniff the dog shit, touch the dog shit, pick that dog shit up, kiss the dog shit, lick the dog shit and hold that dog shit in his mouth and not swallow it......

They are going to make Obama on his furlough taste every second of this to the election that they are doing this, remind him every day after the election and make this fraud beg for it after January 20th for what they do to him.

I do not pity Obama. He lit the fire and now he is these people's ashtray.

Lame Cherry exclusive in matter and anti matter again........

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