Monday, November 5, 2012

On this Election Eve

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What the f*ck is Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin on this election eve of the American balloting doing on the cover of the Missouri Synod Lutheran's chief doctrinal publication in an attempt to sway the elections?

This is like a bad dope trip from 2008 in halo heads, messiahs and proclamations of god on magazines of Mockingbird, and yet here is the German Lutheran sect putting out some satan inspired mind conditioning in free electioneering for Obama.

That puzzles me as I will explain. The Missouri Synod is based in Missouri, but it's followers are German immigrants. Lutherans are now splintering due to sodomite and pussy in the pulpit issues, but the Germans were always the fire and brimstone lot who adhered to Scripture like zealots.
The American Lutheran was the Norwegian and Swedish immigrant base, while a Wisconsin Lutheran appeared in breaking off from the Missouri Synod as they were the only Germans going to heaven in an upheaval in the 1950's or so led by a Rev. Bladel.

In the 1970's the German Lutherans suffered a Mockingbird atttempt to take over the Synod and all hell broke loose, in the Chrisitans there defeated and booted out the cartel plants which have overtaken and destroyed most of American religions.

These Germans were very devout. They hated Catholics with a passion, because they remembered what Rome was doing to Protestant in Europe and what they did to Martin Luther, the original protest reformer in the Reformation.

So in noting that and recalling Barack Obama's overthrow of the Catholic leadership in supplanting the Jesuits in getting them to cover up Christ at Georgetown and his pro baby butcher rally at Notre Dame, that is what just dumbfounded me when this blog exclusively came across this Lutheran Witness magazine WHICH APPARENTLY IS STEALTH in it is not appearing on line, but is going out to the Faithful in direct snail mailings with a picture of PASTOR OBAMA on the front cover.
Even the Catholics never sent out a big hat Pope Obama photo on their national publications.

Everyone has seen the official White House photo of Obama which was engineered. I have told you that pictures just do not happen. It requires editors, white boards, photographers, models, assistants and hours of work. Why is it at this juncture did the largest sect of German Lutheran leadership care to do a political mailing for B. Hussein Obama who is in violation of their first Commandments (they have two covets at the end as Missouri Synod took out the idol one), displaced the Lord Christ as messiah and is not even a Lutheran.

Or is B. Hussein Obama closet Lutheran and sodomite?

This is beyond blasphemy and sacraledge. There is something which has taken place in this major denomination in they literally planned on election eve to have an Obama idol likeness placed into these voter's homes as an "affirmative action" vote for Barack Obama Marxism. That can only mean the German Lutherans have been overthrown like the Jesuit order in America for Catholics.

This is illegal beyond illegal according to IRS laws in a religion going political. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod should be hauled into court for politically backing messiah Obama in this clever brainwashing ruse.

Call this Lutherangate as you can count the number of blacks in that religion like the number of Christian in the democratic party.

Remember this my children, this is a  tip of an iceberg of something nefarious which only this  blog has exposed and covered in how the Obama regime has by stealth overthrown now two major religious orders in America.
That Pastor Obama, grinning like satan having just seduced Judas, is by design. The Lutheran Chuch Missouri Synod just took the false Elijah, the anti John the Baptist, that anti messiah Obama and certified him as their leader. It was not the anti Christ , but if the German Lutherans can be seduced by Obama then how easy will it be for the anti Christ to seduce all religions.

Thee entire leadership of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod should be excommunicated immediately over this as it is absolute violation of Luther's Catechism and Christ's Gospel.
This should cause a revolution in the Church and a meltdown at the Missouri Synod as Americans demand to know why they have made Obama their leader when America is rejecting the beloved one.

Evil is amongst us all.

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This is not the Church Martin Luther founded!