Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The North Dakota Oil Bust

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For all the cheering of the boom in Rush Limbaugh's Um Dakota, the reality is since May's high of over 200 rigs drilling there, the number has been diminishing and will continue to do so, as the oil areas have reached all that is going to be allowed to be tapped out there.

This is important as drilling companies are not just going to stop drilling, so it begs the question in where are they going?
A deal has been worked out that suddenly oil shale has been discovered in West Texas, you know land of Pecos and Lily Langtree and Judge Roy Bean. The land of the Sixes Ranch and desolation.

The North Dakota and Montana oil rigs are pulling up stakes, and South Dakota is not  going to be tapped into. The venture in this is now Texas is going to be taking a JR Ewing revisit to making that state a force to be reckoned with.

What is important to note in this is, these oil men who have been plundering North Dakota under the Obama Buffett regime, have in the past months been funding Newt Gingrich who has been turning out his own educational talks, in the promoting of these barons in energy production. They have felt confident enough to shut down Buffett's BNSF oil tanker trains and are building oil pipelines ..........but not having them built, it is most interesting just what is happening to all that  Bakken oil as it is not flowing south on the trains to the southern refineries.
Someone is getting that oil, and as California has been shut down by the barons to drive Obama from office, that points to Canada as tanker trucks have been flowing north in mixing Dakota sweet crude in with the high sulfur garbage Canada produces out of the oil sands.

The Keystone XL is interesting in the politics of this, as that pipeline will be built taking that Dakota crude south through Nebraska to the Oklahoma junction and into Texas.
Sec. Salazar of the Obama regime, that old horse killer, has been interesting in his preparing for Obama's exit from office in suddenly he appeared at Fort Berthold with the small band Indian tribes and announced a refinery was going in there for regional oil supply. The major refinery in that  area is Sidney, Montana, and the dimensions of this are telling in this regional oil development is going from top to bottom........with diversions which are puzzling.

At the end of Bush43's administration, a large investment group poured a billion dollars into South Dakota, in a project for Canada oil sands called the Gorilla Project as it was so massive under the Hyperion banner. Barack Obama to benefit Buffett in his oil  trains, shut down the Canada pipelines and also shut down this massive refinery.
A billion dollars is an immense sum to invest and leave hanging for years, but that is what Hyperion has been cooling it's heals over waiting for that pipeline.
Some of the cow patties of South Dakota saw money in this, but some who saw some of the best ag land in the country about to be turned into cancer soaked toxic chemical spills thought a completely different judgment.

It was one of the strangest of events in putting a massive oil refinery on the Missouri River system where a spill would pollute the entire interior of America. The pipeline is sitting on the biggest natural fresh water aquifer in the world in the Ogallala and yet this thing just keeps sitting out there like a monster awaiting to be hatched.
All is quiet there in no one is making any noise about Hyperion, but that Keystone is moving oil into Texas refineries and soon Texas is about  to get a huge dump of West Texas oil to deal with.

If you want the oil boom, it is going to be in Texas for the next five years.

The signals in this all mark a change in the political machinations.

North Dakota is now developed as much as the oil industry cares to in this phase, just as in the last phase when wells were drilled and capped until higher prices were created to make more money out of this area of the world.
Oil in North Dakota is different from 1950's oil in Saudi Arabia, when oil was basically tapped and it flowed out without pumping so prices were lower in production.

North America is this oil shale focus now. Canada has the poor oil sands which require high prices, water, heat to remove that oil from this sludge. It is possible to extract the oil from shale as there is a vast field thought as large as Saudi Arabia in Utah.
The fact is though the people backing Mitt Romney are not going to allow oil to be dropped below the 2.50 dollar a gallon for gasoline. Barack Obama drove gas prices to 4 dollars per gallon to fund his expensive battery cars which no one wants.
The fact is Alaska's reserves are three different oil fields as they pump at different pressures, and could be used in these greater than the Saudi fields to lower gas prices.

The reality is Alaska is being reserved as much of the capped wells. A national policy was begun under George W. Bush to utilize bio fuels and to start oil production in America, withdrawing from the Middle East.
The bio fuels came under attack from these oil interests and speculators like George Soros, and a national policy of making grain expensive to thwart oil payments to terrorists.

This is not alone in natural gas is even being gathered in from North Dakota oil wells. It is not being burned off any longer, as the price has inflated that it is worth the investment to trap it. The Baaken field is also noted for producing oil, but as time progresses the gas production from these wells is going up.
It is a matter that eastern states are drilling for natural gas from Ohio east, except for New York not allowing this, which would increase production and lower prices.

The reality is America has immense deposits of natural gas. The price could be dropped by a dollar and it still would produce. This is a measure of Wall Street investors now driving these Obama inflated prices in their demand of dividends.

The appearance is that gas production is being created not for US Citizen direct use, but for the reality of using it for electrical plants. That is why Mr. Obama has been destroying the coal industry as these clean  gas burning plants are eating up this energy reserve in immense proportions.
The point being is coal can be clean and can be utilized in electrical output. It can not be used in cars or home eating easily. Coal must be protected and that means shifting the use of gas, which will drop the prices to consumers which is not currently part of the system.

It all comes to the reality that West Texas is going to be the frac'ing capital of the world. North Dakota with it's propaganda of jobs and expansion will just not fit the reality as once the pipelines are complete, the management of oil wells and trucking does not employ volumes of people, so he rural people there will begin to gain their prairies back as things begin to constrict there.

Given the choice of frostbite North Dakota or hot Texas, the meandering worker will choose Texas for squatter boxes to reside in.

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The reality is that the peon or beaner is about to be employed in this southwest region, for the slave trade in mysterious Social Security numbers for 100 Juan Rimeriz's who will never collect on the payments.

It is the future in Dakota sweet crude will be mixed with crap Canada crude and resold at high prices, and that shell game will benefit the elite as it always does.

This is where America will run to in an even greater influx of  Mexicans in border areas and more revenues generated for the Texas billionaires. The shift has started from where the oil was to where it is. The pipeline will be built, so the expensive Canadian oil sands will be developed in more pollution and to enhance their mix with American crude.

It is all for the best as Texas can use another 10 million people looking to get rich quick and not wanting to work. One has to put those California refugees some place.

Oh you didn't know that was part of what this was engineered for?

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