Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Jinn of 1600 Penn

My children, I have a few things to address in this, as I started writing this yesterday, June 13, as I could not understand the information coming in. What follows is something which is unbelievable and therefore I would suggest that you just walk away as this is not for you.

For the brats, who have not donated and who backstab, I do not want you here. I do not need the burden of you. I have informed each of you to go, and stay gone. I have work here and do not desire your distraction. Go glean your talking points from Mockingbird sources and be gone.
You are thieves and I personally am going to make it a point in the Judgment to point each of the millionaires and billionaires out as a witness, as when I was in need, you chose your end.

With that said, in I will be addressing most of you for the last time in my children due to the content, I will put away the few paragraphs of yesterday as more information was acquired and not hide things from you in what took place.

As the loyal readers have been gleaning, the spiders and other sources have been pointing to the demise of the one called Birther Obama Chin, which was supposed to take place on December 14th 2012, but this conjuring group blew the matrix and sacrificed Sandy Hook.

 A vast tidal wave blew the matrix and it was not until February of this year, that the sediments started to settle out again and a flow started, which pointed once again to the time line in the spirit world attempting to rectify the stolen elections of 2008 and 2012.
The date which locked in was June 13th, 2013. That was again a focal point in this, and this blog posted as much and explained cryptically at times and to the exact detail what would take place on June 13.
The information was taken by the regime, and the daily schedule was wiped, and it was changed.

Instead of travel on Air Force One, the Birther was to be at 1600 Penn. This altered the time line of events, and as I explained as in car crash being avoided and people were to perish, that it does not alter the destiny of those people as the matrix will again mount forces to rectify the shadow signature here.

From inquiry, I will lay out the unbelievable now as at noon on June 13, Birther Chin, suffered a stroke. The details of which I will not go into, but this stroke was brought on by raised blood pressure, and due to this the aneurysm which he was born with, ruptured "up" and not down as the original time line progressed.
This congenital aneurysm was located at the brain stem. In the destiny, it was supposed to cease the function of that organ, but instead it obliterated the grey matter above like a faucet running in to a bowl of cottage cheese.

The medical staff which shadows Obama, was called in, and he was not moved to hospital, but to the massive underground complex located under 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which has all the medical structure to handle any situation.
Mr. Obama was unresponsive as his brain was gone. Holes were drilled into his skull to relieve pressure and drain fluids, but no surgery was performed as the aneurysm was left to clot, and there was not a mind there left to save.

At this juncture in time, suspicions were raised about how the aneurysm was ruptured and if Joe Biden, Muchelle Obama and Val_erie Jarrett were in peril. A decision was made at that point to "Chavez" the situation, in which Birther would rule from life support, and his triumvirate would carry out the orders, just as Mrs. Wilson managed the US Government when President Wilson was incapacitated violating Constitutional Law.

It was believed with the willing press, which already knew something was amiss in the missing Obama in that afternoon, the legacy of B. Hussein would be fulfilled. Biden would be President in acting and gain all he could in that profile.
The situation though started to focus on leaks and how this would in a few months meltdown in calls to address the "disposed BHO", and at this point the matrix opened in something appeared which all have witnessed previously.

I will now delve into exclusives in the Lame Cherry matter anti matter. For the mockers, just leave as you will not believe and the information  will not be accepted. For the children, you may read, but I understand in this being the final time of your dealing with this blog's content.

It starts in that club hand which this blog posted pictures on in Obama photos. How it appeared and disappeared. It did not really, because what all were seeing was "two Obamas". There is as St. Paul explains "principalities, powers etc....evil in high places". Those are demonic entities of different classes.

What you have seen and were not aware was a demonic entity at times. This was the entity which that democrat Kam from California spoke of in wondering what was wrong with Obama which got him murdered for what he saw and reported.
All of what the Ulsterman White House Insider reported while intoxicated was not true in that gay fest of gossip. The issue of the Gregorian chant was embellishment, but the issue of Kam seeing Obama "change" in looking odd in not recognizing was the realty which Kam did experience.
What that was, was a "power" and it is why this entity did not recognize Kam who had just spoken to Obama minutes before.

To explain the powers.........

satan is at the head of this demonic structure. Under it, is a group of "princes" as Gabriel revealed to the Prophet Daniel, who control areas in this world. In these principalities, and under satan and these ghastly demonic princes are a group of sub demons, which are part of the "reptilian group" which David Icke, who I never could figure out if he had both oars in the water or not has worked on.
This "reptilian" group is defined by different shaman cults. In America, they are called shapeshifters, but in the Middle East in Muslim lands they are called the jinn. In Europe, the loup garou or "werewolf", the lycanthrope are part of this demonic genre, and the vampyre being the lillith offshoot in this same class of power demons.
This group possesses the ability to alter their state from spiritual energy to physical presence in  shapeshifting.
Another entity group in this is the German poltergeist in various manifestation, but the poltergeist is an entity which does not take on physical reality, and only appears so, as it remains spirit.
The groups are defined in being able to mimick human or animal appearances respectively.

For those wondering what lillith is, it is a vampyre type entity which was said to prey on Hebrew children in stealing them away.

Where was I?

The powers are a group under the direction of satan and the princes. Minion humans can conjure them in, and what is now appearing as Birther Hussein, due to the connections of the Val_erie Jarrett past in her Persian roots. What is being portrayed as Birther is a jinn of the olde order.

For the time line, this entity was initiated again to appear as Birther Chin. Life support after a change in plans was unhooked around 4 pm and Aaron Burr was sworn in by a blackmailed Supreme again.
There is a morgue structure in that underground complex and that is where the body is on ice. This is the guarded secret and the Secret Service does not know. The medical staff was incredulous over their diagnosis in knowing the condition of the patient, and after the closed door assembly, the patient walked out of the room in perfect health upon examination and attended the gay fest gathering later that night presented to a cheering sodomite crowd.

No one though checked for the corpse and the cadaver was removed to storage, as yes deaths were planned for in a seige in this complex which was constructed.

Those who were behind the removal of Birther are supsected by the regime from the start in this. That group knows they were successful, but are studying exactly what has replaced Birther.
From information gleaned, these folklore powers are exactly as they have been portrayed in legend. They have the presence of a human and react as such, but they can not "die", meaning they are spirit in energy, and while a silver bullet might "kill" a werewolf, their going up in "smoke" like a vampire, means the physical presence is just remorphised back into spiritual energy before the eyes.
The way to deal with the powers is as satan, in the demon is commanded in the Name of Jesus the Christ as this is a spiritual matter.

Upon inquiry, these demons are capable of murder, as satan is a murderer as Christ reveals. From what I learned though, they can not take on the identity of a true Christian. They can only mirror those on the dark side.

Of interest in this, the Val and the Muchelle are not that upset over this. It was about fulfillment of the agenda, as Muchelle did not really have feelings for the Birther in a normal way. The Birther is in soul storage now in Sheol and Andrew Breitbart after his wait, has now gone toward the Light.
It was an interesting afternoon for Breitbart as the Birther did not slip in and out of the body as was the original situation at hospital, and while the outcome was the same, the arrival to that outcome was a different focal point.

There is now a jinn at 1600 Penn full time until prayers dislodge this entity.

Still looking at this, but as all will have left the building and I will now have some peace, the blog can return to being a private conversation between myself and myself.

This is though the same slight of life which the anti Christ will apparently pull off in that magic act.

agtG 325Y strong, signature 5 Y to complete