Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Horse Shit

Some things need to be stated here my children......

When I was in school, I was served a grainy, odd tasting meat, over a period of weeks. I did not care for it in the least. Not that it tasted bad, but the condition of it was repulsive.
After reviewing news commentary reports about "things shipped" from nations, I deduced I had in a government program, been served up kangaroo meat as the Australasians had been killing loads of them, and been marketing them.

I have nothing against roos, but this ground meat was just not like normal meats I prefer in beef, elk, antelope or squirrel.

I have the same reaction to rabbit, but rabbit is stringy in cottontails, while this roo meat was like eating sand.


Scale of scandal 'breathtaking'...

Horsemeat found in lasagne of Swiss supermarket chain...

In noting the above, I recall a Leon McKern and Alec Guiness production for PBS Masterpiece Theater. It was very good and a most amusing scene was in it, where these being Catholics in Guiness' side and McKern being an athiest in the story......think that is what it was about......

The housekeeper happened to remark that the Cardinal or Bishop Guiness......forget which wears the red socks was very pleased with the fine cuts of beef he had been eating for years, in her ability to obtain such wonderful tasting meat.

She replied,' That wonderful beef has been horse all these years".

The remarkable thing is most things are etable, and you will be surprised what you will eat when things put up to it. My cousin who died in Vietnam, stated to his stay at home brother about how he had it so good, while he had seen Asians grabbing for shit to eat, they were so hungry.

I find all of this European and Drudge stuff about horse meat idiotic, as Europeans have been for years eating American horses, the good quality kind, as the time was those worthless nags called "mustangs" were put into pet food where they did belong to control their populations, so they would not be wiping out big horn sheep, deer, elk etc... by destroying grazing.

I'm reminded of Col. Charles Askins on the Forest Service stating he often shot Navajo nags off the reservation for his hounds to eat, as they were worthless starving things of no absolute redeemable value.

Col Irving Dodge noted that the American mustang was an equine that could live on cottonwood bark, but if you put it into a stall with normal grain feed, it would become fat as a pig and worthless.

I presume my brothers horse that we sold, that he would not cough up feed payments for, ended up in Europe serving some Dutch and crapped into the Zuider Zee. Not a happy thought, but then neither was my horse dying of West Nile years before West Nile should have been in America.
I dumped his carcase in the trees, and sat on him crying. He rotted down and his bones still are white there.

Col. Townsend Whelen stated that all things are good to eat and taste good on the trail from skunks to your horse I presume. I would not care to eat horse, but I have never been that hungry. I also would not have cared as was ordered to save themselves in the 7th cavalry when they were on a ship and a hurricane hit, that they had to throw their horses overboard.
Allot of bad shit happens in this world which is bad. Some Europeans eating horse steaks is not bad.......Mexicans abusing horses for slaughter, because US laws stopped that slaughter here is a bad thing.

I could never do the work, but as the guy who looked like Steven Zahn said to me today, "I had to move allot of snow and some of it was 4 feet high off that lot", as he was laying over the top of a Subway glass case groaning. Some jobs suck and I'm glad I did not have to them. Hope I never have to, but there are allot of worse things than chewing on horses.

Being French, being Penelope Cruz, being.......well an American in an America of Obamanations.

The thing is, the world if full of dumb asses, and if you never tell them they are eating horse, they will think it is beef. Same with Limbaugh finally chewing on my words here that Obama will never be held accountable for anything....and Drudge puts that as Limbaugh wisdom.

Not that ain't Limbaugh wisdom, ain't horse meat is pure horseshit.


Christopher Hussein Dorner

Yes now that Cafe Press took down the Amerikan Che collectors t shirt.........

It is comforting to know that Christopher Dorner's California driver's license was found at the scene like Muhammad Atta's passport was found blocks away from the Twin Towers suriving a fiery inferno...........

This blog commends the California Driver's License Bureau for creating such an indestructable thing in suriving a firefight, surviving a SWAT attack, surviving Obama drones, and yes, surviving 451 degrees of a raging cabin inferno.

It is demanded therefore that the United States stop funding the Pentagon, that Americans give up all their guns, and the US Soldiers all put off their body armour as all that is needed is a human size shield of a California driver's license or a Muslim passport as these things can survive a million pounds of pressure and inferno.
The American will be indestructable to even including global warming, if they just all take out Muslim passports or California DMV cards.

This kind of protection will no doubt keep one safe from dinosaur life ending meteors and the Obama Abyss.

Yes balance the budget, disarm America, just hand out 25 dollar Caliornia DMV cards to keep all safe from the irresistable forces of life.

Cheers to Mama Dorner in wine........I would like some chips with my California life protecting DMV card.
If only this card had been life size for the dead LAPD cops and for Chris Dorner.....all would be alive today.

agtG 244

PS: When the Dorner cabin went up in flames............ah no reports from media or police as they watched this inferno, of cartridges exploding due to the heat as should be the case with a bad ass Amerikan Che.....

Devil in the details my children in the mistakes in this sloppy operation. They will have to rectify that with........"Oh yeah, er ah, that .......ah is why we stayed back as it was all that ammunition detonating..........ah you can hear er ah, the fire was so loud the flames deadened the blasts......all scientific.......

Er ah............Dorner expended all his ammunition except for a final bullet  and er ah that is why the ammunition did not go off........


Next question please...........

Injustice USA: Christopher Dorner

In a skip feed from KMOX in St. Louis, the night of the sacrafice of Christopher Dorners' persona, an LA Times "reporter" was providing information from Mockingbird, but did not comprehend in the least the  things he was  revealing which was damning thee entire propaganda being placed before the public.

As this blog has profiled exclusively in the feudalcrats, they have engaged in a protocol now of making all major events "conspiracies" in order to hide all they are doing and to make everything to be a "kook event". This is deliberate from the hatchlings of Mockingbird and is a brilliant strategy gone gonzo steroid under Obama, as all things have.
It was perfected under John Kennedy, but never unleashed in like manner on every story being produced in order to propagate this new paranoia being infected into the America psyche.

According to the LA Times, the smoking corpse, was holed up in the cabin "baracaded in" which is a code word meant to infuse into the public an exact picture.
SWAT converged on the cabin and they were screaming for Dorner to surrender, as they broke out the windows and put in tear gas.

At that time a single shot was heard, and flames immediately engulfed the structure.

That is an exact quote and one which slipped by everyone, as the reality is one does not break out all the windows of a home, when introduce tear gas, for the effect one desires to keep that component inside the structure.
The only reason one would break out windows is to create draft if one was burning down the structure.

We have two reports in tracks leading to the barn and an escape, and the fabrication that Dorner was in the cabin, which no one could know, as the entire place was raised and the heat after the fire would have been so intense that searchers could not be searching for anyone.

As revealed in Obama saying he had bin Laden's DNA hours before he possible could have confirmed it, the same lie has been unmasked here.

To project  this out, Dorner in propaganda is supposed to have committed suicide. No one knows if he was assassinated before and then the place was burned to cover up evidence of the bin Laden "hit" in two taps, as it is hard for a corpse to shoot itself twice.
Dead men do not go around lighting fires after they are dead, and certainly are not running around in a house with SWAT at the windows exposing himself to light those fires.

The reality is the LA Time reported a quick fire spread. That means volatile substances were used to spread those flames. Volatile substances degrade rapidly, so Dorner could not have poured them out hours earlier waiting for his incineration as the liquids would not ignite readily.
Volative fluids vaporize, and besids stinking, they will cause light headedness in breathing them in inclosed areas. I doubt SWAT was breaking windows out to ventilate Chris Dorner.
Being dead he could not pour them out, being under fire he could not move to do who was it that poured the volative liquids out in that cabin for a quick fire?

You see my children, someone is lying about events at that cabin in direct reporting by the LA Times which either sowed this in Mockingbird conspiracy as is the protocol or they blundered into a reality of events which do not match logical events.

It is impossible for fire to engult a structure unless it is doused with a flammable liquid. It is impossible for tear gas to start a fire and it is impossible for a dead man to start a fire under any of these situations, as he was pinned down, he was dead or he would not be breathing in flammable liquids for hours, which would lose their combustability.

The scenarios project out that Chris Dorner was one of two things. He was an Obama agent. He was an Obamchurian pushed like Treyvon Martin.
In focal point, he was either murdered or an acting corpse like bin Laden was dumped into that cabin, to "end this" as this blog started placing questions before the public.

In dealing with Christopher Dorner, Mayor Taco was quite clever in not offering to "dead or alive" Chris Dorner, but to "arrest" him for the 1 million dollar bounty. You will notice in this, that the executive orders were carried out precisely so no one could lay claim to that money, especially that blog, unless San Bernadina County would kindly arrest whatever is in that structure or it's ghostly footprints so I could stake my claim to that money.

Chris Dorner profiled perfectly, but as soon as this blog noted the profile, he suddenly changed  profiles and is reported incinerated.

In case you missed it, Dorner's mom was seen drinking wine and eating chips when this was taking place............apparently someone knew Chris Dorner might have a life after his drone cam stardom.

'Smoldering remains' found in scorched cabin...
Dorner's Driver's License Found...
LAPD deployed 'burners,' set fire...
Police scanner: 'Burn that f**king house down!'
Maids surprised Dorner in cabin, escaped, called cops...
On-scene reporter caught in gun fight...
Dorner held couple hostage for days...
Fans Cheer Him On TWITTER: 'Fight The Power'...
Dorner's Mom Spotted Drinking Wine, Eating Chips While Watching Standoff...

Yes, is it not convenient that his driver's license was found just like the terrorist's passport in Muhammad Atta was found in New York after 9 11, proving he was there and drove that plane into the Twin Towers.

That is case closed again in the Obama Abyss. Mark Levin has another corpse to salivate over in INJUSTICE USA.

I will even bet that before they think about it, they will present a skull with a hole right between it's eyes with a 223 rifle hole......and then er ah, we are sorry American public, but this skull upon further examination is a 40 caliber and look what we found is his perfectly matched bullet to prove it.

Too many lies for a Mockingbird reason in this. We know it is the feudalcrats lying.

Amerikan Che lives.

KCOC - Keep Chiving On Che

There never was any script for the illusion of Christopher Dorner ever to see a court room as it would expose all what was taking place not only in LA but in DC.

agtG 222

PS: I see the Nazi's at Cafe Press have taken down American Che.

Spaghetti from Squash

Being a popular girl, I get under the microscope often enough and numbers of you have probably seen this kindly video on YouTube......sorry I have not, as I have dial up and it would require till Jesus comes back to watch it.

Lame Cherry Message - YouTube
Dec 16, 2012
Lame Cherry message about Celiac Disease. ... Got it! Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch ...

The basis of it is a diagnosis of Celiacs Disease......can't eat grass seed or wheat flour, which is the common misdiagnosis of people who think wheat is making them sick. It was very nice of the person in taking this time, but I promise I do not have wheat problems.

To explain this and to offer help as we are a helpful family of travelers here with packs and saddles on the trail to the Lord Christ returning, wheat is a grass like all cereal type grains. There are many varieties of wheat.
Two distinct genus varieties are winter wheat and spring wheat. Winter wheat is planted in the autumn and harvested the following year in being a bi annual. It is your pasta wheat.
Spring wheat is bread wheat.

The sensitivity I have is to the preservatives and additives in the flour. I'm fortunate in I can eat spring wheat flour, but the additives in pastas will cause problems.....meaning I can make noodles in my hand crank pasta machine with spring wheat flour and all is good, but if I try the winter wheat flours, which includes cream of wheat, my body starts asking, "What did you do to me".

My body runs in sensitivity cycles in dealing with things. I can eat sugars, but will eventually react to corn syrup sweeteners due to the genetic nature of the franken corn.

Things do run in cycles in I know "they" spray foods and expose foods to methane for ripening and of course I eat things as most of you do and all is right and all of a sudden you are eating something and you feel horrid afterwords which can be symptoms of being sleepy to gas pain to dizziness......some get blurred vision, ear problems, bleeding or tooth pain, even sinus as the body inflames in reaction.

It does not make any difference if it is meat or vegetables. If it is franken, sprayed or has these preservatives I react to it, sometimes in toxic ways.

Several years ago I decided to try some organic couscous from Israel. I steamed it so it was probably undercooked. Within an hour, my neck started aching and my muscles did to. This started after 6 pm, and by 2 pm I had a headache, my stomach was nauseated and my intestines had swelled up shutting things down.

Around 3 I was puking in this severe reaction, and I thought I was going to die. It was the first time I started sipping apple cider soda tea, and that settled things down so I passed out with my head propped up in bed.

The reason people are bleeding rectally from hemorrhoids is due to this swelling and not what is stated in "lifting things".  The tissues are swelling and rupturing from the poisons. It is the same with vision blindness to diabetes, different people have different reactions....some have arthritis diagnosed, but it is all connected to body reaction to what people are exposed to in these poisons.

I can tell within a half hour if something I have eaten has something in it. Batches do vary in manufacture and from brands of produce or vegetables. I would if I was rich just buy hundreds of pounds of things and freeze them or store them, but that is not in my price range.
Recently with TL, a chicken processor was tried in a commercial variety which I was perfectly well with. I tried another "no additive" chicken brand and I started reacting as did my Mom. Sometimes it is the grain which is being fed regionally to the birds that is the problem too.

For that reason, I post here something which I just tried that I seemed to not get too much of a reaction from in a Pepo genus of squash I never thought I would ever try in the Spaghetti.
Having been subject to fried squash, zuchinni and tofu, along with other "this really tastes great" chit, I never did want to bother with this as I knew it would be something that would be a disaster.

Moved though, I picked one up for seed, as sometimes you can buy things at the grocery and get seeds which is cheaper than buying the seeds....this reasoned out it was, so I tried it.
The directions stated to bake this 40 minutes......seemed raw to me yet, so I baked longer and in 2 hours it was the same, so 40 minutes is the correct time.
It said 10 minutes in the microwave too in some water........never tried that.

I do not like squash that much as it is too strong flavored. I love growing them as have had piles of them in buttercup and hubbards....turks turban too, but a few times a year they are about all I care for.
I grow the acorn variety as they are more bland and shorter like the butternuts too, but they all are squash tasting a bit much, especially when you get the butter and sugar in them.
Yes pumpkin pie spice cuts the flavor.

So I tried this spaghetti squash and it  surprised me in being crisp when done, and lightly flavored, sweet.....sort of like a cabbage without the sulfur or baby corn in flavor.
When it cooled more it does get more squash flavored, but what I did was pile on spaghetti sauce as this was spaghetti squash and it honestly was good. Granted I never ate a pile of this stuff and only a vegetable portion, but this might be something that would work great in oriental to salads in cooking as flavors do cover it up.
Recipes of butter, garlic and Parmesan seem to have hope.

For those with celeriac or on diets, this might be something to try as it is more friendly than egg plants to deal with and lighter in I always say, it tastes ok when that is all you can eat. It is though better than that.

OK I will even give you my secret spaghetti sauce so you can eat too as I eat. It works on pizza to my one all sauce.

1 pound hamburger browned, salted and peppered.
2 cloves garlic
1 onion
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil
1 large can of tomato sauce without additives
1 tablespoon white sugar

The sugar makes it syrupy for only molecular reasons......if you can eat poison my Mom used to make a tomato soup with hamburger sauce that she put Velveeta in that honestly was really good. Same goes with this sauce base as you can cover it with Parmesan or whatever else you want to load up with it.

It is simple and I for quick things do bruschetta or french bread with this stuff on......butter helps on the toast for flavor.

So if you steal this recipe and make a fortune off of it, do not forget to donate before it's too late to do any good.

I have played with Egg plant Parmesan and the work in growing them, grilling them and then they always have a bit stronger flavor makes me contemplate this spaghetti squash has potential in not just celiac, but for people wanting to be able to grow things in their gardens.
Nice part in these squash is they will produce in most cases more of them than you want to eat. In good years I would get around 40 squash from a few hills. Is all what does grow in the region, but with more dining on this without problems, I think this pepo might appear in my garden.

Thank you to the YouTube sister. God bless people for their kindnesses.


Pope Petrus Romanus

My children, some things need to be explained here concerning the next pope as addressed by Malachy in the Catholic oracles concerning the line of Popes which would rule the Vatican and fornicate with the world governments in influencing that beast as the whore of babylon.

A great measure of this is foretold in the Bible and not just in Revelation concerning the false prophet who is the ally of the anti Christ, the ruler of the coming risen Neo Roman Empire.

I will take this slowly again to put the pieces together, so that you will comprehend, as you miss things placed here which were leading up to all of this and do not understand why things were recorded in the Bible and featured here.

God is a God of patterns. History repeats itself. God has a first Christ in Adam and a last Christ in Jesus. There was a first America in Israel and a last America in the United States. There was a first anti Christ in Antiochos Epiphanies of the Greeks and there will be a last anti Christ ruling the 'beast' or the Roman system initiated.
There will be a second false prophet, but you missed the first one, unless you had been paying attention to what was spoken here, as there is a reason the Apostles in the beginning of the Church were recording this in The Acts chapter 8:

But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one:
To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God.
And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries.

But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women.

Then Simon himself believed also: and when he was baptized, he continued with Philip, and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs which were done.

 Now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John:
 (For as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.)
 Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost.

 And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money,
 Saying, Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost.

But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.
Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God.
Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.
For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity.

Then answered Simon, and said, Pray ye to the LORD for me, that none of these things which ye have spoken come upon me.

Do not speed read that or think you know everything as those series of verses are important, as this Simon the sorcerer, is the first false prophet of Rome. He ventured there with lust in desiring to lead the Christian movement, which Paul had established in flock at Rome.

The Vatican has deceived the world in stating that St. Peter went to Rome. It has been proven that St. Peter never went anywhere near Rome and died in Asia Minor.

You must understand as I have stated the semantics of words that sound the same to the ear in translations. The "Peter" that the Vatican says is at the Cathedral is not St. Peter. Instead it is SIMON who went to Rome as that was what ruled the world. He wanted to establish a "christian leadership" there, with him being in charge as the Apostles rejected him in he was bound by sin.

This Simon did start that religion there, but he could not compete with the Holy Ghost, so he became involved with Roman benefactors and started to make it a state religion and incorporating his religion with other pagan rites as the dead sun worship and the fertility goddess which overlay Christmas and Easter. Easter is Ishtar.

When Nero was purging Christians, he was getting rid of the real Church as this state religion was percolating in the background. Once the purging was complete and control was gained, then Catholicism was championed as the true religion.

Simon was Simon Pater, not Simon Peter as I have explained. Simon Pater is Simon Pope as pope means father, as they name all of these leaders according to old pagan rites.

Peter of Rome or Petrus Romanus, as deemed the false prophet, is only mentioned in the Revelation of Jesus the Christ as the "false prophet". The epitaph comes from Malchy the Catholic.
We can though in knowing Prophecy in the Bible and noting this Simon, deduce what this person who in symbol looks like a ram of Christianity but speaks like the dragon or satan.

When Malachy was naming the popes, it was by attributes, like you a Grandmother or you like gardening. Peter of Rome, can be surnamed FATHER OF ROME. Look for him to have the same attributes of Simon Pater of Acts.
He is someone who will be very adept at melding RELIGIONS into one universal religion as Catholic means. Understand a 3rd Temple is predicted. There is a Muslim mosque on that spot. It is going to take someone who great political appeal and deception to get Jews, Christians, Catholics and Muslims to sign off on something like that. Simon Pater had such abilities, and this Father of Rome is in pattern a dual second nature of the first as Antiochos Epiphanies is the forerunner of the anti Christ.

Only this blog has stated that Barack Hussein Obama, this Herodian king, is a precursor shadow of the anti Christ. Obama is the one who makes the paths crooked. Barack Obama is a fag messiah, but he is not an anti Christ......Obama as has been explained here is an anti John the Baptist preparing the way for the anti Christ.

You have to know what you are looking at, and know that the Bible laid all of this out quite silently and no one but God's Inspired have been shown the revelations to impart the understanding to the Faithful.

Understand the code of Peter of Rome, Father of Rome, that he is the conduit who FATHERS THE NEW UNHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. This is the one in the Bible who assists the anti Christ to come to power, and this is the one who uses the common religious dogma of Europe to cement the empire together in 10 nations as is recorded for a resurrected Roman Empire.
This is the mystique of the Malachy naming of this pope. Peter of Rome might indeed be Obama enough to name himself Pope Peter. That remains to be seen, but it is the unseen mission of what this son of iniquity will unleash that Obama has sown for the conjurers there which will bring about that son of perdition, the anti Christ.

Now that is more information than you could afford to buy. The best of you are blind in one eye and can not see out of the other, and the worst of you are congenital necrombics.

I saw lightning fall from heaven
I saw smoke rise from hell
I saw words in prophecies
There the future did foretell

I believe that the 70th week is in the process of starting. I do not place faith in Catholic oracles. I place Faith in the Prophecies of the Bible. I try the things revealed to me.
If this Father of Rome is the false prophet, that is someone I know as the Bible has recorded his prototype from almost 2000 years ago. Those things are certain.

I will see what God intends me to see, and then you will if God wills be informed while this blog endures to preach the Witness until the Witnesses appear. Then your gold will not matter and the Two Lights will punish the world before they are murdered.

That is enough to try to make your brains absorb. Pray the Holy Ghost for help my children.

agtG 272

Chris Dorner Take 2

This blog calls upon the good friends of B. Hussein Obama to assist their man, Christopher Dorner, as he just is in need of assistance.
There must be convened and emergency meeting of David Axelrod, Floofy Plouffe, Val-erie Jarrett, Ron Opie Howard, Rob Meathead Reiner and Spike Lee to assist Mr. Dorner as his operation has run into pitfalls. Yes while killing people is an objective, his performance must be enhanced.

Here are the problems:

1. The public does no fear him, and if they did fear him, he would lose his audience which he needs for his exoneration.

2. He can not kill everyone, and is running out of targets, so the targets are losing the public's attention as they do not know who these unknowns are.

3. He is a black man, and as a solitary person in hiding, he is uninteresting to the public after the first explosive scene.

4. There are no women involved and guns without women are like sex without genitals.

It is assessed by this blog that Christopher Dorner with Hollywood and the Obama election theft team of 2008 and 2012 would establish the following:

First, when fear can not be utilized, Christopher Dorner should appeal to the public in either getting the government to hand out more Obama bribes or make Jerry Brown of California stop collecting taxes which would appeal to all.

Second, as killing everyone is not an option, Dorner must take a playbook from Obama al Qaeda and kidnap someone. It is assessed that taking someone who the public liked, would offend the public, so Dorner with Obama's help should take someone the public does not like. In that way the public would enjoy this kidnapping and Dorner could make the victim do things the audience would enjoy.
It is deemed that a perfect candidate for kidnapping by Dorner would be Wayne LaPierre of the NRA. Even though the NRA helps Obama in gun control, LaPierre is a man that looks sort of like a jester ghoul. The left detests him, and as Obama is all gun control, taking LaPierre would be a very good political move for, political operative Dorner.

As examples, Dorner could make LaPierre wash toilets, pick up dog poop, wear a tutu and other such harmless things, which the audience would appeal to.

Third, Dorner needs a woman. A woman would have great appeal. No blondes and no blacks, as that is too polarizing. It is assessed that Dorner needs some brunette of unknown origins, who would be virginal as sexual tension is the stuff of public attention.
She should have quirks like wearing high heals, leather and enjoy whipping LaPierre as he mops the floor and things. She should be bitchy in a cute way.
This would allow her to appear on the Chive, Maxim and perhaps guest spots on the Young and the Restless for wide audience appeal with no nudity, as the public's attention must be kept in the mystery of her.

It should be quite easy for Ron Howard to craft a script, Rob Reiner to do some comedy, as there must be comedy, and Spike Lee to handle the raw intensity.
The Obama braintrust could forge documents of exoneration like they did the Birther document for Chris Dorner.

The opening scene would be LaPierre with good friend Harry Reid of Nevada, driving down the asphalt when suddenly they spy a large breasted brunette with car trouble.
She of course is an innocent and does not know Chris Dorner is in her backseat, who then jumps out and drags LaPierre from the car, as Harry Reid stands on the hood saying  things like: "Gun control must be passed for the children of Sandy Hook".

Dorner will then pistol whip LaPierre and stuff him in the trunk of the car.

Dorner then orders the big breasted girl to sit on his lap as he tells Harry Reid, "Anderson Cooper stop being HARD on your guests".........and they drive off.

Of course the girl has a camera, and somehow takes pictures of herself in provacative poses as she attempts to escape in lingerie, shorts, g strings and other garments that just happen to be at the Dorner secret hideaway.

This is what Christopher Dorner must do with his comrade's assistance to breathe some project life into his lagging ratings.
Dorner being a black, a cop and soldier, as an Obama voter has no semblance of all the technical things that go into propaganda. Not all can CBS fag appeal to an audience.

On that note, LaPierre must be given a phone where he in Big Brother silent confessions confesses he is gay, is secretly attracted to Chris Dorner and Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.....all black men, and now agrees with doing away with Amendment 2 and ............I will leave it at that as mystery leaves the cliff hangers.

Additional brainstorming note to assist Obama voters with Obama voter Chris Dorner. You need guest stars as Dorner, even with GayPierre and some hottie with claws, you just need to get in some guest stars to mix it up.

Like Oprah Winfrey could be a street hooker with friend Gayle, be Oprah Channel and CBS with Charlie Rose. In this segment Oprah could be going undercover to find Lance Armstro.......sorry Chris Dorner and be dressed with Gayle as hookers, when an LAPD cop played by Roberta Vasquez arrests them, puts them in the back the squad car and makes them do the nasty with batons and semi great lesbian audience appeal.

Then like Stevie Wonder could be looking for Dorner, and accidentally stumble into the zoo, where he falls into a great ape pen where a mama gorilla rescues him and makes him suckle her breasts like Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, and nurses him back to great for the eco terror crowd.

No more black guest stars than that though, as Obama  taught all of us, that one black in the white house is all people can handle, so the rest can be like.......

Eva Longoria, an Obama fund raiser who be out looking for Dorner and fall into the Los Angeles River and get her t shirt wet, and for the next hour the Eva would explore how to get it dried in trying flapping it, a person's clothes line where she gets allot of picture taken of her, and finally a clothes drier, all with Eva putting on and taking off her wet t shirt.......preferably an AMERIKAN CHE......with only the amount of acting to not tax Ms Longoria's great for the beaner crowd as Obama is importing lots of them and they can just look at the pictures.

Then there could be like that Orca in Free Willy, he could be searching Sea World and the Playboy centerfolds could do allot of lingerie, swimsuit and great appeal to brain dead America.

See this blog is always looking for ways to serve beloved leader in the situations he is already involved in. His supporters like Christopher Dorner can not be expected to do it all, and in all this wonderful reality televison, and all these non directoring directors, and Obama has no more elections as he is in there for life, they are all Obama unployed and it would help Chris Dorner, the Amerikan Che so much in assisting the public to maintain their attention, as this blog knows if something does not happen in five seconds, then the chimps are whining that it is not right.

This is something the great uniter, the wonderful guy in the white house, can all join with Americans who do not have forged birth documents and who do, in showing off what is great about the historical Obama leadership..........a black man in Chris Dorner being abandoned and reacting by blasting the authorities.

nuff said